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“The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us, but so long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over.”

Jawaharlal Nehru

Dr. Harrison Kiani is a Human/Al-Leyan Medical Officer/Medical Scientist serving aboard Amity Outpost. Whist being born on Leya-I, the Ensign has long since forsaken any association with his birth culture, having spent most of his formative years on Tarola'n, Alpha Centauri IV.


Basic Information

  • Full Name: Harrison Kiani
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Human/Al-Leyan
  • Date of Birth: 237305.14
  • Place of Birth: Sez Toural, Leya-I
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0

Tarola'n Kianis

Aquila Kiani.jpg

Aquila Kiani
Birth Mother / Domineering Matriarch

If Dr. Aquila Kiani had to be assigned an epitaph on her headstone, no man could argue against highlighting her ceaseless dedication to her profession. They would only be half right in doing so, for despite her aloofness, a part of her desperately wanted to be close to her family. She could be warm, kind, and even loving at times, making these moments of vulnerability doubly cherished by those who loved her - whether due to obligation or through some genuine unexplained fondness.

Aquila was born in Georgetown, Guyana, but unlike most Terrans, she was desperate to leave. She had always had a particular love for plant life, and when given the chance to train in Botany at the prestigious University of Betazed, she hopped onto the first liner off-world. This, would mark the beginning of a long and storied career in the field. Culminating in the synthesis of a novel strand of food crop varieties that were particularly resistant to a myriad of climatic conditions and would regularly guarantee high yields. The breakthrough resulted in a marked improvement in the quality of life for colonists with limited access to energy. For her work, Aquila has been awarded multiple commendations and honours from various institutions. But, the closest to her heart remains the renaming of the Exrenitii Conservatory in Tarola'n to the Aquila Kiani Wildlife Sanctuary.

Isobel Ryce.jpg

Isobel Royce
Adoptive Mother / Mavai

In obvious contrast stood Isobel Royce, once a teacher aboard the USS Centris, now working as an independent artist and critic with her own studio. To Harry she'd started off as Miss Royce and somewhere down the line turned into a mother. She doted on Harry ever since he was a child. Whenever he'd send a bauble or souvenir from wherever in the cosmos he'd decided to perch, it was to her that the messages were addressed. Always with an addendum attached inquiring about his birth mother's health, as any dutiful son must. It was she who stood by him when Harry announced his intention to join Starfleet, and it was from her that he'd inherit his love for holophotography.


  • Height: 183cm (6')
  • Weight: 82kg (180lbs)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown - Amber | **Note: As a result of Harry's unique Al-Leyan genetics, he has inherited what is called the Tapetum Lucidum, a mirror-like structure at the back of the eye which causes an Al-Leyan's eyes to glow in dark environments when light is shone into them.
  • Portrayal: Nikesh Patel


  • Quarters: On most occasions his quarters are maintained with an almost military precision; sheets neatly folded, possessions ordered and alphabetised.
  • Temperament: Harry has a genial and approachable nature. And can chat about differential equations just as easily as he can about the chances of your favourite team winning the Parrises Squares Championship.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: While he does not believe that there is any benefit to metaphysics as a subject of inquiry, he has a degree of appreciation for the moral teachings of certain Earth religions. Gnostic Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Zoroastrianism have been of particular interest, but he has also made a cursory study of the polytheistic religious system of the Betazoids.
  • Personality: Ensign Kiani's a motivated Medical Officer, living in the shadow of an accomplished and overbearing mother. Harry's decision to join Starfleet was the only example of a rebellion against her wishes, that he could recount. To Harry, Starfleet represents a way to break out of his shell, to develop an independent streak; to actually nurture hobbies that weren't assigned to him. With his peers Kiani has been described as being sociable and eager. His need to be helpful, to be of use, if being uncharitable, could be seen as the traits of a pushover. Yet, it is this instinct that makes the Ensign an excellent field medic, capable of great feats of bravery when faced with adversity.


  • General Interests: History, Holophotography, Book Collecting, Parrises Squares & Tri-D Chess.
  • Prized Possessions: An English translation of the Shahnahmeh first published sometime in the 19th century & a powerful holo-imager of Ferengi make.
  • Soundtrack: Perikarnassian Posse


  • The Radical: Relatively early during his course of study at the University of Betazed (perhaps his 4th or 5th semester), a young and impressionable Harrison Kiani, fell in with a group of Betazoid renegades. Fiercely opposed to a nationalist political organisation called the Guardians of Betazed. To this 'outfit,' they were nothing more than "terrorists masquerading as patriots." Many of them had expressed an interest in joining Starfleet, and when Harry said he wished to do the same he was happily ushered into the group (there was also the matter of having to buy each member their round for a week - as a sort of 'joining fee'). One night, during the usual sessions of heavy drinking, they had decided to brand Harry, and make him a permanent fixture of the cause. Thus, half-conscious and not knowing where he was, Harry got his first and only tattoo. It was a strange symbol. Parts of it felt familiar - like something he'd seen on important-looking buildings that lined the central promenade. His compatriots thought it to be quite funny. But, the looks that he'd gotten from the tattoo artist and some of the more timid hangers-on amongst the renegades, told him this was something the authorities would not have the same chipper attitude about.

Early Life

Harrison Kiani was born bearing the name Laime Pergalen on the auspicious day of the "Komunceco Vivo" (Communion with Life) , marking the end of winter and beginning of spring. Or at least that was what it said on his birth certificate. One that had been flagged by Starfleet Academy's Division of Health Sciences when applying for their Medical programme. The situation was quickly resolved, with the admissions office opting not to take the issue any further once provided with correctly authenticated Federation documents noting the change. The memories of Leya-I still stuck to him, but they were just flashes of recognition now, hidden in the deep recesses of the mind. The scent of wood and wet grass, the spacious home highlighted with beige and gold accents, the lush green patio on which to run and be wild. But he was sure there had been no name other than "Harry" to respond to. Perhaps "Harrison" when he was in trouble, but not "Liam" or "Laime" or however it was meant to be pronounced.

Aquila, his mother, had never spoken of her reasons for leaving; or what kind of man his father had been, let alone who he was. At first Harry resented that. He speculated about the various scenarios that led to them fleeing Leya-I, in some of which Aquila played the role of the villain. But as Harry got older, he'd come to realise that it was her story to tell, and maybe one day she would. Till then, he would have to appreciate the cards he'd been dealt and try to make the best of it.

As a child, Harry moved around a lot. Dr. Aquila Kiani's life's work had revolved around synthesising new strands of resilient food crops meant for colonies that couldn't afford the necessary energy for replicators, especially when supporting a growing population. This meant doing long stints in desolate systems, alongside hardy folk trying to make a life for themselves. Sometimes they'd even hitch a ride with federation starships aiding some of those distant colonies. It was on one of these trips that they met Isobel Royce. She worked as a teacher aboard the USS Curie for the children of the families it carried. She taught arts and crafts, creative writing & mathematics, and since Harry came aboard he'd been allowed to attend the classes, like all the other kids. They would remain on the USS Curie for a year, and when his mother announced to Harry that Miss Ryce and her were to be married, it was hard to determine whether the child had been happier about the news than the blushing pair.

After that, life became much more sedentary. They had relocated to Tarola'n, Alpha Centauri IV, Isobel's home. Harry's love for holophotography, he would readily admit, was inherited from her during his time there. Although he confessed no real skill at the craft. Upon turning eighteen Harry was informed that he would be pursuing a course of study at his mother's alma mater, the University of Betazed. He would be majoring in Cognitive Science, a multi-disciplinary field that played to the strengths of the university; combing courses from its high acclaimed scientific graduate programs, with core subjects in the psychological studies department, widely regarded as the best in the Federation.


Medara appeared to have stirred something in Harry. Maybe it was the freedom to do as he wished, or something in the fresh tropical air, or even the swell of readers he was now surrounded by. Whatever the reason, it was undeniable that the change was for the better. He was more confident, willing to approach strangers and start conversations, and intrigued about local customs and culture. He participated in mixers thrown by the various departments, joined several of the available clubs, and tried out for the University's Parrises Squares team.

Academically too, Harry was open to experimentation; he audited several classes unrelated to his core discipline and took electives he hadn't thought to take initially. Upon graduation, he'd stay back on campus to work with a Betazoid professor, Dr. Meamiyi Treid on a research paper titled "Spatial and Social Cognition: From the Perspective of Place and Self", all the while studying for the Starfleet Academy Entrance Examination.

Harry only informed his parents of his intention to join Starfleet after he had received his acceptance letter. The spat that followed was something to behold. To Aquila, he had given up a promising career in Academia to gallivant about aimlessly in space. That day, Harry had packed up few of his most prized possessions and boarded a liner out of Tarola'n. There would be an eventual reconciliation between the two due to the insistence of Isobel. But, the subject remained a sore point in their relations, though Aquila had been placated by his decision to join the Medical fraternity, which she thought to be at least a worthy endeavour.

When Harry was back in Tarola'n for Summer break, just before he'd have to start his clinical rotations, they'd decided to throw a little get together of friends and family in appreciation of all he'd achieved. Likely Isobel's doing. At dinner that day, she told a story about when Harry was twelve. It was one she'd liked to recount often. His parents had decided to sit him down and ask what he wanted to be when he grew up. A doctor Harry had answered. When asked why, he'd say with a face that was as serious and as sage as a twelve year old's could be, that he "wanted to make people feel okay." There was a gleam of pride in her eye whenever she told that story, and Harry knew she thought the world of him. He could only hope that he managed to live up to it.



The Tarola'n Kianis

Name Perception At A Glance Relationship Details
Isobel Royce For every little trifle they blame you, my child. They are ready to find fault for nothing. Family.png Adoptive Mother / Mavai
Dr. Aquila Kinai Did I request thee, Maker, from my Clay To mould me Man, did I sollicite thee From darkness to promote me, or here place In this delicious Garden? Family.pngBroken-heart-silhouette-shape.png Birth Mother / Domineering Matriarch


Comrades, Friends & Acquaintances

Name Perception At A Glance Relationship Details
Rivi Vataix O Captain! My Captain! Teamwork.png Chief of Mission & Commanding Officer / Aloof Administrator
Wil Ukinix Forward, the Light Brigade! Teamwork.png Starfleet attaché & XO / Competent Taskmaster
Keehani Ukinix Day by day I float my paper boats one by one down the running stream. Teamwork.png First Secretary / Charismatic Negotiator
Kaito Moore Brother, the password and the plans of our city are safe with me; never through me shall you be overcome. Teamwork.png High-five.png Colleague / Steadfast Ally

Amity-Outpost-logo.png S2: EP3 - Dark Roses

Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy, Ensign Harrison Kiani was posted to Amity Outpost as a medical officer. His first mission began with the party of incoming Ensigns charged with crowd control. He helped resuscitate a yoga instructor affected by Thoron radiation from the Ilari Krefledil a plant native to Betazed. Following this, he was assigned to the USS Independence-B and took over the role of the Helm officer temporarily; during their secret foray into the parallel universe. After rendezvousing with the Klingon ship -- Ngem Qul the crew faced off against an Betazoid Imperial Patrol Ship. Harry was a part of the away team responsible for retrieving the unique warp signature of Betazoid vessels from the incapacitated ship to ensure safe passage through enemy territory. Harry was also involved in the ambush on Outpost Supremacy, where he'd suffered a near-fatal wound and was saved only due to the combined effort of the senior officers in the away team.

Amity-Outpost-logo.png S2: EP5 - TBD

After some much needed R&R...

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet1 teal.png
Cadet, Fourth Class 239605.03 -
Starfleet Academy
Medicine Major
DS9style-cadet2 teal.png
Cadet, Third Class 239705.02 -
Medicine Major
Science Minor
Starfleet Medical.pngSFA-Science.png
DS9style-cadet3 teal.png
Cadet, Second Class 239905.08 -
DS9style-cadet4 teal.png
Cadet, First Class 240005.29 -
DS9style-ens blue.png
Ensign 240006.06 -
Amity Outpost
Medical Scientist

Sim Listings

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Chief of Mission
Rivi Vataix
First Officer
Wil Ukinix
Act. Chief of Ops
Scotty Reade
Engineering Officer
Nathan Richards
Cassian iovians.png
Chief of Security
Cassian Iovianus
Security Officer
Rebecca Iko
Tactical Officer
Kaito Moore
Harrison Blackwood
Ambassadorial Aide
Keehani Ukinix
Vaje Kizat.png
Dep Chief of Mission
Vaje Kizat
Chief Counselor
John Carter
Ikaia Icon.png
Chief Medical Ofc.
Ikaia Wong
Medical Ofc.
Harrison Kiani
Chief Science Ofc.
Robin Hopper
Science Officer
Cara Veers
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Harrison Kiani
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Al-Leyan
DOB: 237305.14
POB: Sez Toural, Leya-I
SFSNR: LR - 281 - 999

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