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Khan Award
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Type: general award
Award Level: ship

Awarded to a simmer who thoughtfully develops a three-dimensional villain over the course of a mission or more. They create well-rounded and grounded villains, who may be mustache twirling murderous maniacs, or the hero of their own story. A superb villain should be a formidable and deserving foe to your heroes. They should neither be so weak that they are easily defeated, nor should they be so powerful that they can only be defeated by chance.


Gogigobo Fairhug LCDR Command.png
Gogigobo Fairhug
Lt. Commander
Denali Station

Meikonda 2022 Icon.png

Wil Ukinix
Amity Outpost

Nolen Hobart Arrow.png
Nolen Hobart

Doz Finch 2401.png
Doz Finch

Year Rank Name Writer ID Ship
2023 Lt. Commander Gogigobo Fairhug E239411GF0 Denali Station
2023 Captain Mei'konda M239002M10 Astraeus
2023 Commander Wil Ukinix V239511WU0 Amity Outpost
2023 Ensign Nolen Hobart A240001NH3 Arrow
2023 Ensign Doz Finch C239809SH3 Gorkon
2022 Commander Genkos Adea G239502GS0 Excalibur
2022 Commander Jocelyn Marshall G239304JM0 Gorkon
2022 Lt. Commander Maz Rodan C237708DW0 Arrow
2022 Lt. Commander Toryn Raga A239410TR0 Chintoka
2021 Commander Geoffrey Teller V239509GT0 Thor
2021 Commander Sky Blake C238803SB0 Veritas
2021 Lt. Commander Charlotte DeBarres A238803E10 Arrow
2021 Lt. Commander Yogan Yalu D238804DS0 Resolution
2021 Commander Jocelyn Marshall G239304JM0 Gorkon
2020 Flt. Captain Sal Taybrim E239010ST0 Starbase 118 Ops
2020 Lt. Commander Serala A239412S10 Atlantis
2020 Lieutenant JG Lazarus Davis C239510LD0 Constitution
2020 Lt. Commander Quentin Collins E239512QCO Juneau
2020 Lieutenant Quen Deena E239602DQ0 Thor
2020 Lt. Commander Wil Ukinix V239511WU0 Veritas
2019 Lt. Commander Boris Hendon W237809SP0 Embassy of Duronis II
2019 Lt. Commander Toryn Raga A239410TR0 Atlantis
2019 Lt. Commander Anath G'Renn A239402AG0 Columbia
2019 Lt. Commander Randal Shayne G239202RS0 Eagle
2019 Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds T238401QR0 Gorkon
2019 Lieutenant G'var V239511G10 Veritas
2018 Lt. Commander Jarred Thoran A239405JT0 Andaris Task Force
2018 Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell G239308PB0 Constitution
2018 Commander Brayden Jorey T239002BJ0 Duronis II Embassy
2018 Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo V239109AS0 Gorkon
2018 Lt. Commander Ishani Kasun O239306IK0 StarBase 118 Ops
2018 Lt. Commander Evan Delano T239007ED0 Veritas
2017 Lt. Commander Merrick R'Ven G239202RS0 Andaris Task Force
2017 Captain Tyr Waltas C237910TW0 Embassy of Duronis II
2017 Lt. Commander Rustyy Hael A239202RH0 Starbase 118 Ops
2016 Lt. Commander Maxwell Traenor A239111MT0 Darwin
2016 Commander Tal Tel-ar T237708TT0 Doyle
2016 Major Hannibal Parker C238703HP0 Duronis II Embassy
2016 Commander Alucard Vess C238601TB0 Gorkon
2016 Lt. Commander Alora DeVeau M239008AD0 Invicta
2016 Lt. Commander Theo Whittaker C239203TW0 StarBase 118 Ops


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