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USS Artemis-A
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Position Security
Rank Ensign
Species Andorian
Gender Zhen (carrying female)
DOB 237503.14
Age 25
Birthplace Andor
Writer ID E239510KD0
Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

Kliss'lai serves as a Security Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A. Her quarters are kept at a balmy 2 degrees C, and when not on duty, she can usually be found swimming in various bodies of water on the holodeck.


  • Full Name: Kliss'lai
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Andorian
  • Date of Birth: 237503.14
  • Place of Birth: Andor
  • Gender: zhen (carrying female)
  • Telepathic status:n/a
  • Height: 175cm (5' 9")
  • Weight: 62 kg.
  • Hair Color: (artificial) purple shaggy bob
  • Eye Color: steel gray
  • Build: athletic/slim
  • Likes: spicy food, calamari, Jules Verne, Garth Brooks, wingless invertebrates, swimming
  • Dislikes: scary movies, anything with wings, sand
  • Orientation: more romantically attracted to females (but isn't particularly good at flirting)


  • Spouse: n/a
  • Parents
    • Father: Shai'lnor
    • Mother: Gliss'lae
  • Siblings
    • Sister: Sh'kaani


Chronological History

237503.14-239403.15 - Upbringing

239403.15-239408.29 - Joining Starfleet

At the age of 19, she'd had enough of the food scene on her home world, and left to explore the culinary delights of the galaxy. Gagh with hot sauce is a favorite, but it's a guilty pleasure as she really likes studying invertebrates. Kliss wandered rather aimlessly for a time before deciding a Starfleet career would give her an opportunity to experience far more than she would otherwise be able to on her own. She chose Security as a direction owing to her natural athleticism. What started as a whim quickly proved to be quite rewarding ... unless she's stuck doing PADDwork, in which case she gets restless legs.

239408.29-current - Starfleet Career

Service History

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet Fourth Class 239408.29 - 239506.06 Starfleet Academy
Cadet Third Class 239508.26 - 239606.04
Cadet Second Class 239608.28 - 239706.06
Cadet First Class 239708.22 - (239806.09)
PICstyle-ens gold.png
Ensign 239806.30-240002.14 USS Excalibur-A
USS ExcaliburA logo.png
Security Officer
240002.14 - current USS Artemis-A
USS ArtemisA-logo.png

Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239806.09
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.



Both Sides Now (USS Artemis-A, NCC-81287)
240009.09 - 240012.01

During an extremely routine analysis mission, a type of bubble in reality formed and popped near the Artemis, disgorging two larger vessels, a badly-damaged shuttle, and a handful of fighters. One ship: the CIC Desdemona hailed the Artemis, revealing her to be crewed by alternate versions of most of the Artemis' personnel, requesting assistance in fighting the other large ship. At this point, the other ship fired (ineffectually) on the Artemis. The Artemis was then forced to respond to the hostile action, destroying the ship. Shortly after, the senior officers from the Desdemona were invited aboard the Artemis for medical assistance and cultural exchange. While the newcomers look familiar, it quickly becomes apparent they have very different priorities.


Drill (USS Artemis-A, NCC-81287)
240005.26 - current

Wanting to put the Artemis through its paces, Commander MacKenzie acquisitioned the USS Berlin to run a friendly combat training exercise. The Berlin is captained by Commander Adea. When a team was selected to board the Artemis, Kliss jumped at the chance to do something hands-on (ongoing)


Impact (USS Artemis-A, NCC-81287)
240002.19 - 240004.17

The Artemis was dispatched to the Da'al homeworld to assist with relief efforts following a meteor impact, which left approximately 10,000 Da'al dead and thousands more wounded and/or unhomed. When they arrived, the crew found a compound in the airborne dust particles which had a significant effect on the Da'al: it made them incredibly aggressive. Kliss was on a ship-based security detail which supported ground operations.

Blue Nebula.png

Hide and Seek (USS Excalibur-A, NCC-41903-A)

The crew of the Excalibur searches for mission officers and ship

When Commander Addison MacKenzie and Lieutenant Talos Dakora went missing in the former maquis ship the MV Daisy, Commodore Nicholotti called upon Commander Genkos Adea to serve as First Officer during MacKenzie's absence. Kliss was on a team of 4, analyzing data regarding the potential tactical weaknesses of the Daisy.

Friends and Colleagues

Jozial Renirs.png

Jozial Renirs
The most beautiful

Kliss and Jozial met under "interesting" circumstances. Jozial had attempted to brain Lieutenant Osuna during a training exercise, thinking blunt weapons would trigger the simulated injured/dead state, and Kliss'lai had shot her in the face with her bluezer. It wasn't exactly a "meet cute," but the two spoke briefly after encountering a corridor filled with gas that dropped Kliss' inhibitions. She'd called Jozial pretty, and I guess the seed of romance was sown. Shortly thereafter, the two went on a date for dinner and gelato on the Cait Spacedock. Where they go from here is anyone's guess. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]

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