Tolus Phi System

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Tolus Phi System
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Last Updated: 239208.12

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The Tolus Phi system is pretty much an empty wasteland with nothing of interest except the second world in orbit, Hemix. The first planet, Sokix, is a small, barren rock, continually roasted by the hot star it orbits to close too.


The planet Hemix is a unique oddity in the Tolus Phi system. Situated on the edges of the Goldilocks zone of her parent star, Hemix has enough of a greenhouse effect on the atmosphere to not only retain the heat, but an active volcanic surface. The planet was once surveyed casually by a Romulan Republic science vessel in 2390, but deemed it uninhabitable. It was not until 2392 did a Starfleet scan bring up a mysterious island on the continent, near the equator, that was habitable and seemed to not be affected by the heavy concentrations of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the air. The USS Columbia was sent to investigate.

Encountered in: Force of Nature