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Hello! My name is David and I write for Maz Rodan on board the USS Arrow.

About Me

  • Name: David
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Writer ID: C237708DW0
  • Joined Starbase 118: Originally in 2001. Returned full time July 2020.
    • Training Cruise: 239708.17
  • Hobbies:
    • Reading
    • Creative Writing
    • Swimming
    • Murder Mysteries
    • Cooking
    • Horror Movies/Novels
    • Cheesy 80's Music.

Ships of the Line

USS Arrow-logo.png Saber-scale.png
USS ArrowSaber class


David's Crew Manifest
Command Division
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character Name Duty Post
Primary Character
PICstyle-ltjg blue.png
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Maz Rodan.png
Maz Rodan
Science Officer, USS Arrow
Previous Primary Characters
PICstyle-blank silver.png
Regan Wilde
Leave of Absence from Starfleet
PICstyle-ltcmdr red.png
Lt. Commander
Danny Wilde
Training Officer, Starfleet Intelligence
Regular PNPCs
PICstyle-lt gold.png
Roxy Wilde Research & Development Engineer, Starfleet Corps of Engineers
PICstyle-scpo gold.png
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Thaon Brom Engineers Mate Second Class, USS Arrow
PICstyle-ltjg red.png
Lieutenant JG
Nicholas Rehme.png
Nicholas Rehme Shuttlebay Deck Officer, USS Arrow

OOC Activities

  • USS Arrow Junior Staff Member

Awards - Wilde

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Sheathed Sword 2385
USS Ronin
Presented to those to decide to inflict injury on their character, and then dive into the resulting emotions and choices in a realistic manner.
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Scotty Cross 2389
USS Tiger-A
Awarded to an officer who shows extreme creativity while solving a plot dilemma or in character plot twist.

Peace Out