Craft Assigned to Phoenix-B

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Shuttle and Pod Allotment

The USS Phoenix-B can accomodate six standard personnel shuttles, six cargo shuttles, four personnel shuttle pods, and three special purpose crafts. These include:

  • 3- Type 6 personnel shuttles
  • 3- Type 7 personnel shuttles
  • 6- Type 9A cargo shuttles
  • 3- Type 16 shuttle pods
  • 1- Type 15A shuttle pods
  • 3- Special Purpose crafts

The shuttle bays in which they are housed in are as follows:

  • Shuttle Bay 1- two type 6, two type 7, four type 9A, one type 16, one type 15A, one special purpose.
  • Shuttle Bay 2- one type 6, one type 9A, one type 16, one special purpose shuttle craft.
  • Shuttle Bay 3- one type 7, one type 9A, one type 16, one special purpose shuttle craft.

Captain's Yacht

Due to the overwhelming request for change in CYs by StarFleet captains, StarFleet has put together a new ship and is testing it on the USS Phoenix-B. This new ship is The Capizelo, and attaches to the underside of the saucer section of the Phoenix.

The CY has two decks, the Flight Deck (considered Deck 2) and the Engineering Deck (considered Deck 1). It is primarily used to transport diplomatic persons to and from the ship, and occasionaly captain's shore-leave or vacation. It can be piloted with a crew of one, or for optimum performance of all stations, a crew of three. It has the ability to land on any smooth terrain or to attach to a StarBase or any other ship which has matching harness locks.

One of the major advances put into the Capizelo is the warp nacelle for warp capabilities of up to warp 5. Considerably smaller than most nacelle's, it can retract into the bridge area when the CY is attached to the Phoenix, so as not to disturb the contour of the Phoenix. This nacelle is approximately 30 feet long and 7 feet high (from connection to hull to top of nacelle). Another advance put into the Capizelo is the turbo-lift which, when in port, can connect to the StarBase or ship to provide for speedy transport.

Deck one houses the following: 1 emergency pod, 1 storage area, 2 holodecks, the master bedroom and head, and the engineering area. Deck two houses the following: the shuttle bay containing 1 shuttle and two pods, the galley, the guest lounge, the crew quarters and head for 3, 1 bedroom, 1 storage area, and the bridge.