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Named in honor of the Terran city, the New York District was one of the original districts of the Starbase 118 commercial sector. In 2394 it was heavily damaged during Chennel's attack on the station. As part of the following reconstruction, the New York District ceased to exist, with the space it formerly occupied separated into the Ohmallera and Qo'noS Districts. Several shops chose to move to other areas of the station at that time.

Past establishments & locations

Historical Description

If viewed from a top down clock perspective, the New York District- modelled after the Manhattan area of the Earth’s famed city- would occupy the 3 to 6 positions. The temperature is best described as average and features snow in the Terran winter months. Considered the cultural centre of the Starbase, New York district features a recreation of the famed Broadway and sports seventeen theatres on “Neo-Broadway” as well as several “off-Broadway theatres” that put on plays from all over the known galaxy. In addition, the district also features various art galleries and restaurants, catering for everyone from the casual visitor to the loftiest of art critics. In contrast, a small sub-district of New York is “New Quo’NoS”- a hub for Klingon culture and arts… and fighting.

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