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An image of a Losarian
Four Letter Code LSRN
Federation Status Non-Member
Planet of Origin Losaria
Encountered USS Columbia
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level Unknown
List of Named Losarians

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The Losarians are a species native to the Sagittarius Reach and were first encountered by the crew of the USS Columbia first encountered them during the The Battle Of New Years Day. They later became the Columbia's first allies in the region and are governed by a constitutional monarchy.

Home System

  • Name: Losaria
  • Sovereign Name: Imperial Losarian Commonwealth.
  • Quadrant: Alpha/Beta


Losarians have pale blue skin, and their iris and sclera (white of the eye) are the same color. [1] However, there was a lot of variety within the species. [2] for example, the pilot of the cruiser Illrith was described as having deep blue skin that contrasted against the royal red uniforms of the Losarian Royal Navy. [3] Losarian do not handle zero gravity well which has meant- amongst other things- that their starships are constructed within gravity wells, such as on Losaria[4].



The Imperial Losarian Commonwealth is governed by a constitutional monarchy. As of 2396, the current Losarian head of state is Her Majesty Queen Enora Glynndor. The 'Royal Court' holds much sway over Losarian life and admittance to it is considered a great privilege. Queen Enora also acts as a sort of Commander-In-Chief over the Losarian Royal Navy and is able to directly order military officers on missions. Socio-anthropological research conducted by crew members from the USS Columbia suggest that the Royal Court also acts as a form of parliament with democratic elections. Queen Enora and the Royal Court allow freedom of speech and freedom of the press in addition to other traditional democratic norms. Diplomatic efforts are often conducted personally by heads of states, although it is believed that Losarians do operate embassies, given that Queen Enora had expressed a wish to normalise diplomatic relations with the United Federation of Planets.


A warp capable species, Losarians have access to advanced subspace communications, sensors, transporters and offensive and defensive technologies- although they are estimated to be several decades behind the United Federation of Planets in many of these areas. Some Losarian military vessels are equipped with tachyon field emitters which can disable or deceive another vessel's sensor systems [5]. In addition, Losarian vessels can counteract the effects such fields on their own vessels, although their sensor suits could be disabled with a focused ionised nation pulse. [6]. According to information gleamed during a Losarian-Starfleet officer exchange program, Losarian vessels were vulnerable to the effects of subspace vacuoles and vortices as their vessels are actively forbidden from entering the unstable Mantras Corridor.


Presumably part of a much larger armed forces contingent, the primary interstellar defence and exploratory branch of the Commonwealth is known as the 'Royal Losarian Navy'. Conversations with Commander Ellin Marayn suggest that the primary duty of the Navy is purely defensive with almost no focus on exploration. Vessels of Royal Navy rarely travel outside of the territorial boundaries of the Commonwealth, although there have been some exceptions- such as officers pursuing Tairus Kaironn. In addition, Losarian military officers are trained to be cautious as evidenced by Commander Marayn's extreme reluctance to order the Illrith into the Mantras Corridor. Despite this, the Royal Navy are known to be open to first contacts with other species and are instructed to be as welcoming as they can. As of 2396, the flagship of the Royal Navy is the Nahalon-class cruiser Illrith, which is several times larger than the USS Columbia. The Commander-In-Chief of the Royal Navy is Her Majesty Queen Enora Glynndor, although day-to-day operations are overseen by High Admiral Lo Elymora, who is also a member of the Royal Court. Discrimination on the grounds of gender and sexuality are forbidden under Losarian law in regards to military service [7]. Day-to-day duty uniforms are a deep regal red.

Notable Members

Tarius Kaironn, Captain of the Eildyr - played by Anath G'Renn

Siereani Davill, Engineer of the Eildyr

Zael Erron, Weapons officer of the Eildyr

Ellin Marayn, Commanding Officer of the Losarian Cruiser Illrith- played by Theo Whittaker

Her Majesty Queen Enora Glynndor, Head-of-state of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth- played by Anath G'Renn




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