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USS Juneau
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Cassian Iovianus
Position Executive Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Magna Roman
Gender Male
DOB 235803.15
Age 40
Birthplace Gramen Urb, Septentriones Vineam Province, Magna Roma
Writer ID O238506JO0

Lieutenant Commander Cassian Iovianus is currently serving as a Executive Officer aboard the USS Juneau.


  • Height: 6’1”
  • Weight: 220lbs
  • Hair: Salt and Pepper
  • Eyes: Left Green, One Dark Brown

Born in the Septentriones Vineam province to the regional governor Sabina Virgnia and her husband Aldric Kuno, Cassian was nearly raised in the military. Being born into such a station he had a strict upbringing, spending more time with his noncitizen father going over strategies at every possible chance, even the games that young Cassian played had an eye toward strategy and skill more than luck in their outcome.

Despite the strict and regimented way he was raised Cassian did manage to have something of a normal childhood. He became fast friends with the son of a local winemaker couple as they became regular fixtures at the gubernatorial villa.

Growing up he enjoyed a nearly idyllic life in his early years, still keenly aware of his father’s life in the Numerii. When he was finally old enough he split his time between the court of his mother and the regional defense force his father was a member of as he was not a fully born Roman citizen.

When he finally reached the age of recruitment Cassian joined the Magna Roman Legions, which had been relegated to the Planetary Defense Force. His time as a legionnaire took him far from home to the megalopolis of Rome. While he had served in the security forces his entire adult life it was during his time in the legions that he truly focused on it, and even found love with another legionnaire. He also met his mentor, a Starfleet commander named Esmund Fan who was visiting Magna Roma to evaluate the instruction period on the USS Centurian that preceded Magna Roman’s application to Starfleet academy.

It was while talking to Fan that Cassian made up his mind to join Starfleet, and he talked his now fiancee Cornelia into joining him at least for the instruction period of three months aboard the USS Centurion. The first taste of Security and Tactical work was all he needed. When the initiate period was over Cassian immediately submitted his paperwork for Starfleet Academy.

The shuttle ride back home to await the acceptance to the Academy nearly derailed not only his entire career but his family life as well. There was an accident that claimed both Cassian’s mother and fiancee as well as his left eye.

After time recovering he continued on to Starfleet Academy where he dual specialized in Security and Tactical. Graduating from the academy he got himself assigned to the USS Quirinal rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and Chief of Security and Tactical services on board. That was until Starfleet selected him fill in as the XO on the USS Juneau which needed a temporary replacement to fill in. While inwardly reserved Cassian is excited for the attempt at advancing his career to the next stage.

Awards and Service Ribbons
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Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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