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The Retreat (Reprised) was founded by Cayden Adyr when the crew of the USS Victory, on which she was a civilian restauranteur and manager of the main ship's lounge, was assigned to Starbase 118. It has continued in her wake after she was reassigned as a member of Starfleet aboard the USS Apollo.

The restaurant and lounge is generally kept darker, save for individual lighting at each table. The tables themselves are dark and smooth, containing holograms that look like the sky outside the giant windows that line one whole wall of the establishment. The setup allows for near absolute privacy where a visitor can almost feel as if no one else is around. Indeed; even the wait staff isn't visible until they are at the table, often surprising those who have never visited before.

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Upper Dome

Starbase 118 Promenade

Main Dome

Shi'Kahr (Hurutam Sub-district) · Ohmallera · Qo'noS · Ashalla (Coranum Sub-district)
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The Dungeon · Laikan District · Nuova Eleganza

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