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University of Betazed

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The University of Betazed a coeducational public university originating on the planet Betazed, with students from a multitude of cultures and planets attending. Founded in 1912, it is the Betazed's oldest university.

The University maintains a number of colleges, spread across Betazed and a number of other worlds and StarFleet bases. Undoubtedly the largest known state-sponsored school, the University of Betazed actually has a number of colleges which are dedicated to various facets of telepathic and empathic education across a number of species. This includes a college devoted specifically to the study and research of the telepathic and empathic phenomenon, as well as a few small colleges devoted to training for particular fields of work. It is particularly well known for its scientific graduate programs, and its psychological studies department which is considered the best in the Federation.

Academically, the university is ranked among the Federation's top universities. In 2381, the Federation News & Galactic Report ranked the undergraduate division 19th in the Federation, and has placed many of its graduate and professional programs within the top ten available to Federation residents. The university has one of the largest research expenditures of any Federation higher-educational institution, as well as one of the largest number of living alumni.

The school was host to the fourth and tenth biennial Alpha Quadrant Collegiate Bowl.

Notable Campuses

  • Betazed: Medara, flagship campus
  • Earth
  • Vulcan
  • Delta