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Crew of Amity Outpost


Lieutenant JG Harrison Blackwood

"Each moment free from fear makes a man immortal"

- Alexander the Great

Lieutenant JG Harrison Blackwood is a Helm/Com/Ops officer assigned to Amity Outpost.


Harrison Blackwood entered the world as the firstborn son of the distinguished Starfleet scientists, Dr. Evelyn and Dr. William Blackwood. His early years were a blend of urban life and the occasional visits to Starfleet research facilities, where his parents were deeply immersed in their ground-breaking work.

In these formative years, Harrison developed a penchant for physical activities that contrasted the scientific pursuits of his parents. He discovered a natural talent for horse riding and archery, competing internationally and becoming a champion in both sports. Much of his later childhood was spent with carers rather than his parents.


As time went on and Harrison grew older, the spark of adventure and personal freedom began to overshadow the structured lifestyle dictated by his parents. Despite his sportsmanship a desire for more began to take hold, longing for independence from his overbearing mother and father he enlisted in Starfleet without their knowledge.

His parents hoped that even in the academy he might turn to their academic interests but Harrison didn't share a love for science - in fact he would resent his brother, Avery, just that little bit for believing he caved in and signed up due to pressure from their parents. Instead Harrison took a career in Command, learning everything there is about flying - any ship, any size. His natural abilities combined with his determination to excel painted the picture of a resourceful and confident cadet.

Starfleet Academy

Echo Squad (SARS Training Squad)

Harrison was invited to join Echo Squad (SARS Training Squad) in his second academic year. A program for cadets who would be specialising in search and rescue piloting operations upon graduation.

  • Records indicate an altercation between him and another Cadet, Lhandon Nilsen, during a training exercise in the Kuiper Belt as part of their "Tactics: Combat, Shuttles and Runabouts" which resulted in a harrowing crash. Nilsen escaped with a broken ankle, but the other pilot was left in intensive care for several months. Shortly after Cadet Nilsen dropped his major in Helm / Navigation.

He graduated in 2400, his first assignment being the recently commissioned and opened Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant, an installation belonging to the Federation Diplomatic Corps . Blackwood was unaware that Amity was experiencing a string of missing persons, strange newcomers and spatial phenomena when enroute his transport was caught in a temporal rift that sent him spiraling into a alternate dark reality where thankfully he met the crew of the Independence-B.

The eager young ensign he is, Blackwood was determined to get stuck in and once cleared for duty took a seat at the helm of the Defiant-Class starship, participating in the Battle of M-Industrix, in 240007, a harrowing battle and rescue which saw all of the crew of Amity Outpost reunited and returned to the Prime Universe.

Amity Outpost

Following graduation, Harrison is assigned to a Federation Diplomatic Corps installed in the nebula of the Barossa Sector in the Delta Quadrant. Launched in 2398, Amity Outpost is the next venture into the Delta Quadrant for the Federation. The remote diplomatic posting was not something that immediately pleased him, but he found out quite soon that not every mission is as simple as taxiing around a couple of diplomats.

Dark Roses (240005-240007): On arrival to Amity Outpost an unusual spatial phenomena forced Harrison's shuttle into an alternate reality where conveniently his now fellow crewmates were investigating a confluence of missing persons. This led to the discovery of an alternate reality Betazed Empire which the crew of the USS Independence-B and the Federation Diplomatic Corps had to overcome to safely return to their own reality.

It's Always Sunny in the Delta Quadrant (240009-240011): WIP


Personal Details

  • Full Name: Harrison Thomas Blackwood
  • Nicknames: Woody, "Prince", Haribo (by Iko)
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: 237505.11
  • Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom, Earth
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T0 (See T/E Rating System)

Interests, Hobbies and Favourites

  • General Interests: Piloting, "Classical" Music, Reading, and Archery.
  • Favourite Films: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Footloose and The Devil Wears Prada (Guilty pleasure)
  • Favourite Authors: J.R.R Tolkien
  • Favourite Music: "Classical" - Hall & Oates, Journey and John Mayer
  • Favourite Food: Tacos, Fajitas, Nachos - anything Mexican. It's his favorite cuisine!
  • Favourite Drink: Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

Fashion Sense

  • Duty Attire: In compliance with the Starfleet Uniform Code, Harrison wears the standard duty uniform introduced in the 2400s with a 2390s-2400s combadge.
  • Off-Duty Attire: Harrison wears just about anything off-duty, once it is clean and comfortable. He prefers short-sleeved tops and cargos, but will occassionaly wear jeans.
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: In pounds or kilos.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Facelaim: Dylan O'Brien


Close Family

Father, Age 54, Human
  • Retired Starfleet Officer

Once a distinguished Starfleet Officer, William Blackwood served as the Chief Science Officer and 2O aboard the USS Amaranthine, serving for a twelve-year stretch during which he attained the rank of Commander and met his future wife, Evelyn Blackwood.

During his time aboard the USS Amaranthine, William participated in two back-to-back five-year missions on long-term assignments as Chief Science Officer, heading his department in scientific discoveries and working on [Classified] research. Since retirement, he has continued to work alongside the Starfleet Science Division as an 'advisor'. Harrison doesn't talk about his father, except for the fact they have zero contact and he prefers it that way.

Mother, Age 49, Human
  • Retired Starfleet Officer

Dr Evelyn Blackwood nee Malcolm served as a Science Officer aboard the USS Amaranthine alongside William Blackwood, her future husband. She participated in the ship's first five-year mission before resigning from her station after falling pregnant with Harrison when she was 23.

During the first few years of motherhood, Evelyn raised Harrison and his brother Avery as a single mother whilst their father continued to serve away from home. She developed a strong connection with her two sons during their early childhood but found herself pulled back into her previous field when William returned home and continued his research. She was glad to see Harrison go off to do something he enjoyed, but often found herself between him and his father during his years of training at the academy.

Brother, Age 23, Human
  • Science Officer - USS Santa Maria

The middle child of the Blackwood family, Avery followed in his father's footsteps by becoming a science officer, a decision that evokes mixed feelings in his brother Harrison. Avery now serves as an Ensign aboard the USS Santa Maria, a retrofitted Miranda-Class Cruiser currently serving as a support vessel in the Gamma Quadrant.

Avery's chosen specialty is Anthropology and Archaeology, finding himself at home when surveying a new excavation site.

Brother, Age 19, Human
  • Cadet - Starfleet Training Acadmey

James, being the youngest of the three Blackwoods, benefitted from a more attentive upbringing due to the intervention of his older brothers who often shielded him from their parents' intensely high expectations. James looks up to his two older brothers and is currently a Cadet at the Starfleet Training Academy in San Fransisco.

Academically, James is pursuing a career in Starfleet Medical, driven by a passion for helping others. So far he remains in his parent's good graces.


Best Friend, Age 25, El-Aurian/Human
  • Tactical Officer - Amity Outpost

Harrison and Kaito met in the Mess Hall of the USS Independence-B after the crew pulled Harrison out of the flaming wreckage that was the Nomad I. Shortly afterwards both participated in the Battle of M-Industrix serving together on the bridge as helm/tactical under the leadership of Lieutenant Commander Cassian Iovianus. Since then the pair have become the greatest of friends, often getting up to some lighthearted shenanigans.

Rumour has it that every Thursday the pair book Holodeck 1 out for the entire evening to partake in historical simulations, most involving some type of aged aerial craft.

"Friend", Age 22, Vulcan/Romulan
  • Engineering Officer - Amity Outpost

The person responsible for Harrison being alive today, Esma managed to lock on to Harrison's transporter signature seconds before the destruction of the Nomad I, saving the Ensign from a fiery death. Although neither has spoken much about the day since he believes he owes her a life debt and despite the two having a rather linear friendship he believes he would do almost anything to return that favor.

Friend/Superior, Age 25, Human/Klingon
  • Acting Chief of Security - Amity Outpost

Although the two haven't spent a lot of time together, Harrison considers Bec a good friend. Both officers come to the Delta Quadrant with their own personal baggage, specifically in the form of overbearing/emotionally distant parents. The two bonded over a couple of shared moments when Harrison walked in on Bec attempting to burn a PADD in Holodeck Suite 1. She might be the only person on the station he feels confident talking to about that kind of stuff.

Romantic Interest, Age 25, Human
  • Civilian Scientist - Amity Outpost

Harrison met Sam during a tour of Amity's solar nebula for the Talaxian delegation visiting the station. He thought she was cute and "nice to look at" but didn't expect anything else to come from it. After all, she was the Chief of Ops' sister. That changed after their latest encounter on the Blue Line when Samantha asked him out on a date.

Only time will tell whether there is something more than mere infatuation between them.


Harrison Blackwood could be described by some as unwavering in his dedication to his career and a deep respect for the chain of command. He exemplifies the ideals of StarFleet through his commitment to personal growth, work ethic and innate passion for exploration and service. This ambition is tempered by a willingness to adopt a sense of camaraderie with his fellow officers, but due to previous experiences this seems to be a continuous quest as he battles a sense of balance between keeping his seclusions and making friends.

  • Likes:
  • History
  • Historically accurate simulators
  • Chain of Command
  • Helping People
  • Nathan's Hot Sister
  • Dislikes:
  • His father
  • Insubordination
  • Cowardice
  • Disrespect
  • Insincerity
  • Fears:
  • Failure
  • Disappointing others
  • Losing the people he cares about
  • Death
  • Clowns (He doesn't see the point in them!)

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2394 - 2397 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth Major - Helm, Minor - Com/Ops
Cadet 2398 - 2399 Starfleet Academy, Marseille, Earth Command Training
Ensign 2400 - 2401 Amity Station Helm/Com/Ops
Lieutenant JG 2401 - Present Amity Station Helm/Com/Ops
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239904.25
Starfleet Academy
Graduation from Starfleet Academy.
Intelligence Star.png
Intelligence Star 240011.23
Amity Outpost
For actions in covertly entering Imperial Betazed space and effect a rescue operation.
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon.png
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon 240011.23
Amity Outpost
Awarded for participation in the alternate universe mission to Imperial Betazed.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 240011.23
Amity Outpost
For the excellent representation of the Federation to the non-corporeal beings known as the Watchers.
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 240011.23
Amity Outpost
Awarded for participation in the First Contact mission of the Paak Homeworld.
Intelligence Star.png
Intelligence Star 240106.05
Amity Outpost
For participating in a covert operation to see to the rescue of Starfleet Officers.
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 240106.05
Amity Outpost
For participating in the rescue of a Nedic Drezin vessel.
Academy Grades

Academic Transcript - Official Copy
Starfleet Academy Office of the Registrar
Student Name: Harrison Thomas Blackwood
Student ID: YT - 725- 546
Commissioned: 240007.06
Transcript Issued: 240107.18
  • Dates of Attendance: 239609.01 - 240007.06
  • Campus: San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector
  • Major: Helm & Navigation
  • Minor: Com & Ops
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.62
  • Total Credit Hours: 48
Year 1
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ADMIN101 Starfleet Operations A 1.0 4.0
ADMIN110 Chain of Command and General Protocol A 1.0 4.0
HIST101 Birth of the Federation A 1.0 4.0
DIPL101 General A- 1.0 3.7
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
LANG101 Federation Standard A- 1.0 3.7
LANG108 Romulan B+ 1.0 3.3
LAW101 Federation, General A 1.0 4.0
XEN101 General B+ 1.0 3.3
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
MATH101 Concepts A- 1.0 3.7
PHYS101 Concepts A- 1.0 3.7
BIO101 Concepts B- 1.0 2.7
MED101 First Aid and Field Medicine B- 1.0 2.7
Year 2
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
SURV101 Starship Emergencies A 1.0 4.0
SURV110 Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training B+ 1.0 3.3
TAC101 Combat, Unarmed B 1.0 3.0
TAC110 Combat, Small Weapons B 1.0 3.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG221 LCARS Programming 1 A 1.0 4.0
ENG231 Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces A 1.0 4.0
ENG232 Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks A- 1.0 3.7
ENG233 Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems A 1.0 4.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
PILOT101 Runabouts and Shuttles A 1.0 4.0
ASTRG101 Navigation of Starships, Sublight A 1.0 4.0
ASTRG102 Navigation of Starships, Warp Speed A 1.0 4.0
TAC250 Combat, Shuttles and Runabouts A 1.0 4.0
Year 3
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ASTRO101 Astronomy: Astrophysics, General (Elective) A 1.0 4.0
ENG202 Introduction to Warp Systems A 1.0 4.0
ENG331 Operations and Command Functions A- 1.0 3.7
ASTRO200 Astrophysics, Advanced B+ 1.0 3.3
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ASTRO301 Stellar Cartography 1 B+ 1.0 3.3
ASTRO302 Stellar Cartography 2 B 1.0 3.0
ENG234 Deflectors, Weapons and Security Systems B- 1.0 2.7
ENG322 Base-Mode Operations A- 1.0 3.7
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG203 Advanced Warp Systems A- 1.0 3.7
ENG201 Impulse Systems A 1.0 4.0
DIPL200 Hostile Species B- 1.0 2.7
LANG208 Romulan B+ 1.0 3.3
Year 4
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
LANG202 Vulcan A 1.0 4.0
ADMIN200 StarFleet StarShips A 1.0 4.0
ENG111 Intermediate Electronics 1 B 1.0 3.0
PHYS400 Warp Theory B+ 1.0 3.3
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
PILOT210 Minor Ships A 1.0 4.0
TAC260 Combat, Minor Starships A 1.0 4.0
PILOT220 Major Ships A 1.0 4.0
TAC270 Combat, Major Starships A 1.0 4.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
TAC300 Leadership B 1.0 3.0
TAC175 Combat, Phasers and Photo Torpedos B+ 1.0 3.3
TAC301 Strategy of Battle 1 A 1.0 4.0
TAC302 Strategy of Battle 2 A 1.0 4.0


Friends in high places
Friends in high places
What's up, doc?
What's up, doc?
Penny for your thoughts
Penny for your thoughts
It's all in the details
It's all in the details

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