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Physics Department

The science of nature, or of natural objects.

Courses highlighted in bold green are Academy Core Courses.

  • PHYS101: Concepts
    • A conceptual study of the implications of modern physics on how we view space, time, and reality. Includes an introduction to the ideas of relativity and quantum physics.
  • PHYS180: Elementary Temporal Mechanics
    • An overview of basic theories regarding time travel and temporal mechanics, with various case studies examined in detail.
  • PHYS201: General Physics 1
    • Mechanics, heat, and sound.
  • PHYS202: General Physics 2
    • Electricity, magnetism, and optics.
  • PHYS225: Classical Mechanics
    • Central force problem, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms, and special relativity.
  • PHYS250: Vibrations and Waves
    • Mechanical and electromagnetic waves. Fourier analysis and vector calculus.
  • PHYS260: Ionising Radiation
    • Elective course on the specifics of ionising radiation. Emphasis on radiobiology, radiation safety, nuclear technology and practical applications.
  • PHYS275: Electrodynamics
    • Electrostatics, electromagnetic fields, currents, and Maxwell's equations.
  • PHYS280: Advanced Temporal Mechanics
    • An insight into advanced studies of temporal physics, with an emphasis on mathematical and chemical theories. Cosmological temporal theories are explored as well.
  • PHYS300: Quantum Mechanics
    • Mathematical formalism of quantum theory. The Schrödinger equation and operator algebra. Bound state solutions and angular momentum.
  • PHYS320: Theory of Everything
    • Elective course detailing the current and past attempts of combining Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, so-called Quantum-Relativity theory, also known to many species as the solution to scientist searching for a 'theory of everything'.
  • PHYS350: Thermodynamics
    • The laws of thermodynamics, classical and quantum distribution functions, and an introduction to statistical mechanics.
  • PHYS400: Warp Theory
    • Advanced and complete course on warp theory, from Zephram Cochrane to Bio-matter systems.
  • PHYS410: High-energy Theory
    • Elective course detailing the mechanics of some high-energy systems, including black holes, gravity wells, and Omega particle mechanics.

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