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The Ronin-class vessel was originally conceived at the end of the Dominion War. With the immediate threats of both the Borg and the Dominion dealt with, Starfleet turned to its roots as a society of explorers instead of an army of warriors. Wanting to return to exploration, patrolling Federation space lanes, and showing the galaxy that conquest was not their eventual goal, it became apparent there was a lack of vessels able to act as both work horse and explorer whilst still being capable of putting up a fight.

The Nebula-class had been a venerable scientific workhorse in Starfleet and was arguably well suited to these roles, having both versatility and easy manufacture as winning points, but it was getting long in tooth. Starfleet's latest advance had been the Sovereign class vessel, which had proven robust and well suited to various mission profiles. Taking advantage of a tried and true concept and merging it with the latest technology was an easy decision, and thus the idea for the Ronin-class vessel was born.

The USS Discovery-B is the third Ronin Class Vessel of a planned production queue of six such vessels, three of which are still in construction at Utopia Plantia.


  • Name: USS Discovery-B
  • Registry Number: NCC-31929-B
  • Class: Ronin Class
  • Designation: Exploration/Border Patrol
  • Motto: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Crew Compliment (Breakdown)

  • Officers: 160
  • Enlisted: 320
  • Civilians (Families): 220
  • Maximum Capacity: 1000


  • Number of Decks: 20 (There is no Pod At this point due to destruction of previous one during mission.)
  • Height: 87 metres
  • Beam: 240 metres
  • Length: 680 metres
  • Mass: 2.500.000 Tons


  • Normal Cruise Speed: Warp 6.99
  • Emergency: Warp 9.99 (24 hours)

Refits & maintenance

  • Expected Duration: 120 Years
  • Major Refit Cycle: 10 Years
  • Minor Refit Cycle: 5 Years
  • Strength Index: 1788

Impulse Propulsion

Impulse engines use the same physical principles as rocket motors. They utilize super heated gas - plasma, to impart a sizable momentum to the vessel, propelling the ship at up to 1/2 of light speed. However vessels usually maneuvers at 1/4 impulse, or 1/16 of light speed, which is sufficient for any interplanetary travel whilst avoiding any discernible time distortion effects. The impulse system is also usable as an alternate power source in the event that the warp core is damaged or destroyed. The down side to this (or any usage of the impulse engines) is the concentration of ionized plasma, easily detectable by sensors, that is generated.

Long distance travel by impulse is avoided because impulse travel takes place in normal space, and as such is subject to Einsteinien time-dilation. It is conceivable that a damaged vessel could cross inter-stellar space on impulse, but they would be leaving their own lives and time behind. The impulse engines are located at the back of the saucer section, port and starboard of the central neck that supports the pod. They are positioned slightly side-ways, which allows Discovery-B to achieve greater maneuverability in sub-light speeds.

Warp Core

The Ronin class is equipped with a virtually identical power core to the Sovereign which provides power to all main systems. Additional power can be pulled for the 4 No. fusion reactors located directly behind the impulse engine assemblies. Warp core main function is to generate the symmetrical warp fields around the ship. These fields are centered around the nacelles located below and behind the saucer section, and the pulses in the field tune each other to finer and finer degrees allowing incredibly efficient usage of energy. This fine tuning also allows light and sub-space signals to reach the ship when it is in warp, making it possible for the crew to enjoy the now familiar sight of star-trails.

The Discovery is equipped with Two LF-45 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units. The twin engines can propel the vessel at warp 9.99 for 24 hrs, although in theory greater speeds are possible. Additionally to the Sovereign, the Ronin features the latest in Buzzard Ramscoop design which helps to improving engine efficiency and limits the need for deuterium re-fueling.