Forward Refit Station-1

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The Alpha Isles

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Forward Refit Station-1 AKA Raft-One

Forward Refit Station-1 or Raft-One is a self-sustained repair station of dubious repute located on the edge of the Alpha Isles.


Not quite a hive of scum and villainy, but not exactly far off from one. Deployed at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant for the purpose of bare-bones repair, Raft-One didn’t have the most auspicious of starts. Early equipment failures and harsh quadrant conditions backed station staff into a corner. Faced with long waits for official repairs and restaffing, the station staff turned to black markets and various independent salvage operations, allowing various vendors and traders to literally weld their shops to the superstructure of the station, slowing growing Raft-One from struggling repair station to a free-floating trade/resupply hub that comes equipped with its own smallish “entertainment court” that sustains minor gambling and gaming tournaments.

At present the complex is overseen by a democratically elected Administrator/Sheriff combination. For a two year term, Administrators and Sheriffs work in tandem to see to the day-to-day operations and protections of the station, while listening to the concerns of vendors and shop-owners. The pairing is usually voted from a pool of internally nominated tradesmen or local “figures” that have served the station and vendors of Raft-One with some distinction. The station offers a number of shops, stores, and salvage operations, including a fully capable ship refit suite thanks to its center dock, a similar structure to McKinley Station in the orbit of Earth. There are also a number of open slots in the station’s interior, which station staff are eager to fill with more lucrative (and maybe not so strictly legal) businesses.

Crew Complement

List of known crew members of Raft-One:

  • Administrator: Myssa T'vaz. Half Romulan woman from Vancouver, Earth. Former Lt.Commander for Starfleet Intelligence before she was discharged. For what remains a mystery... It is her first term as Administrator.
  • Sheriff: Zel. A stoic Breen who served as Deputy under the former Sheriff and helped repel a significant boarding attempt by Nausicaan raiders in 2396. It is his first term as Sheriff.
  • Bar Owner: Maz Rodan. A street-wise, fast-talking El-Aurian bon viveur, Maz found himself down on his luck and running a shifty bar on Raft-One. Known as a bit of a wheeler-dealer, he can get you pretty much anything... for a price.


  • Class: Series II Drydock
  • Type: Starship repair and support facility
  • Commissioned: 2380
  • Diameter: 2,842m
  • Height: 3,445m
  • Decks: 30
  • Crew;
    • Staff: 150
    • Civilian: 200
  • Mass: 2,000,000 metric tons
  • Light Duranium/Tritanium hull
  • Low level Structural Integrity Field

Docking Facilities:

  • Internal docking bays, capable of holding up to 6 small craft individually
  • External repair arches capable of sustaining 1 starship at a time

Operations Systems:

  • Reactor Systems
    • Main Reactor Core: M/AM Reactor
    • Secondary Systems:
    • Backup Systems:
  • Armament & Defense Systems
    • 10 Type VIII phaser arrays
    • 5 Type-1 burst fire photon torpedo launchers
  • Shields
    • High capacity 1,026,000 Terrajoules system.

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