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Four Letter Code REKA
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Rekar III
Encountered Data from Romulan Records
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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"We founded the Alliance, our hope for the future from the ashes of disaster. ."
a Rekarian statement.
The Rekarian are a hybrid species of native Rekarians and Romulans that have been able to survive the Hobus disaster not only fairly unscathed but in a position that many would consider to be more favourable to their long term future.

Just like the Chalchaj'qmey, Dabh'aelisu, Debrune, Garidian, Reman and the Watraii they are considered to be a sub-species of the Romulans who are themselves considered to be a sub-species of the Vulcans.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Serellan Sector (coordinates B26-0005-1300)
  • Proper Name: Rekar system
  • Star: It orbits a class M (Red) star
  • Distance from Star: it's orbit is approximately 27 million km
  • Companions: It is the 2nd of 4 planets in the system
  • Moons: it has 2 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Rekar III
  • Diameter: 23,274 km (14,462 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.12 standard gravity with a density of 3.4
  • Axial Tilt: 17.9%, with normal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 269 days
  • Rotational Period: 27 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 46%
  • Atmosphere: 1.1% is a standard pressure with 67% nitrogen, 29% oxygen, 4% trace gases/chemicals
  • Climate: Mainly a temperate planet
  • Terrain: It has rolling grassland and large forests.
  • Population: Just over 7.5 billion with another 5 billion scattered across the empire.


  • it has 2 small moons and 1 medium moon
  • Rekar IIIa: is 755 km (472 miles) in diameter, with a density of 5.1 and a gravity of 0.05 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 32,058 km. (20,036 miles)
  • Rekar IIIb: is 2,954 km (1,846 miles) in diameter, with a density of 5.6 and a gravity of 0.23 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 33,848 km. (21,155 miles)
  • Rekar IIIc: is 1,038 km (649 miles) in diameter, with a density of 4.7 and a gravity of 0.06 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 37,974 km. (23,734 miles)


Pre Romulan contact

Rekarian History: Rekarian’s were mostly farmers, lumberjacks or other skill trades. They lived off the land, content with the simple give and take exchange. All ages worked, starting as early as 10 for the boys, and younger for the girls who learned to cook, sew and harvest daily foods. Adults worked by the sun, when it rose - so did they. And they worked till the sun fully set. It meant long days and short nights. But there was very little disturbance, there wasn’t much time to create problems.

However there were some groups, factions or villages who didn’t live by this way of life. They were scavengers, thieves, and bandits. They were small groupings of people, who, after time, were left so uneducated that they only knew this way to live.

There are historical records from generations past of weather, farming, water levels and other seemingly tedious bits of information.

Very little records of war, but where there are it is said that each were declared by a woman. It was joked by the Romulan’s that if their world was ruled by a woman things would be a lot different, Rekar might just be an example of that. There are also very few religions to speak of. Three of four major ones seemed to reign for some time, but eventually the people chose not to believe in what they could not see. They have the same feelings on Luck, fate, or destiny.

There is only one war that seems thoroughly recorded, only about 200 years before the arrival of the first Romulans. Declared by a woman, a mother and wife - a sort of patriarch - in a town of Thre’aeu. It was considered one of the largest towns recorded, with the only recorded government prior to Romulan intervention. Though it was more of an elected king and queen standard. A north eastern village of Vaen’hkeu, was a more scavenging village. They lived through hunting and what they could get through trade or plundering neighboring villages. A very survival of the fittest mentality. One year the weather was so harsh and unforgiving, that the people were forced to leave their home. When they came upon Thre’aeu there was instant strain. The how and why are vague, and there are several different versions of how things finally came to war. But what is consistent is that the ‘Queen’”s family was murdered, as were many of those who lived in Thre’aeu during one of the winter festivals. The war followed the night of the massive deaths. It lasted nearly 6 months, which said a great deal about those from Vaen’hkeu. And in the end, the emotional strain of such a loss, caused the woman to take her life after all was said and done. There use to be a letter with her final declaration on display in the town that was rebuilt in Thre’aeuu’s sted, but a devastating wildfire destroyed it. It was considered one of the most emotional letters ever left.

Post Romulan contact

During the great divide of the Vulcan and Romulan people, when many ships left Vulcan to become their own people, some of the ships were separated from the mass migration. A spatial anomaly sent the ships in different directions, most of them clustered and sent in the direction that would become the Romulan homeworld of Romulus and Remus. Three other ships would be sent in three different directions and would badly damage the ships. Navigation and comms out, life support failing. The ship, the Tra’Vey, was forced to crash land on the nearest M class planet, in this case Rekar III. They landed near a little village that was predominantly a lumber industry. The people were skeptical at first, having never seen an outsider before. This was during the time when Romulans were still technically considered Vulcans, genetically and in appearance.

The ship lost nearly 16% of its crew within the first week, from injury, illness, and a few other reasons. The Rekarian people stepped up to lend aid once they realized the ship and its people weren’t there to harm them. They provided aid, food, shelter. It was evident the new comers weren’t going anywhere, so merging quickly followed some decade later. A moment that would be forever memorialized. The town of D’da Vallia would be known as the birthplace of the ‘new’ Rekarian people. This would also be when their technologies, knowledge and their presence in space would grow exponentially. They were given a boost so to speak. They didn’t build ships right away, but had a better understanding. They were also encouraged to record more history and keep more information about everything.

Nearly 3 decades after the initial crash, the other two ships would stumble upon them. From the same migration of the Tra’Vey, only in slightly better shape. The crews would join their brothers and sisters on the planet, though taking up residence in bigger towns, creating a larger population of Romulan/Vulcan - Rekarian hybrids as time went on.

They would slowly grow their Starfleet equivalent organization, but neither people had much interest in traveling the stars. One content in their world, the other content in their new world.

Eventually, and not as long as one would think, there quickly became one people, rather than two living on Rekar.

Government and more worldly-sized organization would gain momentum, better unifying the world. There was some resistance, as some people thought the Romulans were encroaching and subtly trying to take over. But the masses who had done leaps and bonds in development, disagreed with such notions. They didn’t call them gods nor did they immortalize them.

Part of the Empire

With well tracked histories, and dates well noted, when the Romulan people of Romulas made first contact with the Rekar people, there was almost an instant kinship. Like long lost brothers and sisters finally found. The Romulans, impressed with their growth and survival, offered further unity. It was likely one of the most mutual and peaceful alliances. The Rekarian’s were brought into the Romulan Empire, and it came with many benefits. Their space force finally had greater momentum. They learned defense and built up a small military force, taught by the Romulans. They were groomed in a sense, but not one that seemed to have any negative effects. Their technologies once again jumped by leaps and bounds.

It was during this time, that many so caught up in the moment, left behind many of their old ways. Their festivals, and social gatherings, and everything that made them, them. As a way to counter this, the Rekarians chose to leave parliament and govern to the Romulans. Just a few decades after the joining of the empire, Rekar would have a booming art and culture that would dominate from then on. Music and dance mostly.

Not a meek people, but vested in what they considered worthwhile.

After some time, they began a large movement to ‘take back’ the lead political positions. Slowly, they began to fully govern themselves within the empire, mimicking the Romulan structure and style of leading the people. It seemed predominantly women to take such strong positions. While the men took on the role of defender, filling up the starships instead of the government.

The Rekarian reach expanded gradually as well with new colonies and several ships completely commanded by Rekarians. They didn’t focus on science vessels so much, but instead the battle and war ships their allies seemed to prefer. They were given hand me downs by the Romulans until their own industries took off and shipbuilding became important to continue down the path of subtle independence.

After the Hobus Disaster

In the wake of the destruction of the Hobus star and the loss of all the planets in that system they found themselves in an unusual situation. There were almost no Romulan forces on their planet and since they had been allowed to govern themselves as an independent member of the empire they were already set up for self-governance.

The fact that by this time they had over 50 warships with Rekarian crews did not hurt. They reached out to their colonies, established peaceful contact with other Romulan colonies and declared themselves to be neutral. Uninterested in the resulting confusion and insanity that created a multi sided civil war they were able to survive relatively untouched. This was mostly thanks to the size of the fleet that they controlled which by the end of the civil war had been increased to over 120 ships. A large number of them had been mixed crewed vessels with large numbers of Rekarians but a few were crewed entirely by Romulans.


Their government is an exact copy of the one used by the Romulans with the Senate being the strongest part of that government. Currently besides their own homeworld they have 9 Rekarians colonies, 13 Romulan colonies as well as 7 other species who have joined them many of whom were once a part of the Romulan Empire..

This currently makes them the one of the larger independent entities to come out of the resulting chaos that followed in the aftermath of the Hobus disaster. They call this union of colonies and planets the Rekarian Alliance.


After so many years of intermixing the Rekarian people have on average between 18% and 26% of Romulan DNA mixed into their genetic makeup. While they do faintly resemble normal Romulans - or Vulcans - with the pointed ears, straight eyebrows and height they also could not be mistaken for a Romulan either.

Those with less Romulan genetics tend to be fairer in hair color and more tan in shades. Males tend to have light brown hair with various degrees in reddish tints mixed in. They like to wear it long but tie it back in a ponytail. The females never tie their hair back and seem to have even lighter shades with a few blondes mixed in.

But it is easy to see whose genetics are closer to the Romulans, with darker hair colors for both male and female. There are also several ‘random’ families who have a child who looks very little like the new Rekarian people.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are typical humanoids with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most humanoids.

Most Rekarians have on average 8% to 11% more muscle mass. Their eyes are mostly amber in color and their skin tones are darker as well. On the average they tend to be a mix of dark tan to light milk chocolate brown in skin color. But it is noticed that those kept out of the sun, pale very quickly. T


As a race they are more accepting of outsiders than most others at their stage of development. As a people they tend to be more relaxed. Stress related illness is unheard of. As a rule, they are better adapted to ‘selfcare’, making sure they have what they need, and taking time to recenter themselves.


Over the years a new religion has evolved, one based on peace, friendship and helping those in need. One that encourages family development, conservation and care of the planet as well as a limitation or ban on the use of any technology that would violate any of their basic beliefs.

There isn’t any belief still standing that believes a higher power existed and created them from nothing. But instead a better acceptance that Rekar might not have been where they evolved from, and ‘transplanting’ is how the universe grows. This peaceful mindset has allowed them to be more welcoming to other people, even those so very different from themselves.


The only prevalent myths has to deal with falling stars. They are symbols of both great changes, both for the better or for worse. Proof of this is the falling star that turned out to be the damaged ship belonging to the visitors from the stars. Children are told to keep an eye to the stars, though no wishes are made.


For the most part communities are carefully controlled and regulated. There are no true cities on Rekar III, but there are literally thousands of towns and almost quadruple that number of villages. Towns seldom have a population in excess of 150,000 while villages are usually smaller than 10,000 in number. What few cities there are, are hubs for visiting people from different worlds. Their embassy is kept in one of the few cities. Their military bases are kept from the main populace and most are kept off-world even.

Men and women are equal, with equal ability to be whatever they want, start businesses, lead in politics or be military. However it is more common for the men to be in physical fields and women in leadership.


T'hae mnaen pehai sa’ rHadam vaeha bontdet mnevher afw’ein ih vaedn mnei fviudh - ‘’We share with people who give us reason and want for our story’’ Several of the words didn’t line up perfectly. But the sentiment was there. It meant that those who earned themselves, were given the story of a person, openly and freely.

They enjoy simple celebrations that usually include all the members of the community. These will be held for various reasons such as a marriage, harvest time, end of planting time and following a building raising. As a result it is not unusual to hear them singing, dancing and enjoying themselves. Music and dance are one of the biggest influences on the Rekarian people, so most of their art is that form.

Drawing, painting, sculptures were never overly popular. It had to do with the ability to share it. It seemed colder and less simple to share with friends, family and neighboring towns and villages. One had to go from place to place to see it, instead of it easily coming to them. Most places have museums for history and art, but the artwork is general from other worlds. Just as appreciated though.


One strange custom is that every town and every village will challenge another town or village once a year to a contest of some kind. These contests are usually athletic and never result in hard feelings. They tend to be one of the few occasions where people from one community can or do mingle with those from another community. These festivities usually last for 5 to 10 days.


They have mastered all the skills and technology needed for them to progress from a pre-industrial people prior to the arrival of the Romulan crash landed settlers, into a more advanced people. It was the arrival of these off worlders that sparked the rise in knowledge and the study, search for new knowledge, skills and technology.

Now they have genetically engineered plants, genetically engineered livestock, ecology safe power and excellent recycling facilities. They have high tech farm equipment and many luxuries. Though Replicators are not preferred, as they believe it takes away from the culture and virtue that comes from realy, home cooked meals.


The Rekarians have a strong economy with active trade between all the members of their political faction. Added to this is the trade they have established with both the Federation and the other left over Romulan political factions. As a result they currently have the strongest and most diverse economy within the borders of the old Romulan Star Empire.


They currently have over 150 Romulan warships of all sizes. These ships are crewed by mostly mixed species crews although they do have a core group of 27 that are crewed entirely by Rekarians. As you might expect these 27 ships are the largest and most powerful in their fleet.

The rest of their military is made up of ex-Romulan infantry troops, and other military facilities that were on their various member worlds or in orbit around them. As a result they currently have repair docks, ship yards, stations and defensive satellites. Most of this stuff is current technology and in excellent condition.

Federation Intelligence Files

One of the Federation Intelligence services best sources of information regarding ongoing activities within the Romulan Star Empire prior to the Hobus disaster was a small network of Rekarian government officials working for the Rekarian Senator Titus Mobilis.

Since the Hobus disaster freighters from the new Rekarian Alliance have docked at Starbase 118 in order to conduct business.


This is an original Starbase 118 species created by Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar. I created them in the wake of the Hobus Star explosion. I felt that since the Romulan Star Empire was fracturing, splintering and engaged in a massive civil war between multiple factions that at least one of those factions needed to be progressive and more alien than Romulan.

Added to by Nijil - an active Rekarian officer within the fleet, First officer of Starbase 118 Ops

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