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An image of a Shanshuri
Four Letter Code SHSH
Federation Status Non-Member
Planet of Origin Unknown
Encountered Eyes In The Dark
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level Advanced
List of Named Shanshuris

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The Shanshuri are a felinoid race presumed to be native to the Sagittarius Reach. They were first encountered by the crew of the USS Columbia in June 2396 after responding to a distress call. Very little is known presently about this species although it has been determined by an away team that they have access to phase-shifting technology that allows them to enter neighbouring phase variances, rendering them invisible to the naked eye and almost undetectable to Federation sensors. They are known to strongly resembled domesticated cats from Earth.

Home System

  • Name: Unknown
  • Sovereign Name: Unknown
  • Quadrant: Unknown


Shanshuri are considerably smaller than most humanoid species. Captain Kraia Csuuri of the Eldae only reached 4ft 2in. They have multicoloured fur as demonstrated in the image to the right, large eyes and pointed feline ears that gives the impression of a domesticated cat from Earth walking upright. They have also been known to purr on occasion, furthering the comparison. Their ‘hands’ have claws that can irritate any wounds such as leaving the victim with a mild burning sensation.



The Shanshuri government is known as the Council of Elders, although it’s organisational structure is at this time unknown. Elements of this government have ties to a much more advanced species who contract the Shanshuri to carry out intelligence gathering activities on their behalf. This arrangement has been in place since approximately 2246. Infiltration expert Shaasha revealed to the crew of the Columbia that the name of this species is unknown to the Shanshuri as they are extremely xenophobic and that in exchange for continued survival, the Shanshuri government have some kind of agreement to carrying out intelligence gathering activities on their behalf.


The crew of the Eldae have access to advanced trans-phasic phase-shifting technology which allows them access to phase variances in our quantum reality that are undetectable to the visual spectrum and Federation sensors. Aboard the Eldae, the trans-phasic generator was deliberately disguised as an undetonated torpedo and was connected to a warp plasma conduit. This technology was given to them by their mysterious benefactors to allow them to carry out intelligence gathering activities on their behalf. It is not known at this time how widespread the technology in Shanshuri society but it stands to reason that is military property. Shanshuri also have access to advanced medical equipment on par with Starfleet Medical, however their computer technology is several decades behind that of the Federation.


It is unknown at this time whether the Eldae is part of a Shanshuri armed forces organisation but the vessel does appear to be equipped with both ship-to-ship weaponry and anti-personnel weaponary which does suggest military service at some point in its previous service.

Notable Shanshuri

Kraia Csuuri, Captain of the Eldae - played by Pholin Duyzer

Atuur Hrala, Executive Officer - played by Pholin Duyzer

Praala, a nurse - played by Jarred Thoran

Uena Moonei, Chief Engineer - played by Pholin Duyzer

Shaasha, Infiltration Expert - played by Theo Whittaker