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Alpha Centauri IV

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Alpha Centauri IV, also known as "Velestus", is the homeworld of the Centauran people. The current population of Alpha Centauri IV is around 3 billion Centaurans, plus a small human and Vulcan population.


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  • Quadrant: Alpha[1]
  • Location: Sector 002[2]
  • Proper Name: Alpha Centauri system
  • Star: Orbits the binary stars Alpha Centauri A (a yellow dwarf) and Alpha Centauri B (an orange dwarf)
  • Distance from Star:
  • Companions: The 4th of 13 planets
  • Moons: Two (Nykos and Tharon)

Alpha Centauri IV's most distinguishing celestial feature is its series of rings. It has two small moons, Nykos and Tharon, which are home to mining colonies. Their scientists believe that, over ten million years ago, a third moon orbiting the planet was ripped apart by tidal forces as it descended too close to the planet, producing a rare ring system around the inner planet.

Home World

Velestus, home world of the Centaurans
  • Proper Name: Alpha Centauri IV
    • Other names: Velestus, Alpha Centauri
  • Diameter:
  • Gravity:
  • Axial Tilt:
  • Orbital Period:
  • Rotational Period:
  • Classification: Class O
  • Surface Water: 80%
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen-nitrogen mix with pressure close to Earth normal.
  • Climate: Average temperature is just above 26°C
  • Terrain:
  • Population: 3 billion Centaurans (at 2383 census)

The sum of the landmasses are numerous islands: large and small. No land-bridges nor any small straits connect any of the islands to each other. There is but one polar continent, in the northern hemisphere and two major oceans. Because of this physical isolation from other landmasses, each island would develop one large city, which would form the center of power for that island. And the Centauran people would develop a great deal of pride in their own city-state. So of course tensions would arise as exploration occurred. Searching around for resources only to find another people occupying that land, people fiercely loyal to their city-state. Rampant factionalization highlights the ancient history of Alpha Centauri IV.


Eighty percent of the planet is covered with water making it not M-class but Class-N. The average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Widely varying solar radiation levels, tectonic stress and other problems beset the Centauri homeworld driving the Centaurans to develop terraforming technology early in their history.

Points of interest

The planetary capital city is Tarola'n, which seats the unified planetary government and Federation embassies.

Other locations within Tarola'n include:

  • Monument of Visions Art Museum.

Other named locations on Velestus include:

  • Da’aden Epestor - a Centauran island and former city state[3].
    • Keox Conservatory - a scientific nature conservatory, located on the island of Da'aden Epestor[3].


Two native species have become well known to Federation visitors. The kerra'vein are canine-like animals similar to huskies. They are a popular local pet. In the wild these animals live on fish and carrion. The lala'vel is a small winged creature that closely resembles the terran bat except for color which ranges from pure white to blue to green. Lala'vels sleep in caves or dark areas during the day and feed on insects at night.



Alpha Centauri is a major exporter of art and is a popular tourist destination. Their holographic art is highly collectable. Centauran artists are sought out to design specialized holodeck programs.

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