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The Paulson Nebula is a stellar gas cloud located in Sector 13402. It marks much of the 'northern' border of the region known as The Borderlands. The planets Zeta Alpha II, Sentinel Minor and Cytarix V are located in close proximity to the nebula. In addition to dust clouds, the nebula also contained rocky bodies akin to asteroids. The composition of the gases in the nebula - chromium, dilithium hydroxyls and magnesium means that it is difficult for sensors to penetrate its interior. There were also plasma currents within the nebula which when ignited created a spectacular light show.

During the Borg Crisis of 2366, the starship Enterprise used the nebula's sensor refracting properties to evade detection from the cube attempting to kidnap Jean-Luc Picard. Ship's logs from this time also state that the nebula clouds were dense enough to prevent the vessel from attaining full impulse. Subsequent attempts to explore the nebula have met with failure owing to this factor and the sensor refracting elements.

In 2399, Yogan Yalu suggested the Paulson Nebula as a backdrop for a ship wide gathering aboard the USS Excalibur-A, although he noted that it might be 'too robust' a setting.

In 2400, USS Artemis-A conducted a tactical drill with USS Berlin in the nebula. The drill was interrupted when the ships were attacked by a Suliban ship engaged in illegal operations within the nebula.