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The USS Discovery-B was a Ronin class vessel under the command of Captain Tyr Waltas. Previously known as the USS Morningstar and considered lost a few years ago, she was discovered adrift in the Bassen Rift by the former Crew of OPS, while they were escaping from three Romulan Warbirds, after they have rescued Captain Steve McCall from Romulan Imprisonment. Commander Tyr Waltas lead the party to freedom and recovered the USS Morningstar.

As USS Morningstar

"Life Shrinks or Expands in Proportion to Ones Courage"
-Motto of the USS Morningstar

The USS Morningstar, NCC-81269, was constructed at Utopia Planitia in early 2382 and was the first Ronin Class vessel to be commissioned in Starfleet. Originally known as Project NX-8216X, the Morningstar takes its name from both the rising sun to start a new day, alluding to Starfleet's reemergence into exploration, as well as the Morningstar weapon of the Middle Ages, a club with a spiked ball and or chain attached to it. This reliable weapon of that ancient time signifies the abilities of the Morningstar's class.

The USS Morningstar was commanded by Captain Christopher Hutton. The vessel was virtually untested in battle but passed all its shakedown challenges with flying colors. Hutton and his crew had been given the unique opportunity to "write the book" on this vessel and make a name for both the Morningstar and the Ronin Class in the galaxy.

The Ronin class was fielded in the 2382 to provide a replacement for the aging Nebula class vessel and also as smaller, more numerous counterparts to the Sovereign class vessel. The Ronin class has an interchangeable pod that allows it to have many uses in the fleet. In times of war the pod can be outfitted with a full weapons package, giving the smaller vessel quite a powerful punch to compliment that of the Sovereign class. In times of peace, it can be outfitted with anything from cargo pod space to sensor packages for exploration proposes. The Ronin class vessel's size allows for relatively quicker production than that of the Sovereign class. This allows Starfleet to field larger numbers of the vessel, a goal which Starfleet was interested in following the Dominion War.

The Ronin has a main warp core and a secondary smaller core, to allow both the star drive and the saucer section to have a warp drive. Even though the saucer section is only capable of a maximum of warp 4, it allows for a speedy get away in case of danger.

The Ronin, normally outfitted with the sensor package, is considerably smaller than the Sovereign class and less armed. It makes up for its lack of weaponry with more maneuverability and with the added support of FA-150 fighters it can hold it's own in most situations.

Although the USS Morningstar had a glorious run under the commands of Captain Theodore Draigon, and Fleet Captain Christopher Hutton, and it was assumed that she was destroyed in 2386.

However, the previous crew of Ops found the Morningstar adrift in the Bassen Rift.

As USS Discovery-B

After their return from the Bassen Rift, StarFleet Command re-commissioned the Morningstar under the name of USS Discovery, NCC-31929-B and granted Waltas the Command of the Vessel. After a distinguished, although relatively short career, the ship was decommissioned due to possible design flaws, and relegated to Starfleet Command to become a testing bed for new technologies. Captain Waltas and his crew continue their journeys aboard the ship's successor, the Sovereign class USS Discovery-C

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