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USS Artemis-A
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Jozial Renirs
Position Technician
Rank Crewman Third Class
Species Trill
Gender Female
DOB 238006.20
Age 21
Birthplace District 7, M'talas Prime
Writer ID E239911J11

Crewman Third Class Jozial Renirs is a Trill Starfleet enlisted. She is currently working as a technician on USS Artemis-A. Born in a privileged family on a poverty-stricken district of M'talas Prime in 2381, she had formed connections to juvenile delinquents in her teenage years before distancing herself from them. She signed up to Starfleet in 2399, receiving technical training. In 2400, she was posted to the Artemis.


  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Hair: Bright pink, long
  • Eyes: Grey

Early life

Renirs was born in District 7 of M'talas Prime. Her father, Birjad Renirs, had also been born and raised in District 7, being a son of a successful businessman who had relocated there. Her mother, Doctor Siazrell Paural, had been posted to District 2 as a medical trainer in an assistance programme to the planet. They met during Birjad's vacation to District 2. They began dating and eventually married, taking residence in a gated community in District 7.

Renirs lived most of her life in the gated community. Her affluent parents could provide her a relatively typical childhood in Federation standards, despite the poverty and prevalent crime on the planet. Her parents put a lot of emphasis on her education early in her childhood. However, coming to her teenage years, Renirs found little interest in school. Instead, she would start spending more time outside the gated community and in the city proper. Much to her parents' horror, she began forming friendships with misbehaving teenage groups and even juvenile delinquents.

After a police operation that saw many of her acquaintances arrested for a burglary Renirs had not taken a part of, she distanced herself from her former friends. District 7 was also a home of Starfleet Recruitment Center, and Renirs began to view Starfleet career as an option for her. It allowed her to leave her problematic past and help her keep out of trouble without hindering her desire for action. In 2399, she walked into the Recruitment Center and signed up for a tour in Starfleet.


Starfleet Technical Services Academy

After recruitment, Renirs was sent to the Starfleet Technical Services Academy, one of Starfleet's training organizations for the enlisted. She had applied for a security training, but she was rejected due to her connections on M'talas Prime and her diminished interest in following the rules. She was instead placed to technical training. She completed her training the next year and was posted to a ship.

USS Artemis

Renirs was assigned to USS Artemis-A, a Luna class explorer operating in the Borderlands. Her career started off with a drill during which she met (and attacked) the chief of security and other officers. When the ship was attacked for real, she proceeded to help the officers in taking the ship back. In midst of all this, she met Kliss'lai, with whom she went to a date the next shoreleave.

Drill (Artemis)

Soon after Renirs arrived to the Artemis, the ship started a tactical/security drill in the Paulson Nebula. Renirs was however ordered to conduct routine maintenance in the Jefferies Tube. A simulated explosive damaged the computer core after it was planted by a boarding party of the opposing team consisting of Lt Commander Talos Dakora, Lt Gabriel Osuna, LtJG Hiro Jones and Ensign Kliss'lai. The damage shut down the artificial gravity, making Renirs job difficult.[1][2]

Deciding to abandon her job, she went on to track down the boarding party that had taken cover in the same Jefferies Tube Renirs had been working in. She asked the computer if she could use her hyperspanner to fight them, and upon an affirmative answer, she armed herself with the tool.[2] She found the team and attacked them, much to their dislike. She managed to hit Lt Osuna twice, but the computer didn't register him neither as injured or dead. Kliss'lai shot her with a training phaser, but she didn't notice she had "died" and was hence ejected from the game. Instead, she intended to continue beating Lt Osuna if Lt Commander Dakora hadn't raised his voice.[3]

Since the hatch out of the Jefferies Tube was sealed, Renirs opted to join the officer team to take Osuna to the Sickbay. Making it near Sickbay on deck 7, the corridor began to fill with anaesthetic gas. The team managed to escape to the Sickbay, which had independent environmental control, before passing out.[4] The drill was ended. Believing the gas to be spread by a hostile party, the team began to work on a way to contact the USS Berlin, the ship of the other team in the drill. Renirs used her technical skills to build the officer team a device that would allow them to speak with Genkos Adea, in command of the Berlin.[5]

While they were communicating with the Berlin, Renirs had an awkward conversation with Kliss'lai. The conversation was brief, and she returned to the other officers to find out the communication device had broken. Soon, they discovered the unconscious and injured Vailani Zoyara from a Jefferies Tube leading near Intel suite on deck 8. The team decided to put on biohazard suits and go down to investigate. Renirs, however, had to remain in the Sickbay due to the small amount of available suits.[6]

Later, the Captain of the Artemis, Commander Addison MacKenzie and some of her bridge crew came to the Sickbay during their attempt to combat the anaesthetic gas. They asked Renirs and Kliss'lai if they had seen Dakora and his team, to which Renirs recounted the events briefly.[7]

Shoreleave 240007-240009

During the shoreleave in the Cait Spacedock, Renirs met Osuna in the Elysium lounge on the Artemis. She shared with him her suggestions for better training of the security personnel, as well as details of her life on M'talas Prime.[8][9] She managed to learn a few things about Kliss'lai and a whole lot about Osuna. Osuna suggested Renirs might find Intelligence department more interesting, which she hadn't considered before but agreed anyway.[10]

While working on the maintenance of the lights, Renirs encountered swimwear-clad Kliss'lai in a turbolift. Both being extremely nervous of one another, they agreed to go for a meal together.[11][12] Renirs took Kliss'lai to The Sea's Bounty Bistro on the Cait Spacedock, where they ordered meals and talked about their hobbies and other things.[13] They became more comfortable with one another, not being as nervous anymore, but they still kept blushing for the whole day. After the meal, Kliss'lai took Renirs to a gelateria she had noticed earlier. Kliss'lai asked what Renirs likes most in the world. She said freedom she now had compared to the past. Kliss'lai said she liked dragonflies.[14][15] They planned to have a second date someday. Returning to the Artemis, Kliss'lai asked to hold her hand, to which Renirs agreed bashfully.[16]

Later, Kliss'lai left flowers by Renirs' quarters' door. She had a fight with her roommates over them.[17]

Both Sides Now
Both Sides Now (Artemis)

A ship from another universe appeared near the Artemis, manned by counterparts of many Artemis crewmembers. While the Artemis officers welcomed their counterparts to the ship, Renirs had looked into the crew manifest of the other universe ship, finding that her counterpart was not a member of the crew. She was suspicious of the alternate universe crew from the beginning, and her suspicions were proven correct when the alternate universe crew attacked the Artemis.[18]

During the height of the attack, Renirs managed to acquire a phaser rifle and take projectile pistol from one of the alternate universe attackers. Determined to counter the attackers, she sweeped corridor by corridor on deck 11 on her own. She eventually come across with Flint Kader, an alternate universe attacker who had been shot to the chest with a projectile weapon just a moment before Renirs found him. She ordered him to disarm himself and called the sickbay.[18] She was ordered to give him first-aid and deliver him to the triage centre in the secondary sickbay just a deck below, as the emergency response units were all further away than her. After Kader collapsed, Renirs went to help him, although her limited first-aid training hindered her response.[19] Helping him to the best of her abilities, she was soon joined by Talos Dakora, Ensign Kawarda and security personnel. Together with Dakora and the security personnel, they prepared Kader to be taken to sickbay. Meanwhile Renirs gained a new enemy in Kawarda, who criticized her first-aid efforts and in Renirs view didn't provide any help himself. En route to turbolifts, Renirs encountered Kawarda's boss, LtJG Jovenan, from whom she demanded Kawarda's dismissal.[20]

Shoreleave 240012-240101

Right after Renirs had rescued the alternate universe Kader, she entered to a turbolift to go to her quarters and clean off the blood from her uniform. However, on her way there, Kliss'lai happened to enter the same turbolift car. The sight of blood on Renirs' uniform freaked out Kliss'lai who thought it was Renirs' blood, and she thought Renirs had been seriously injured. Kliss'lai rushed to caress Renirs on the turbolift floor, praying for her not to die. Renirs managed to convince Kliss'lai she had not in matter fact been injured.[21] After they made sure neither of them had been hurt, they agreed to go on a date in the Elysium later that day.[22]

Before her date with Kliss'lai, Renirs received a subspace call from her parents. They inquired, among others, if she would come visit them for a celebration held in a few months later in the local Starfleet Recruitment Centre, and if she had got friends on the Artemis. Renirs terminated the call as her parents began to suspect she might have a relationship.[23]

Shoreleave 240104-240105
Renirs didn't feature in the Artemis mission Alternate History. She was presumedly on the ship the entire time.

Renirs was ordered to join a tricorder exercise run by Lt Jovenan. She reluctantly reported to the shuttlebay, where she met Jovenan and the other trainees, Ensigns Savel, Jaseb Chevalier and Gnai. After embarking a shuttle to Bajor, Jovenan informs the team that their objective is to investigate an area in the Rakantha Province poisoned by the Cardassians during the Occupation. Renirs is to work with Gnai to study the local river. On the planet, Renirs joins Gnai.[24] While getting to know it, Renirs gets exited to talk about her past life, causing her to move her hands and tricorder around so much that instead of the river, she received much information of the surrounding environment. Through this method, she learns of a hidden cave nearby.[25]

Gnai and Renirs receive a permission from Jovenan to investigate the cave, which they enter. Initially, the cave doesn't appear to have little importance. However, Renirs then steps on what appears a mine and which explodes under her feet, causing her to be thrown across the room.[26] Renirs finds herself injured, and Gnai tries to help her, however they can't walk away without risking stepping on another mine. Jovenan arrives soon, and they inform her of the situation, causing her to call Savel and Chevalier for help.[27] Savel and Chevalier manage to set up a set of transporter boosters, allowing Jovenan to beam Gnai and Renirs out to the shuttle, while Renirs condition is weakening.[28] In the shuttle, Gnai diagnoses Renirs with concussion in addition to wounds in legs. They also learn that Chevalier is injured severely.[29]

Renirs is taken to the Rakantha Central Hospital, where she was treated. Jovenan come to check on Renirs at the recovery ward after they both had received care. Renirs had recovered well and if nothing major happened to her, she'd be allowed leaving the hospital the same day.[30]



Noimage.jpg Birjad Renirs and Siazrell Paural
Posh parents, loads of bail-out money
The rich people that brought Renirs into the world. Encouraging into education, not so much into her chosen teenage friends.


Player Achievement-Met a dragonfly.png
Player Achievement-Met a dragonfly.png
In my daydreams she's dancing among the dragonflies
The two met when Renirs was beating up Kliss'lai's boss, so Kliss'lai shot her. Under the influence of a anaesthetic gas, Kliss'lai called Renirs pretty. The two went on a date the next shoreleave.
Kliss'lai: Hey, psycho! Drop the wrench, or I drop you![31]
Renirs: ::trying to be intimidating, but coming off as sleepy and non-threatening:: Move it… Kliss’lai: ::blinking very heavily as sleep kept up:: You're pretty.[32]
Kliss'lai: ::softly in Jozial's ear:: You're better than dragonflies, Jozi.[33]


Lt Dakora Artemis Portrait.jpg Talos Dakora
Stuffy the Funpire Slayer
Stopped Renirs from beating up Osuna further. Renirs finds him stuffy, old officer who's too stuck to the rules.
Dakora: Play along!? Did you just blow in from Starbase 80? That thing is not a simulated weapon and you didn’t simulate trying to bludgeon the Security Chief to death, you actually did it.[34]
Noimage.jpg Mat Ruusi & Lisko
The annoying neighbours that live in your house
The two other crewmen who share the quarters with Renirs. Their relationship is marked both by shared pranks and infighting.
Lisko: Haven’t you heard the rumours? Our Reni has been on a date. With an officer.[17]
Renirs: Gimme them, or I will ::bleep:: your ::bleep:: ::bleep:: in the ::bleep:: plasma injector.[17]
Gnai.png Gnai
Jelly belly saviour
Renirs study partner on a field trip once. After Renirs stepped on a mine, it saved her life and hasn't yet been a jerk about it.
Gnai: Please don't take this the wrong way... ::pause:: Are you like this on purpose?[25]
Gnai: Can you keep talking? You can talk about whatever you want, it will keep you awake. ::pause:: This is not a request.
Renirs: You’re not my real… ::pause, meek and slow:: Okay.[29]

Former colleagues

Osuna-550.png Gabriel Osuna
Decent person, bad fighter
Osuna and Renirs met when Renirs' hyperspanner met Osuna's head. He was fairly chill about it considering the circumstances.
Osuna: That is not a simulated weapon, you @#$%ing idiot![35]


Kawarda.jpg Kawarda
Pretentious brick wall
Kawarda criticized Renirs' decent first-aid efforts despite not providing help or advice and to Renirs' knowledge wouldn't have succeeded any better himself. Renirs interpreted this as an intentional, direct attack at her.
Renirs: He said it just to piss me off! He comes here begging for some green blood from his nose! Na-ah, I’m gonna throw him to the nacelle plasma stream by his…[20]
Noimage.jpg Supervising Petty Officer
Destroyer of love and peace
Renirs' immediate superior. They make her work, punish for her mistakes and supervises all her actions. Total jerk.


Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-blank gold.png
Recruit 239906.01 - 240005.31 Starfleet Technical Services Academy Recruit
PICstyle-crew3 gold.png
Crewman Third Class 240006.01 - Present USS Artemis-A
USS ArtemisA-logo.png
Awards and Service Ribbons
For OOC awards, see User:Jovenan#Awards
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation


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