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Professor Jev crim Glev is the 69 year old lead archeologist assigned to the Federation Science Council's research installation Dehner Base on Delta Vega I in the distant Sagittarius Reach. At present, he is on detached duty with the USS Columbia as a civilian archeological consultant after the discovery of a number of ancient relics from the Tkon Empire were discovered on Delta Vega II. He is a proponent of open and friendly relations with the Starfleet presence in the region which has brought him into conflict with Dehner Base's Director of Research, Professor Olivia Sellards who is openly distrustful and resentful of the Columbia's assignment.

Early Life

Jev crim Glev was born in 2331 on Tellar Prime to parents Mog krav Grasch and Kren jav Ler. As a child, Jev was particularly interested in archeology or history until a class trip to the ruins on Tanagra VIII, which fired his imagination. He graduated from Lor'Vela University with a degree in xenoarcheology. His doctoral dissertation was on the ancient technology of the Tkon Empire and was studied for at the Cort Enaren University on Betazed. He never married or had a family, preferring instead to focus on his professional career which took him all across the known galaxy. By 2395, he had been teaching archeology to students at Ashalla University for over 25 years and he was well known for his lively and spirited debates with students and fellow academics alike.

Dehner Base

In mid-2395, the now Professor Jev, who had been teaching archeology at Ashalla University on Bajor was invited to participate in a long-term deep space exploration assignment in the distant Sagittarius Reach. Sensing an opportunity to further his research and develop his career, he accepted and was amongst the first contingent to reach the distant Dehner Base, arriving some weeks before Professor Sellards and the USS Columbia. Shortly after arrival, he and two archeological assistants discovered strange energy readings several meters below the surface of Delta Vega II. An excavation uncovered Tkon relics that he believed were 100,000 years older than previously discovered artefacts. His excitement at such a discovery, quickly turned sour as he was ordered to conceal their existence from the Columbia's crew by Doctor Sellards, who did not trust Starfleet not to abscond with the powerful relics.

Aboard the USS Columbia

Following The Battle Of New Year's Day (see below), Professor Jev suggested that he remain aboard the Columbia where the Tkon artefacts were going to be stored for safety purposes. Having clashed a number of times with him and to also ensure that Dehner Base were not cut out of research into the origins of the relics, Professor Sellards readily agreed to placing him on detached duty. He works well with Lieutenant Commander T'Lea who successfully lobbies Captain Whittaker to relent and allow Jev access to the Tkon artefacts.



The Battle of New Year's Day: Jev is present when Tairus Kaironn breaches Dehner Base's defences, although he is stunned into unconsciousness before the mercenaries make off with the Tkon relics. After coming around, he joins Sellards aboard the Columbia where he disobeys her orders and reveals the true nature of the relics to Theo Whittaker, Jarred Thoran and Kalianna Nicholotti. He readily agrees to assist in retrieving them before Kaironn has a chance to sell them and gives Graciela Solis and Rune Jolara the information they need to be able to locate them. Throughout the mission, he is open and friendly- in stark contrast to Sellards, who remains distant and aloof and with whom he clashes several times.

O Brave New World That Has Such People In’t: When one of the Tkon artefacts activates after entering orbit of an uncharted Class-M planet, Dev in injured by an electrical blast. He is rescued by a security team led by Lieutenant Sanara Pran and beamed to sickbay for treatment. He tries to leave to return to his work, but is not well enough and resigns himself to treatment.