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Hello! I'm Ryan, ID C239809SH3, the writer behind Doz Finch and others.

I'm a UK born creative soul with a penchant for making and writing distinct characters. Some of the things that I enjoy most are city breaks, watching films and TV shows, listening to music and gorging on chocolate. I generally refer to myself as a Voyager fan as this remains my favourite of all the Star Trek productions. Here at Starbase 118, you may see me from time to time in the forums or even making regular edits to my wiki pages. I welcome messages on any platform, but the best place to catch me and strike up a conversation is usually Discord. That said, if you prefer interviews, have a read of my Lower Decks one here.

Gorkon Wiki Operator & Wiki Archivist

Doz FinchMiaxdiso AvoiGiria PalninSepulsra Hex (Inactive)USS Gorkon

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
TOSMA 240006.03
USS Gorkon
Ever since Ryan joined the Gorkon, I am amazed by the sims he writes. They are filled with plenty of detailed narrative and there’s always a humorous, funny or witty note in them. Even before writing for a certain character, he already has worked out most of the details in his head. Every character he has written for so far, was inspired by a movie or a tv show. And then he does his magic. While writing his sim, he mimics and weaves those traits, behaviour and posture from that personage into his own character, making his character come to life like I’ve never seen before. Despite his young age, he has a knack for writing older characters with their struggles they have to overcome. So it is with the outmost pleasure we are presenting the TOSMA to Ryan. Congratulations, Ryan! - Samira Neathler
Awards The Khan Award.png
Khan Award 240006.03
USS Gorkon
as Giria Palnin
One of my all time favourite villains: Giria Palnin. Our time with her was relatively short; but unlike those characters she tormented, we were sad to see her go! Her delicious brand of oozing evil was truly a delight to read and Ryan used her sims to flesh out a character we loved to hate. The thought he’d put into the character was obvious in every aspect of his writing; from her sinister choice of perfume to her chosen tactics, she was truly an individual with unique ambitions and motivations. Fantastic writing, and a well deserved accolade for Ryan! - Quinn Reynolds