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Fleet Captain Sidney Riley, a Terran/Deltan, was the commanding officer of the USS Tiger-A.

She served on three ships and a station during her time in the fleet: the USS Wallace, the USS Independence, the USS Tiger and Starbase 118 Ops. She began her career as a medical officer on the USS Wallace. When the Wallace was decommissioned, she was transferred to the USS Independence where she was promoted to Chief Medical Officer. Upon the promotion of Captain Idril Mar and the commissioning of the USS Ronin, Sidney was promoted to First Officer of the USS Independence-A under the command of Rear Admiral Jessa Kyrn Anassasi. On Stardate 238505.04, Commander Sidney Riley was given command of the USS Tiger, a Steamrunner-Wolverine class vessel, which was given a semi-permanent assignment as a support vessel for Deep Space 17 in the Ithassa Region. On Stardate 238612.14, the USS Tiger was ordered to return to her home port, Starbase 118 Operations, as the primary support vessel for the station. Captain Riley and the crew of the USS Tiger were reassigned to Starbase 118 Ops at that time. She was dispatched to the USS Independence-A when its commanding officer Commander David Cody disappeared out of the Ready Room on Stardate 238703.15, later verified as removed by the Greeters of the Odessey Waystation. With the supposed destruction of the USS Independence-A in the Mirror Universe on StarDate 238811.13, the crew returned to Deep Space 17 without a ship. On StarDate 238811.16 Riley was posted as commanding officer of the USS Tiger-A a Prometheus class vessel assigned to the Ithassa Region.

On March 31st, 2014, she resigned from her position as Tiger CO.