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USS Artemis: Wildfire Protocol


The Wildfire Protocol is designed to ensure the safety and security of the USS Artemis and its crew during extreme situations, such as internal sabotage, by limiting access to sensitive areas and ensuring that crew members are not left alone. This protocol is intended to be enacted only under extreme duress when the normal operations of the ship are compromised.

Protocol Activation:

The Wildfire Protocol can be activated by the Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO), or acting CO in the event of a severe internal threat or sabotage. Upon activation, an announcement will be made ship-wide to inform all crew members of the protocol’s enactment.

Key Measures:

  1. Restricted Access:
    • Access to sensitive areas (e.g., Main Engineering, Bridge, Communications, Armory) is restricted to on-duty personnel only.
    • Entry to these areas requires dual authentication from two on-duty crew.
    • Off-duty crew members must remain in designated safe zones unless explicitly ordered otherwise.
  2. Paired Duty Assignment:
    • No crew member is to be alone at any time while on duty.
    • Pairs or teams must be formed and registered with the Security Department.
    • Regular check-ins with team leaders or department heads are mandatory every 30 minutes.
  3. Surveillance and Monitoring:
    • Increased monitoring of key areas via internal sensors
    • Security teams will conduct regular patrols and random checks.
    • Any suspicious activity must be reported immediately to the Security Department.
  4. Identification and Authentication:
    • All crew members must carry their Starfleet-issued communicator badges at all times.
    • Biometric scans will be required at key access points.
    • Any discrepancies or failed authentication attempts will trigger an immediate security alert.
  5. Emergency Response Teams:
    • Designated Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) will be on standby to respond to any incidents.
    • ERTs will include members from Security, Medical, and Engineering departments.
    • Regular drills and simulations will be conducted to ensure ERT readiness.
  6. Reporting and Documentation:
    • All incidents, breaches, and anomalies must be documented in the ship’s log.
    • Regular status reports must be submitted to the CO/XO.
    • A debriefing will be conducted with all department heads at the end of each shift.
  7. Psychological Support:
    • Counseling services will be available to all crew members to help manage stress and anxiety caused by the protocol.
    • Regular check-ins by the ship’s counselor to ensure the well-being of the crew.


The Wildfire Protocol will remain in effect until the threat is neutralized and the ship's security is assured. Deactivation of the protocol requires the authorization of the CO/XO, followed by a ship-wide announcement.

Review and Training:

  • Regular training sessions will be conducted to familiarize the crew with the Wildfire Protocol.
  • The protocol will be reviewed and updated as necessary to address any new security challenges or vulnerabilities.

End of Document

By adhering to the Wildfire Protocol, the USS Artemis aims to maintain the highest levels of security and safety for its crew during times of crisis. Your cooperation and vigilance are essential to the success of this protocol.