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Inside Shorty's Sweets

Shorty's Sweets, a pastry, exotic dessert, cakes, candies and more kind of shoppe. You can travel around the universe with all the different types of tasty treats found in this little corner bakery.


  • Externally, it looked warm and inviting. The windows usually painted, hand written signs out front for specials.
  • Internally, it is a silly, fun chaos. Mix matched chairs and tables, from square tables to tall chairs and everything inbetween. It has hand written menus, glass displays and the smell of sugar, chocolate and coffee permeate the air. The daughters, Devina and Petra, tend to hostess and waitress the main floor, Cecil mans the kitchen, and mama Flannery holds down the paperwork and money managing.


Fun, Spacey Mini Cakes
Donuts Any kind you can think of!

Sampler Plate - 5 piece platter. Spicy, Sweet, Light, Rich, Fruity (Changes monthly)

Around the Universe Cupcakes


Come one, come all and try something new from a far away world. Some highlights from the bakery
Elegantiška gėlė or Elegant Flower
Valgomų gėlių or Edible Flower

Betazoid -

  • Elegantiška gėlė or Elegant Flower; hard candies top half with a real flower sealed in the middle with a pudding base, usually with very sweet fruits mixed in or serve on the side
  • Valgomų gėlių or Edible Flower; Light pastry puff, cut into floral shapes, topped with powdered sugar. Lighter dessert

Minnabia -

  • Diabol; Mellow flavored cake balls, covered in coconut like shavings. The centers are filled with various fruits, jams, candies and puddings. When its cut in half it resembles a ‘deviled egg’

Tis’rah -

  • Ruuk Ru, aka Truffle; triple chocolate danger of three different spicy chocolates, dashed with earthy nuts and cooled down with heavy cream mousse.
Utia'al le k'áaj or For the Bitters

Yahvelan -

  • Utia'al le k'áaj or; For the bitters; A cheese cake like base mixed with a tart flavored root, a mousse center, topped with bitter berries

Ash’lie -

  • Touvore ; a wet, white yam based cake with a bitter syrup. Topped with honey roasted Ash’Lie native nuts.
Something Pink

Risian -

  • Something Pink; Truffles, chocolate, cakes and everything else mashed together in bright pink colors.

Wadi (Gamma Quadrant) -

  • Ginger Cups; Ginger flavored pastry topped with condensed sweet fruits and seeds. Usually encased by a bland flavored shell. Something to offset the intense, unusual flavors.


  • This bakery was established in 239201.01 by Cecil and Flannery. It was a means to get away from the front lines for the couple and their daughters.
  • It was completely destroyed during an unprovoked attack from the villainess Chennel and her band of outlaws. It was more collateral damage than anything.
  • Completely rebuilt with time to spare. They pieced it together as close to the original as they could. Very mismatched and fun.
  • It was originally built in the New York district until that area was transformed into the Ohmallera district, which is a Betazoid city

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