Fleet Blockbuster: Frontier Day (Artemis)

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Frontier Day Icon (Artemis).png
Frontier Day: Phase One
  • Stardate 240106.01 - 240107.11
    • In Phase One, the Artemis encounters a seemingly derelict Borg Cube in the middle of the Badlands, and upon attempting to contact Starfleet Command, realize that their communications array has been sabotaged since their departure from DS9. A race against time now ensues, as the crew must find out why the Borg Cube is here, who sabotaged their Ship and how it all ties together with the upcoming Frontier Day celebrations.
Frontier Day: Phase Two
  • Stardate 240107.11 - Present
    • In Phase Two, the Changeling/Borg Conspiracy comes to a head, as the Artemis joins up with the USS Kitty Hawk, USS Astraeus, USS Narendra and USS Chin'toka to defend Starfleet from the Enemy Within.