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LTJG Na'Lae Mandak is currently Serving Aboard the USS Columbia as Part of the Andaris Task Force as the Helmsman


Today's Date 239801.21

Crew of the USS Andaris Task Force


Lieutenant JG Na'Lae Mandak


  • Height: 5'7
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Hair: Currently Dark Brown/Black
  • Face Shape: Stoic
  • Eyes: Vivid Green (Not neon, but a brighter shade of the normal color)
  • Build: Na'Lae features darker than average features, and a strong demeanor. She has the traditional Rekarian Markings on her forehead, and the typical romulan straight eyebrows and ears. She comes off as a rather attractive woman, but as many discover, there are a few defense mechanisms she has acquired over the years. She boasts an athletic yet feminine build, with a larger bust, and curves to match which sometimes brings unwanted attention.
  • Mouth: Full lips, typically wears no makeup.
  • Complexion: Earthy tones, sometimes lighter depending on the season.
  • Clothing: (Off-Duty): Lae tends to stick with simplistic clothing, those that reflect her farmer upbringing, at least when she is in the confines of her quarters. When going on shore leave, she apt to wear a cargo vest, simple shirt and slacks, in case an adventure should present itself.
  • Shoes: She loves open toed shoes, or no shoes if at all possible. Nothing beats grass on the feet!
  • Voice: Light, but strong. Still feminine.
  • Handednesss: Right
  • Tattoos: No Tattoos, but she has a clear Rekarian marking on her forehead. Does not cover this, as she embraces her heritage.


Rekar system Star  · I  · II  · III  · IV  · V

A very long time ago, during the original migration of what would become the Romulan race to their new homeworld, one of the ships became separated from the rest due to mechanical problems caused by a strange spacial abnomalie. These problems caused them to drift far off course. Their communications system was to badly damaged to repair. Finally they were forced to make a landing on the closest Class M planet they could reach. This landing was on Rekar III. They crashed onto the surface of the planet. In the aftermath of the crash they lost 16% of their people due to various factors. They might have lost a lot more if the natives had not been able to overcome their fears and seeing these strange people were in trouble came to their aid. This aid included medicine, food and help building shelters and planting their first crops. From the very start both races seemed to find aspects in the other that fostered a true friendship. This peaceful initial meeting blossomed into full cooperative contact with technology, skills and food sources being freely traded back and forth. It was not long before this contact resulted in intermarrage between the two races. Now after so many years their is no longer two races, only one.


  • Likes: Enjoys conversation, flirtations, being sporratic when able. For her, the comformity of home has created a need to explore, and she's willing to that to almost any extent. She values optimism in others. Enjoys Bajoran Tea of all flavors. Lae has a mental focus that has kept her through the years. She enjoys sarcasm, joking, and overall lightening things up if she can.
  • Dislikes: It takes quite a bit for Lae to develop a dislike for you, but nonetheless, she has no room for people that are genuinely in it to hurt others. or for people that don't know when to stop talking, or not to talk at all. She's always believed in observation before assumption.
  • Goals: Lae is looking for a lot of what others may be seeking, but most of all, she seeks adventure. She keeps her mind open, and often doesn't choose specific goals to tunnel her into a path. She's a free bird, and wants to keep it that way. eventually she'd like to settle with someone, but until then, likes to be single.
  • Habits: Initially, she may seem as if she has no interest, but as she gets to figuring someone out, the more in tune she will be with the personal or group dynamic. This has sometimes branded her as a loner, but she likes to think of it as being extra observant before offering herself to anyone.
  • Religion: Lae is spiritual, but recognizes no specific deity.
  • Hobbies: Cooking, FLYING! Mechanical problems that she is not trained to deal with; its the challenge she likes. Enjoys personal time, but doesn't necessarily need to be doing something. Likes companionship.
  • Mannerisms: Lae tends to be sarcastic when cornered, as opposed to submissive. She is a very DIRECT person, and has no time for passive-aggressiveness. This has gotten her into fights in the past, both physical and verbal, but never to the point of no return. Lae has a mental focus that has kept her through the years. She is a rather outgoing person, and has a bright personality most of the time, with a harsh side that takes quite a bit to bring out.
  • Strengths: Avionics, Subterfuge when necessary, Analytics, Flight Dynamics, Logistics
  • Weaknesses: The ability to gauge trust in someone. Often can fall prey to someone who's in it for the wrong reasons.
  • Favorite Drink: Water has to be the most amazing thing in the galaxy. While she does indulge in sythol or actual alcohol, WATER is her go to. Coffee is also something she enjoys daily, black with nothing in it.
  • Music Tastes: Lae has experienced many types of music being a freighter pilot, and venturing to many places unknown. Her favorite thus far are Klingon war chants, for some strange reason, and her roots folk music from back home. Really any music can brighten her up.
  • Religious Beliefs: While not having a traditional belief system, her people have grown to help one another to the fullest, and live life within their means. Life on Rekar III had taught through religion that technology has its limitations, but as she grew older, she began to stray from that path, and embraced tech where she could. Her adoptive father, Johan, did not raise her in a caste of beliefs, but rather let her decided what was best for her.
  • Languages spoken
    • Native Language
      • Rekar
    • Alien Languages
      • English
      • Romulan
      • Vulcan
      • Ferengi


Na'Lae likes to keep things modest and simple, as it reminds her of home. Having few material possessions is of great importance to her. She would much rather keep her memories and experiences close to heart, than a few items of value.



  • Marital Status: Single
  • Father: Dormak Frel'han - Deceased
  • Mother: Aeynne Frel'han - Deceased
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Adopted Father: Johan Mandak - Alive and Well



Lae was raised in the large farming community of Ro'Thwan. Ro'Thwan was a tightly knit community that had survived the initial habitation of Rekar III some time ago. Although the community itself was closely bound, and tightly controlled, Na'Lae always managed to explore outside influence one way or another. She found herself gravitating towards star ports, and other major trade centers, where she would be able to see warships, traders, freighters and star racers alike conducting business between moons.

Over time, the strife and grief of her parents, Aeynne Frel'han and Dormak Frel'han, for not tending to her community duties was becoming unbearable, and she meant to leave her home in search of adventure. Things were cut short in her life however, when a traditional competition ceremony with a rival community seemed to spur beyond the norm. The Kalabam games were competitions between communities, often sports or other skill based games, that would often be used to determine the head of household for a certain house of commons among villages and towns. These competitions were typically not meant to spark tensions between communities, but in this case, once evidence of cheating was discovered, both communities clashed in a brutal hand to hand fight. Ro'Thwan was wrought with entanglement for the better part of two weeks, whereas the Rekarian military was forced to intervene and resolve the conflict. There were many casualties and collateral damages, including the destruction of the Frel'han Family co-op... and the death of her parents...

Na'Lae would leave that place, and she made for the only other place she knew. She got her first job outside the community at the Rel'Sara trade port on Rekar III as a logistics servant, moving heavy cargo with machinery, and learning the very basics of piloting small craft. Through 5 years of service there, she was picked up by a star freighter by the name of Johan Mandak. Johan was more like her father than she could've ever imagined, and she quickly formed a bond with him. Moving her way up through the ranks of his trade empire, she eventually found herself piloting her own vessel. Lae would eventually go on to adopt his last name, and officially acknowledge him as her real father. They still speak often today..

SS Diligent, Her first commission.

There are a many character quirks that have resulted from a life of star trading and gun running that have made Lae the person she is today. Having been captured once before, while under the command of her father, she has grown to distrust and often dislike Cardassians.

Mandak Avatar.png

Current Interpersonal Conflicts

  • Lae Struggles with survivor's guilt, as she surely would have been part of the conflict that led to the death of her parents, and destruction of her home.
  • Johan has gone missing during one of his month long trade expeditions, she has searched on her own for a year.


Starfleet Medical.png

Na'Lae Mandak

  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Blood Type: Rekarian NOS
  • T/E Rating: T0


  • Chronic Illnesses: None
  • Medications: None
  • Allergies and Reactions: None
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: Sexually Active, no Stable Partner


  • 2367 - Rekarian Flu - Typical course of treatment with full regression in 12 weeks. No deficits recorded.
  • 239502.13 - Firearms Blast - Right Shoulder - Dermal Bonding and Regen - Normal progression, no deficits.


  • None Listed


Mentally Stable.


  • Alcohol: 2 glasses of wine per week
  • Recreation Drugs: None
  • Other: None


  • Mother: None
  • Father: None
  • Siblings: None


  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Occupation/Assignment: Helmsman
  • Diet: Protein Based, with typical Consumption, 1300 calorie base daily.
  • Exercise: Running, 3 times a week, fighting sports.



Some Notable Sims


  • Entered academy at the age of 30 on Stardate 238808.15
  • Majored in Flight Dynamics and Control
    • Minor in Command and Control
    • Minor in Logistical Readiness
    • Minor in Data Analysis: Cryptics (took this because it was interesting...)
  • Excelled in a few key classes
    • Frigate Class Operations
    • All areas of flight dynamics
    • Business implementation
    • Negotiation
  • Other Minor Studies
    • Command Schemes and Lessons In
    • Modern Propulsion Systems
    • Computer Security
    • Quantum Mechanics and Warp Theory
      • Most of these were side projects that didn't make it through graduation. At best he has minimum qualifications in these areas.
    • Fighting Sports
    • Fighting sports were quite interesting to Lae, as violence of this sort was only seen back home during community to community sparring matches.
      • Muay Thai
      • Ambo-Juitsu
      • Mixed Martial Arts
      • Submissions
  • Overal Performance Record
    • Graduated 12th in her class
    • Recieved an Honors Degree in her chosen field.
Na'Lae Mandak
Commissioned on 239307.10
Karolina Cranford Ceciri Hakashri-Page
Academy Commandant
Starfleet Academy
Training Officer
Starbase 118 Campus

Academic Transcript - Official Copy
Starfleet Academy Office of the Registrar
Student Name: Na'Lae Mandak
Student ID: DO - 343-342
Commissioned: 239210.26
Transcript Issued: 239509.19
  • Dates of Attendance: 238808.15 - 239206.23
  • Campus: San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector
  • Major: Aviation - Airmanship
  • Minor: Tactics and Strategy
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.39
  • Total Credit Hours: 52
Year 1
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ADMIN101 Starfleet Operations A 1.0 4.0
MATH101 Concepts B- 1.0 2.7
HIST101 Birth of the Federation C+ 1.0 2.3
LANG101 Federation Standard A 1.0 4.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG221 LCARS Programming 1 B 1.0 3.0
MED101 First Aid and Field Medicine A 1.0 4.0
SURV101 Starship Emergencies B- 1.0 2.7
TAC110 Combat, Small Weapons A 1.0 4.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
BIO101 Concepts C 1.0 2.0
TAC101 Combat, Unarmed B+ 1.0 3.3
PILOT101 Runabouts and Shuttles A 1.0 4.0
PHYS101 Concepts B- 1.0 2.7
Year 2
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
PILOT102 Freightor Class A+ 1.0
SURV110 Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training A 1.0 4.0
PILOT103 Battlecruiser Class B+ 1.0 3.3
ENG231 Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces A 1.0 4.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
LANG120 Elementary Vulcan B+ 1.0 3.3
ENG232 Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks A 1.0 4.0
DIPL101 General D 1.0 1.0
ADMIN110 Chain of Command and General Protocol B- 1.0 2.7
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ENG233 Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems B+ 1.0 3.3
ASTRO101 General Astrophysics B+ 1.0 3.3
PHYS201 General Physics 1 A 1.0 4.0
BIO221 Evolution, Humanoid A 1.0 4.0
Year 3
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ASTRO123 Strange Sightings & Spatial Anomalies A 1.0 4.0
BIO222 Evolution, Non-Humanoid A 1.0 4.0
CHEM301 Physical Chemistry 1 B- 1.0 2.7
PHYS202 General Physics 2 A 1.0 4.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
CHEM302 Physical Chemistry 2 B- 1.0 2.7
ASTRO250 Stars A 1.0 4.0
PHYS300 Quantum Mechanics A 1.0 4.0
ASTRO122 The Grand Tour A 1.0 4.0
ENG301 Transwarp Theories A 1.0 4.0
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
ASTRO200 Advanced Astrophysics A- 1.0 3.7
PHYS350 Thermodynamics B+ 1.0 3.3
BIO223 Evolution, Superior Species A- 1.0 3.7
XEN110 Introduction to Humans A- 1.0 3.7
ENG531 Systems Architecture A 1.0 4.0
Year 4
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
XEN120 Introduction to Vulcans A 1.0 4.0
HIST120 The Reawakening: Surak All Over Again A 1.0 4.0
XEN220 Vulcan History Through Atomic Age A- 1.0 3.7
HIST200 Starfleet History A 1.0 4.0
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
PHYS400 Warp Theory A- 1.0 3.7
ENG202 Introduction to Warp Systems A 1.0 4.0
ANTH120 Wonders Beyond Our Galaxy B+ 1.0 3.3
ENG311 Starship Engineering A- 1.0 3.7
ENG536 Advanced Transporter Techniques, Technology and Theory B+ 1.0 3.3
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Grade Credit Hours Grade Points
PILOT202 Advanced Spacial Planning and Navigation A+ 1.0
PILOT202B Tactical Evasion and Transwarp Running A- 1.0 3.7
PILOT105 Capitol Class A 1.0 4.0
ENG332A General Troubleshooting Final A 1.0 4.0
ENG312 Subspace Mechanics B+ 1.0 3.3


A new home
A new home
Say hi
Say hi
So much to see
So much to see
Who's that
Who's that
Reporting for duty
Reporting for duty
A long long time ago
A long long time ago

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet Fourth Class 239200.26 1st/2nd Semesters Flight Mechanics & Tactics
Cadet Third Class 239210.26 3rd Semester Theoretical Design and Engineering
Cadet Second Class 239210.26 4th Semester Cadet Cruise / Final Eval
Cadet First Class 239210.26 Graduated Starfleet Academy Aviation - Post Ops
STO Ensign Red.jpg
Ensign 239307.27 USS Constitution-B HCO Officer
STO Ensign Red.jpg
Ensign 239411.28 Andaris Task Force Helm Officer
STO Lieutenant-JG Red.jpg
Lieutenant JG 239505.28 Andaris Task Force Helm Officer
STO Lieutenant-JG Black.jpg
Lieutenant JG 239508.08 Andaris Task Force Intelligence Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 233907.07
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239505.20
USS Blackwell
Awarded for using Morse Code to reach the Blackwell in a time of need.
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239505.20
USS Blackwell
Awarded for injuries sustained While fighting the Kam'Jahtae on Arndall
Awards DutyPost PilotsSextantAward 2011.jpg
Pilot's Sextant 239507.24
Andaris Task Force
For aggressively simming the position of helmsman in a way that is above and beyond.
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Nebula Bar 239507.24
Andaris Task Force
The Andaris TF is full of talented writers, each with their own unique style/voice. Brian (Na'Lae Mandak) has a particular talent for writing descriptions/scenes. Every time I read the descriptions in Brian's sims, I can feel myself being pulled into his world, his writing being vivid enough to immerse myself, almost as if I was actually there.


  • 238908.15 - Enters Starfleet Academy
  • 239307.10 - Graduates 12th in her class from the Academy, and sees immediate posting
  • 239307.27 - Reports for duty to the USS Constitution B as HCO Officer.
  • 239309.01 - Still receiving news from the trade frontier from time to time, Lae learns of her father having gone missing, and returns to Rekar III in order to begin an investigation that runs cold.
  • 239411.28 - Returns to active duty, with a new posting in the Andaris Task Force.
  • 239505.01 - Completes major mission on Arndall, whereas the resurgence of the Kam'Jahtae placed her as injured for the campaign. Her service earned her the promotion to LTJG, a purple heart, and innovation ribbon.
  • 239507.25 - Completes mission involving the Rescue of teammates from a temporal anomally in the Rettan Province. Moves into her role as an Intelligence Officer. Secret level clearance begins.


Missions on the USS Constitution B

What lies below.png
What lies below
  • Stardate
    • Coming Soon

Missions with the Andaris Task Force

Throne of Fire.png
Throne Of Fire
  • Stardate 239412.14
    • D&D style Holodeck Action!
ATF Kam'Jahtae.png
  • Episode 3: Stardate 239502
    • The Blackwell has finally arrived at Arndall where a Valcarian fleet is laying siege to the planet. Tensions are rising and the Blackwell has been tasked to provide aid and supplies to both sides, but are under strict orders not to involve themselves in the dispute.
P-409 Sigma
  • Episode 4: Stardate 239505
    • Mysterious sensor readings from a planetoid in the Rettan Province prompts Starfleet to send the Blackwell to investigate and retrieve probe data from the surface. They will also be accompanied by a Klingon battlecruiser, also ordered to investigate by the Klingon High Council on the heels of the re-emergence of an ancient enemy.

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