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Courses highlighted in bold green are Academy Core Courses.

  • ENG221: LCARS Programming 1
    • Introduction to LCARS programming (the standard software system for StarFleet), the process of designing and constructing software interfaces. Emphasizes the Artificial Intelligence modules, and builds on software development by means of an introduction to the features of the programming language. The course also covers some of the most fundamental data structures and algorithms that are useful to LCARS.
  • ENG222: LCARS Programming 2
    • Builds on the skills acquired in LCARS Programming 1, placing special emphasis on object oriented software design and data abstraction. Students are introduced to some of the most important and frequently used data structures: lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, and programming techniques such as quantum recursion. Other topics covered include analysis of algorithm complexity, program verification, and simulations. Programming assignments focus on the design and implementation of algorithms and data structures.
  • ENG321: Base-Mode Programming
    • In this course, students learn and gain practical experience with software engineering principles and techniques. The practical experience centers on a semester-long team project in which a software development project is carried through all of the stages of the software lifecycle. Topics in this course include requirements analysis, specification, design, abstraction, testing, and maintenance. Particular emphasis is placed on designing and developing maintainable software and on the use of object-oriented techniques throughout the software lifecycle.
  • ENG322: Base-Mode Operations
    • A complete course on the use of the base-mode program in emergency situations when the AI systems have been compromised.
  • ENG323: Application of Creative Design in Holodecks
    • A full course on the application of programming on Holodecks. Includes holographic designing, holodeck programming, and holo-emitter technology principles.
  • ENG420: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    • A continuation of LCARS programming courses. The complete structuring principles of LCARS programs is explained. Includes a complete course on embedded systems technologies. Microprocessor programming is included, and GUI designing is explained.
  • ENG421: Automata, Computability, and Complexity
    • A complete course on the creation of autonomous systems and programs. The principles of programming computability and the increase of software complexity are explored. Includes courses on robotics programming, Autonomous Systems and Machine Intelligence.
  • ENG425: Artificial Intelligence
    • A full course on the programming of Artificial Intelligence systems. Includes courses on autonomous hologram designing, Self-learning AI, Artificial neural networks, and AI's impact on statistics, probability, and economics.

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