Endless Night (Arrow)

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Episode 8


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Maz Rodan First Officer
Chloe Waters Helm Officer
Maria Alvarez Operations Officer
Grace Hope-Sheppard Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security
R'Ariel Chief Medical Officer
Cassandra Mason Medical Officer
Ar'Gorvalei Medical Officer
Quentin Collins Chief Science Officer
Jacin Ayemet Science Officer
Ash MacKenna Chief Intelligence Officer
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes

Endless Night

Abandon ship! A routine stellar survey turns to disaster when a spatial phenomenon cripples the USS Arrow and leaves it dead in space. As a reluctant Captain Shayne orders the crew to abandon the Arrow, they realise their only hope of survival is on a small jungle world orbiting the star whose unusual axis means the planet is in perpetual nighttime for weeks on end. With no rescue in sight and supplies and morale low, the crew must fight to survive the endless night...

Act 1

Important Sims

Honorary Mentions

End File