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Starfleet Academy


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Office of Admissions

Competition to enter the academy is intense, and few applicants are accepted the first time they apply. Most successful applicants spend years preparing for the entrance exams and many prospective cadets enroll in the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program. This program is a six-week course that is designed to prepare applicants to sit the grueling Academy entrance exam.

All students who apply must have a certain level of learning prior to admission. This includes being able to speak, read, and write Federation Standard, and having good mathematics skill. No applicants who have been genetically engineered may attend StarFleet Academy.

Entrance Examination

The entrance exam itself consists of a variety of tests and includes subjects such as history, dynamic relationships, and hyper-space physics. There may also be unannounced tests of the candidates’ ability to deal with inter-species and cross-cultural differences.

One of the most formidable parts of the examination process is the psych test or, to give it its full name, the Psychological Evaluation Based on Reactions to Various Individual Problems. This test is designed to confront the prospective cadet with his or her greatest fears; the examiners then evaluate how well they react. When Wesley Crusher sat the entrance exam in 2364, his psych test involved forcing him to choose which of two officers to rescue from a lab accident. The exams are held in San Francisco and at various locations throughout the Federation, such as the StarBase on Relva VIII. Any location which has a satellite Academy campus, as well as very few locations which do not have a satellite campus, will proctor the entrance exam for the Academy.

If the applicant passes the first test, he or she faces an oral examination. Three command rank officers conduct the interview, which is used to assess the applicant’s personality and commitment to a career in StarFleet.


Once an applicant has completed and passed their entrance exam, they will be assigned an Academy campus to begin their training on. Generally the campus is decided based on its geographical closeness to where the applicant took the entrance exam, and which campuses have openings in their next class of students. Accepted applicants are then scheduled a date on which a vessel will arrive at their homeworld to ferry them to their campus.

Data graciously provided by Star Trek Magazine.

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