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History Department

The study and analysis of past events.

Courses highlighted in bold green are Academy Core Courses.

  • HIST101: Birth of the Federation
    • Complete background on the origins and evolution of the United Federation of Planets.
  • HIST110: Pop Culture
    • A survey of historical popular culture of various Federation worlds.
  • HIST120: The Reawakening: Surak All Over Again
    • A detailed study of one of the most pivotal eras in Vulcan history: the Reawakening of Surak's philosophy just prior to the forming of the Federation.
  • HIST130: Klingon Opera
    • An introduction to some of the greatest masterpieces created and their historical context within the Empire.
  • HIST135: Klingon Literature
    • An introduction to Klingon works of literature and their historical context within the Empire. The first third of the semester will consist of reviewing works of major Klingon poets, the second will consist of a study of excerpts from the Paq'batlh, while the third part of the semester will be the study of the novel The Dream of the Fire by K'Ratak
  • HIST140: Federation Literature
    • A survey of authors and poets from Federation member worlds, with a discussion of their impact on the cultural and political history of their respective planets. Writers discussed will include Akorem Laan of Bajor, Valmiki of Earth and T'Hain of Vulcan
  • HIST150: History of Cetaceans and Other Aquatics
    • A study of the various species of sentient Cetaceans, as well as other sentient Aquatic and Amphibious species from across the Federation, and significant historical events involving them
  • HIST160: Earth's Eugenics Wars
    • A comprehensive course covering the emergence of Earth's eugenics practices all the way to the fallout from the Eugenics Wars themselves.
  • HIST200: Starfleet History
    • An overview of Starfleet's history, from its early beginning as the Earth Starfleet to its modern form.
  • HIST210: The Five-Year Mission
    • A closer look at the famous five-year voyage of the original USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Kirk and how lessons learned then can still be applied today.
  • HIST220: The Romulan Mystique
    • A detailed examination of the Federations encounters with the Romulan Empire from Captain Archer's first encounter to the destruction of Hobus.
  • HIST230: History of Ethics
    • An overview of the development of moral systems of various sentient species and their impact. This will include a survey of the ethical tenets put forward by Surak, Alar, and Bonner the Stochastic, among others, as well as a discussion of the development of the Prime Directive and its precursors.
  • HIST240: The Cardassian Border Wars
    • A detailed overview of the decades-long border war between the Federation and Cardassian Union that ultimately set the stage for the Dominion War.
  • HIST250: The Dominion War
    • A comprehensive course covering the most destructive conflict in modern history.
  • HIST260: Voyager
    • A detailed examination of the seven-year journey of the USS Voyager as it traversed across the Delta Quadrant from 2371 to 2378. In addition to an overview of the new species and civilizations the Voyager crew encountered, Admiral Janeway herself has given several guest lectures over the years on the various command decisions she faced alone, which have been recorded and incorporated into the course. A visit to the Voyager museum in San Francisco is required.
  • HIST270: Leaders and Explorers
    • A survey of the lives of prominent figures in the history of Starfleet. This course will review the lives of individuals such as Garth of Izar, Tryla Scott and other historical figures not discussed at length in HIST210, HIST260 and similar courses
  • HIST275: Kahless the Unforgettable
    • An in-depth look at the history, legend and legacy of the first Warrior King and Emperor of the Klingon Empire
  • HIST280: Brush Wars
    • An overview of the Federation's conflicts with the Talarians, the Sheliak and other interstellar governments not discussed at length in HIST240, HIST250 and similar courses
  • HIST400: Honors Thesis Research
    • Course requires the approval and sponsorship of a member of the Academy's History Department. Student will submit a topic of study for approval, and submit a paper at the end of the semester on said subject. Credit received for course will depend entirely on paper submitted.

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