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Chemistry Department

The science of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems.

  • CHEM101: Concepts
    • The theories, models, structures, and reactions of modern chemistry are introduced to the nonscience major. Historical antecedents in the development of current concepts of matter are explored. Mathematical problem-solving in a chemistry context is included.
  • CHEM150: The Periodic Table
    • Elective course covering the full length of the periodic table and its atoms, including periodicity, co-valence, and general occurrence.
  • CHEM160: Chemistry of Atmospheres and Oceans
    • An introduction to chemical compounds and their biogeochemical cycles in the oceans and atmosphere of Class M planets, including discussions on potential climate issues, such as ocean acidification and greenhouse gases.
  • CHEM180: Temporal Chemistry
    • Elective course detailing the specific chemistry involved in temporal mechanics.
  • CHEM201: Organic Chemistry 1
    • The compounds of carbon with an emphasis on structure, nomenclature, and stereochemistry. Laboratory course.
  • CHEM202: Organic Chemistry 2
    • The compounds of carbon with an emphasis on reaction mechanisms and spectroscopy. Laboratory course.
  • CHEM301: Physical Chemistry 1
    • Application of physical principles and mathematical descriptions to chemical systems. Quantum mechanics, spectroscopy, chemical kinetics, and chemical dynamics.
  • CHEM302: Physical Chemistry 2
    • Application of physical principles and mathematical descriptions to chemical systems. Chemical and statistical thermodynamics, as well as Chromatography and Chemical Process Theory.
  • CHEM400: Advanced Inorganic
    • The elements and the periodic table with emphasis on modern structural theory.
  • CHEM421: Atmospheric Chemistry
    • Elective course studying the specifics of atmospheric chemistry, with an emphasis on greenhouse gases and inorganic components.
  • CHEM422: Planetary Chemistry
    • Elective course studying the specifics of planetary composition, with an emphasis on planetary specifications, classification, and habitability for different species.
  • CHEM423: Celestial Chemistry
    • Elective course covering the specific chemistry of stars and other celestial bodies, including asteroids, nebulae. Cosmological Chemistry is included.
  • CHEM424: Marine Systems Chemistry
    • Elective course studying the chemistry and distribution of the elements in seawater, emphasizing chemical principles such as electron structure, chemical bonding, and group and periodic properties and showing how these affect basic aqueous chemistry in marine systems
  • CHEM450: Biochemistry
    • General biochemistry course covering chemical principles of biologic systems: protein and membrane structure and function, metabolism and nucleic acid structure, and molecular biology.
  • CHEM451: Advanced Biochemistry
    • Elective Course in advanced biochemistry covering the latest details of biological systems, with an emphasis on the chemical layout of medical treatment, including chemotherapy and radioactive isotopes.
  • CHEM452: Marine Biochemistry
    • Elective Course investigating the biochemical mechanisms of adaptation in organisms to a marine environment. Special emphasis will be on the effects of pressure, temperature, salinity, oxygen, and light on marine biochemistry.

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