The Forge (USS Arrow)

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A Table with equipment and computers showing LCARS computer screens. Two seats are on opposite sides of the table.
Isolinear working station of the Forge.

The Forge is a small space near engineering onboard the USS Arrow that was built in 2399 by Connor Dewitt. It quips the USS Arrow with the ability to fabricate replacement parts and overhaul ship systems that are long outdated.

It features 4 work stations as well as two Mark VII small-sized industrial replicators to assemble most of the components needed aboard the ship.

Work Stations

Mechanical Work Station

The Mechanical Works station is equipped to handle repairs and maintenance on the common mechanical parts of a starship. This includes things like engines, thrusters, and the ship's hull. The station is outfitted with all of the necessary tools and equipment to make repairs quickly and efficiently.

Optronics Work Station

The Optronics Station is concerned with all works regarding the ODN (Optical Data Network) lines. These lines link the main systems of the USS Arrow to one another and are a vital part of its systems. The station allows any repairs concerning the ODN.

Isolinear Lab

The work station for Isolinear works is the most precious part of the Forge. Tools and machines required for these operations are typically not requisitioned for a Sabre-class starship, but with the help of Commander Karrod Niac, these tools could be accquired. They allow for the creation and repair of isolinear chips so the Arrow does not need its share of spare parts anymore.

RF Power Work Station

The RF Power Works station is responsible for maintaining and repairing the USS Arrow's radio frequency power systems. This includes transmitters, receivers, and antennas. The station also performs regular maintenance on the ship's communication systems as well as power couplers and EPS lines.

Important Sims

Commander Karrod and Ensign Connor Dewitt are clearing the project and requisitions with Captain Shayne (Part 1 | Part 2)

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