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Anthropology & Archaeology Department

Anthropology & Archaeology is the scientific study of societies and the things they leave behind. It encompasses humanoid and non-humanoid life from the distant origins of the universe to the present day.

  • ANTH101: General Anthropology
    • An introduction to the study of lost civilizations and the basic methodologies of anthropology.
  • ANTH102: General Archaeology
    • An introduction to the study of ancient artifacts and how they can be deciphered.
  • ANTH110: From Time Immemorial
    • An elective for non-majors providing an overview of the most ancient life forms discovered in our galaxy, and how we know they existed.
  • ANTH111: History of Archaeologic Thought
    • An overview of the various approaches to the philosophy of archaeology in Federation Core Worlds, from treasure hunter to conservationist.
  • ANTH112: Archaeology in Different Cultures
    • Prerequisite: ANTH111
    • A continuation of ANTH111, exploring approaches to archaeology in atypical Federation Cultures and on non-Federation worlds.
  • ANTH113: Museums and Collections
    • A study of the various approaches to organizing and displaying artefacts, including case studies of the major collections in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.
  • ANTH114: Avoiding Imposition: Recognizing and Mitigating Cultural Assumptions in Archaeology
    • A course that teaches students how to to explore and recognize their own cultural biases and the impacts that those biases may have on the interpretation of archaeologic evidence. Aditionally students will learn techniques for mitigating those biases.
  • ANTH115: Theories of Cultural and Social Anthropologies
  • ANTH120: Wonders Beyond Our Galaxy
    • An elective for non-majors providing an overview of all life discovered from beyond our galaxy, especially those encountered by such venerable ships as the USS Greyhound and the USS Enterprise.
  • ANTH131: Galen's Ancient Humanoids
    • A detailed study of the coded genetic program discovered by Dr. Richard Galen and completed by Captain Jean-Luc Picard that led to the discovery of the most ancient humanoid life in the galaxy and what it means for us today.
  • ANTH132: The Preservers
    • A detailed study of the Preservers, a highly-advanced alien race who passed through the galaxy rescuing primitive cultures in danger of extinction, and seeding them on other worlds where they could be allowed to grow and thrive.
  • ANTH201: Advanced Anthropology & Archaeology
    • Advanced methodology and application of anthropological and archaeological principles.
  • ANTH300: Ancient Empires
    • An elevtice for non-majors providing an overview of the many ancient empires that ruled vast areas of our galaxy eons ago.
  • ANTH321: Iconia: Demons of Air & Darkness
    • A detailed study of everything known about the Iconian empire and those the Iconians ruled.
  • ANTH322: The T'kon Empire: Masters of the Stars Themselves
    • A detailed study of the ancient T'kon Empire and the many worlds they protected.

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