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  • Full Name: Torack Demma
  • Current Rank: Fleet Captain, Retired, General in the Imperial Klingon Forces
  • Race: Klingon
  • Date of Birth: 234005.27
  • Place of Birth: House of Demma, Qo`Nos
  • Gender: M
  • Telepathic status:


  • Height: 6'8"
  • Weight: 320lbs
  • Hair Color: Black, w/ goatee
  • Eye Color: Deep Brown, almost Black


  • Spouse: T'Quinn Demma, (1/2 Vulcan and 1/2 Terran) (Divorced)
  • Children: Karnoth Quinn Demma (1/2 Klingon, 1/4 Vulcan and 1/4 Terran)
  • Parents
    • Father: Marton`
    • Mother: Qu`ta
  • Siblings: General Mo`tan Demma

Personal History

Torack is a 6 feet 8 inches tall, weighs 320 pounds, and has jet black hair and wears a goatee. He has very sharp teeth as do all Klingons and is very muscular. He is considered very muscular even for a Klingon. He keeps himself in shape with a strict regiment of Klingon Martial Arts and Weight Lifting.

At the age of 10 Torack’s parents, Qu`ta and Marton` Demma, decided to send him to earth. Torack was a very troublesome child and thought to be “un-Klingon-like”. His parents heard of the success of Worf and Alexander in becoming Warriors, and decided that they should send Torack to “follow in the footsteps of a great Warriors”. At the age (earth years) of 18 Torack entered Starfleet Medical in order to further vex his parents. After graduating from Starfleet Medical, he applied to Starfleet Acadamy, where he was accepted and graduated middle of his class.

He has a brother by the name of Mo`tan. Mo`tan, is considered to be a fine Klingon Warrior. Torack, is very troubled by the fact that Mo`tan was accepted by his parents and he was not. Needless to say they have a very troubled relationship. At the age of 10, Torack tried to take his brother’s life, which is what caused his parents to send him to Earth.

Despite Torack’s becoming a doctor, he is an accomplished warrior, and has won several Bat`leth tournaments. If pushed to the breaking point, Torack will take a life, despite his having become a Medical Officer. This has caused him to come into conflict with himself several times. He is struggling to blend his Klingon Warrior’s heritage with his medical training.

Torack married Lt. Jg. T’Quinn, whom he first met when they were both assigned to the USS Freedom, now decommissioned. They soon were expecting their first child and it arrived soon after they received assignments to the new Soverign Class, USS Nemesis. They have a son, Karnoth Quinn Demma. He is ½ Klingon, ¼ Vulcan, and ¼ Terran.

Torack was also reassigned from his duties as Chief Medical Officer when he was assigned to the Nemesis. He was promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander and given the honor of being the first Executive Officer aboard the USS Nemesis. Torack was given the distinct honor after passing his Commander’s exam to become the first Klingon to Captain a Federation ship when he was given Command of the USS Arizona-A.

The Arizona was a fine ship but was in two very heavy battles back to back and took too much damage to repare. So StarFleet Command came up with a unique opportunity when Captain Sandolphan Aquiss was given command of StarBase 118, the USS Nemesis became available and it was offered to and accepted by Commander Demma. Along with the change in ship came a promotion to Captain.

Torrack went through some personal rough times as his wife was recalled to Vulcan and once there has decided to divorce him. This leaves Torrack as a single father with a toddler son. However, he was also elected to serve on the UEC by his fellow Captains.

Starfleet has recognized that Torrack has became a great leader, not only of his crew but of other crews as well. He is well respected throughout not only the Federation but also the Klingon Empire. He actually holds General's rank within the Klingon Fleet, however he dose not choose to utilize that rank, instead turning that power over to his brother for the most part. No, Torrack, chooses to stay loyal to Starfleet and remain a Fleet Captain.

He was also given command of Deep Space 72, an aging station on the far reaches of the Federation and Romulan Nutral Zone. With the Station came the refit and redesignation of the USS Nemesis to the USS Defiance.

Torrack was later relieved of command of DS72 as it was decommissioned and the Defiance was once again redesignated the Nemesis under the command of Captain Adler Wong-Aquiss. While on leave of absence from the Federation, Torack rediscovered his Klingon loyalties and retired from active duty in Starfleet and concentrated on things at home on Qo`Nos.