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Tao Verakis currently Serving with the Andaris Task Force as a Bartender


Andaris Task Force - Blackwell
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Tao Verak
Position Blackhole Bar
Rank Civilian
Species Napean
Gender Female
DOB 235504.11
Age 46
Birthplace Nepau III
Writer ID O238901VL0


  • Full Name: Tao Verak
  • Race: Napean
  • DoB: 235504.11
  • Age: 38
  • Birthplace: Napeau II, Beta Colony
  • Gender: Female

Family Information

  • Uknown

Appearance and Build

  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Hair: Long flowing black hair
  • Eyes: White, almost irridescent iris'
  • Skin Tone: Soft, Not quite pale.
  • Face: Light and youthful, typically wears light make-up.
  • Build: Built with curves, but has broader shoulders than most women. Not heavy by any means, but well structured. chiseled features, larger bust, svelte appearance.
  • Identifying Marks: Has the characteristic Napean ridgeline, although it is not as prominent as others.
  • Lips: Average Lips
  • Jawline: Feminine
  • Clothing: Typically wears flowing dresses or Napean garb. Darker colors.
  • Shoes: Prefers open toes, such as flats or sandals, but also likes to have bare feet.
  • Voice: Soft and sure.

Friends and Relationships

  • Marital Status
    • Single
  • Close Personal Friends
Sherana Caelin.jpg Sherana
Sherana and Tao met quite a few times to discuss her personal matters on the Apollo, as well as on their current assignment. Tao has tried to work past Sherana's Klingon upbringing with her, so that she might move on with her life. But whether it happens or not, she's made a good friend.

Mannerisms and Personality

  • Favorite Drink:
  • Music Tastes:
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Languages spoken
  • The Good
  • The Bad
  • The Ugly
  • Other Details