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Spotsy Music

Spotsy Music is a Trill pop group, focusing on New Wave Synth-pop. They formed in 2391 on Trill and have become an intergalactic success. Their front man, Joined Trill Bryan Feri, is the latest host of the Feri symbiont, and uses his knowledge of hybrid music to create an exceptional musical sound. The band dominated the charts mostly on Trill, but rose to more intergalactic climbs when they represented Trill in the 2395 Fedevision Song Contest. The band came second place, and lost to Betazed. Although they enjoy a lot of international recognition, the band still enjoy performing for local crowds, and enjoy doing a lot of charity work.

Band Members

  • Bryan Feri - Joined Trill and Fourth Host of the Feri Symbiont. Lead singer & main songwriter. He's heavily influenced by electronic new wave.
  • Rian Eno - Joined Trill and Third Host of the Eno Symbiont. Synthesizer, keyboards.
  • Manzan'era Phel - UnJoined Trill. He specializes in rhythm guitar.
  • Jobso Edd - Joined Trill and Sixth Host of the Edd Symbiont. He is adept at the synthesizer.


  • 2391 - Spotsy Music
  • 2393 - Warp Core Breached
  • 2395 - Alpha Life
  • 2397 - Joined at the Hip


Spotsy Music became a successful act in Trill during the early 2390's. This success began with their self-titled debut album in 2392. The band pioneered more musically sophisticated elements of Trill glam rock while significantly influencing early Betazoid punk music, and provided a model for many new wave acts while innovating elements of electronic composition. The group also conveyed their distinctive brand of visual and musical sophistication with their focus on glamorous fashions. Feri and co-founding member Eno have also had influential solo careers. Their fourth studio album, Joined at the Hip reached the Federation charts at No. 3 in 2397.

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