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USS Khitomer
Zenno Ensign.png
Position Security Officer
Rank Lieutenant
Species Bolian
Gender Male
DOB 237505.05
Age 26
Birthplace Starbase 307, in orbit of Bolarus XIII
Writer ID A240006Z13

LT Zenno is currently the Security Chief aboard the USS Khitomer.


  • Height: 6'2" or 1.88 meters
  • Weight: 200 pounds or 91 kilograms
  • Hair: None - Bald
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Build: Average



  • Father: Amadd, Scientist, Starbase 307
  • Mother: Caldd, Engineering Theorist, Starbase 307
  • Older Brother: Amaddo, Triplets with Zenno, Warp Field Theorist, lives on the Bolarus XIII Colony
  • Younger Sister: Rekko, Triplets with Zenno, Science Officer in Starfleet


  • Saava, Ensign, Vulcan Female, Starfleet Academy Classmate, Medical Division, USS White Pine
  • Vratak, Ensign, Saurian Male, Starfleet Academy Classmate, Security Division, Starbase 88. Also attended Advanced Security School on Deneva Prime with Zenno
  • Grall, Ensign, Tellarite Male, Starfleet Academy Classmate, Security Division, Starbase 88. Also attended Advanced Security School on Deneva Prime with Zenno
  • T'Lyra, LT (jg), Frenemy, Vulcan Female, Security, Deep Space 33


Born and raised on Starbase 307, in orbit above Bolarus XIII. Although his family originated on Bolarus IX in the Rabor Archipelago.

Both parents were Engineers, working for Starfleet but not in Starfleet. Trips down to the homeworld were rare and all of his siblings and the other children on the station feel a bit disconnected from larger Bolian society.

The first things a Bolian does when meeting another Bolian outside of the homeworld is a long discussion about their families, clans, histories, and the like. Zenno finds this tiring and considers it a thing that the homeworlders do. Not for Starbase kids like him.

All of his siblings were expected to follow in the footsteps of their parents and become technicians or engineers, either in Starfleet or elsewhere. Amaddo was the first born by 2 minutes, and he never let anyone forget it. Being the most dutiful, he went to the Bolian Academy of Applied Sciences and became a Warp Field Theorist working on new engine designs. Rekko, the youngest by 3 minutes, chose to join Starfleet and become a Science Officer. While not preferred, this was deemed acceptable to the family. Zenno's choice of Security was completely unfathomable.

Zenno's interest was sparked in Security when reading about the history of Romulan raids against the homeworld in various histories. This career choice is a sore spot with the family. Zenno had originally spent some time at the Bolian Interstellar Research Institute in an Engineering program in an effort to please his family, but his heart wasn't in it. He eventually quit and applied to Starfleet Academy to study Security. While Zenno has good relations with all of his family, they do pressure him to choose a more respectable field such as Science or Engineering.

During his days at the Academy, Zenno had witnessed another Cadet commit an infraction. Despite his innate Bolian desire to be liked and part of the group, Zenno reported the infraction to the Academy Cadre, earning a reprimand for the other Cadet. Since Zenno was going into Security, he was caught between his desire to get along with the group but also his duty, as one who will be charged with enforcing good order and discipline as part of the Security Service in Starfleet. This has made Zenno very wary of getting too friendly with others. But Bolians are an incredibly gregarious and social species and this tension takes a toll on him. This is likely why there are so few Bolians are in this field.

He majored in Security. His electives were in the Diplomacy and Interstellar Relations areas. His performance was solid, but most certainly middle of the pack.


Zenno likes being part of the group, but not too much. (Invited to the party, but never the center of attention.) Social interaction is a large part of Bolian culture and he likes to talk to people about almost any topic.

He is aware that Bolian food is off-putting to mostly everyone else and tries to make accommodations, even when it's not a good idea for him to do so. Non-Bolian food tends to not sit well with him. He has to limit his intake to known items that don't cause discomfort.

He likes to read histories and he also writes poetry in his native language.

Career History

After graduating from the School on Starbase 307, Zenno applied to the Bolian Interstellar Research Institute to study engineering at the urging of his parents. He found his studies tiresome and while he could manage the work, he just had no interest in it. He decided to apply to Starfleet Academy to study Security, where he found he had an aptitude for observation and tactical thinking.

During his senior year at the Academy, Zenno applied to study at the Federation Advanced Security School on Deneva Prime. He was accepted for a six-month course. He specialized in personnel protection, zero-G  and EVA crime scenes, security shuttle patrols, defensive shuttle piloting, and tactical response.

At the school, his Section Chief was a somewhat grizzled and highly decorated Lieutenant Nardello. In the months that Zenno had at the unit, he learned much from this human and he often thinks about Nardello's advice and lessons. Oftentimes, Zenno hears Nardello's voice in his head frequently, offering biting and critical commentary on whatever is happening. Zenno is sure however, that Nardello wouldn't even recognize him if they met again somewhere.

Service on the USS Arrow

After being assigned the USS Arrow as a Junior Security Officer, he had his first mission under Department Chief Serinus. With the Chief being reassigned after that mission, Zenno was tasked with being the Acting Security Chief until Stardate 240104.24 when Captain Shayne made him permanent in the role.