USS Kitty Hawk

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The USS Kitty Hawk (NCC-71863) is a Galaxy class starship. Originally built and commissioned in the 2360s, she underwent a refit during the Dominion War in the 2370s, where she earned a formidable war record, participating in such notable battles as Operation Return and the Battle of Ricktor Prime. After the war, she spent the rest of the decade on relief missions helping worlds rebuild from the devastation. In the early 2380s, she returned to scientific research and exploratory duties. She was refitted with a quantum slipstream drive in the 2390s.

USS Kitty Hawk

In 2398, Captain Roshanara Rahman was offered command following Kitty Hawk's previous CO Captain Chawla's promotion, in no small part due to Rahman's previous experience as chief engineer of the Kitty Hawk's sister ship, USS Garuda.

The Kitty Hawk, under Captain Rahman's command, visited the Par'tha Expanse in late 2398, where Rahman attended the wedding of Lael Rosek and Chythar Skyfire. From there Kitty Hawk proceeded to the Aavaro Wilds to rendezvous with the USS Juneau in early 2399 so that Rahman could officiate the promotion of Juneau's CO Oddas Aria to Fleet Captain. Kitty Hawk then left the Alpha and Beta quadrants for the first time in her service history, continuing on to Amity Outpost to begin her first three-year mission of exploration in the Delta Quadrant.

Crew Roster


  • Commanding Officer: Captain Roshanara Rahman, 44-year-old Kriosian female
    • First Officer: Commander Thel Ch'thikrith, 77-year-old Andorian male (chan)
    • Helm Officer: Ensign Pham Duy Thanh, 26-year-old Human male


  • Operations Officer: Lt. Commander Zehra Hoffman, 36-year-old Human female



  • Chief Engineer: Lt. Zhalea, Romulan female


  • Chief Science Officer: Lt. Kivik, 34-year-old J'naii (genderless)
    • Science Officer: Ensign Finsen, 27-year-old Denobulan female
    • Science Officer: Ensign Simran Kaur, 24-year-old Human female


Galaxy class USS Kitty Hawk (NCC-71863)