Phoenix-B Refit Log

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Recent Changes and Refittings

  • 9908.22: Computer cores begin experiencing cascading failures. Ship placed in drydock with no plans to re-launch the ship. The USS Tiger takes the place of the Phoenix - B as the StarBase's new field ship.
  • 9812.10 - 9901.12: Computer cores fully replaced after corruption found in retreival systems.
  • 9807.18 - 9807.23: Port side warp nacelle replaced after fatal flaw found in bussard ramscoop.
  • 9802.15 - 9803.02: Sensor pod removed, sensor pod docking clamps refitted with newest model, new sensor pod installed.
  • 9705.01 - 9710.27: Phoenix undergoes complete overhaul after Maquis attack.
  • Bridge docking area, 9701.03; newest prototype of bridge design installed.
  • Deck 7, 9603.04; all apartement complexes removed and 3 holodecks and "The Globe" theater installed.
  • Deck 5, 9601.17; the main shuttle bay refitted (delayed due to requirement that the Phoenix attended a conference at Camp Khitomer).
  • Deck 15, 9512.19; junior officers training centers and lounges installed.
  • Underside of star-drive hull, 9511.29; third tractor beam for ship installed.
  • Underside of saucer hull, 9511.30; second tractor beam for ship installed.