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Featured Bio Contest

This Month's Winner

USS Veritas
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In 2013, the Featured Bio Contest Team reviewed nominated character biographical wiki articles each month and selected those that met the contest's minimum selection criteria to be showcased as Featured Nominees.

At the end of the month, one winning article was selected from these Featured Nominees to become the Featured Bio of StarBase 118 on both the SB118 Wiki main page and through the Newsies, Reporter, and Publicity Teams. In addition, both Featured Nominees and Featured Bio winners were granted use of special badges that they can then add to their bios.

Featured Articles and Badges

The Featured Bio Contest recognized three types of featured articles in 2013. All featured articles had to meet the minimum selection criteria of the contest.


  • Featured Bio Contest Team Member (Sapphire)
A biographical article for a character whose writer is a member of the Featured Bio Contest Team and has participated in three rounds of the competition.


  • Featured Nominee (Silver)
A biographical article that has been nominated to the Featured Bio Contest and meets the minimum selection criteria.


  • Featured Bio of StarBase 118 (Gold)
A Featured Nominee that has been selected by the Featured Bio Contest Team to become the Featured Bio of SB118 for one month.

List of Featured Articles from 2013

JamesTPau.jpg James
December 2013

Lieutenant James is the assistant chief engineering officer on Starbase 118. His career started quite differently with him leaving the Academy with a major in engineering and a minor in communications and operations. He was disappointed that he was first posted to the USS Discovery C as a communications and ops officer when engineering is his main passion. During his time there he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He later transferred to the USS Drake to work as an engineering officer. After working there for a number of months and gaining experience he once again transferred to Starbase 118 to take up the position of assistant chief of engineering.

Outside of work James is interested in reading and Terran history, particularly from the 20th century. He also likes computers and one of his hobbies is using and maintaining old computers. Somewhat of a night owl, James prefers to work on the Beta shift and his daily routine allows for several hours of watching TV shows, reading or conducting research before he goes to sleep, but not before he's spent a few hours at his own personal workbench. He has a strong love of tea, usually drinking over 10 cups per day!

Kaedyn.jpg Kaedyn Zehn
November 2013

The eight host of the Zehn symbiont, Kaedyn Zehn was born Kaedyn Tann on Trill to a Federation diplomatic attache and a Starfleet nursing officer. It was his mother Audzin, now captain of Starbase 235, who had the most influence on young Kaedyn, who followed in her footsteps to begin a career in nursing. Originally a shy introvert, Kaedyn's life changed when as a lieutenant JG, he was called to serve as the next host for the Zehn symbiont after a runabout accident killed its previous host Jilenna, a Starfleet Marine. Unlike most Trill hosts who undergo a rigorous selection process and training program by the Symbiosis Commission, Kaedyn quickly had to adapt to his new joined life.

With seven previous lifetimes of experiences, Kaedyn has since adopted some of the personality quirks and mannerisms of his predecessors, such as clasping his hands together at the fingertips as Dr. Calla Zehn, a clinical psychologist, once did. Kaedyn has also become more outgoing and confident, and his circle of friends expanded to many of his colleagues aboard the USS Resolution, StarBase 118, and now the USS Vigilant.

Kaedyn had originally planned a career as a research nurse, but those plans changed after the joining gave him new ambitions. While stationed on StarBase 118, he shifted in assignment from nursing to intelligence due in part to the expertise of his previous hosts. He served with distinction, fighting against corruption within Black Tower and weeding out Klingon and Romulan spies aboard the starbase. His current assignment aboard the Vigilant has been no less eventful. Whether it's been exposing the development of biological weapons or fighting against the threat of the Bluegill, Kaedyn has continued his dedication to saving lives, albeit with a new set of tools and skills beyond those of sickbay.

Alorasuit.jpg Alora DeVeau
October 2013

Ensign Alora Deveau, a human is the science officer aboard the USS Mercury, which is her first assignment after graduating from the Academy. She is recognisable by her striking green eyes and her brown hair has red highlights to it. She has learned several languages including English, French, Japanese, Vulcan, Betazoid, Klingon and Cardassian. Since joining the crew she has been kept busy. Among some of the duties she has been given, she has worked with one of the medical officers, Kotir Arith to work out what or rather who a DNA sample they were working on is from. She later visited Saveron in the ship’s brig for some insights into the DNA sample’s origins.   Alora comes from a large family and has four older brothers. Her whole family was talented in some way musically but she had a particular talent for it and performed as one of the daughters in the opera “Werther” when she was just five years old. Other related interests included singing, dancing, piano and guitar lessons. When she was older and her family had moved to Japan she discovered a new hobby – Aikido and eventually became a third degree blackbelt.    Whilst she doesn’t consider herself particularly brave she won’t abandon her post. She usually tries to find the best in people and has a down to earth nature. She is usually quite informal unless the situation calls for it and although she has a temper she usually tries to keep it under control. It is these traits and the focus she displays in the search for answers that makes her an excellent officer.

EnsignJorey.jpg Brayden Jorey
September 2013

Lieutenant Junior Grade Brayden Jorey, a Betazoid is the Chief Helm Officer at the USS Tiger-A. His skill and quick reactions at the helm has seen him rise to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and though his career is young he shows much promise.

Even before Jorey graduated from StarFleet Academy he excelled academically, scoring in the top 5 of his class. Athletically he did very well and clearly loves to look after himself physically and mentally. Jorey was Captain of the Velocity team, leading them to victory in his last two years at the academy. He was also a top scoring striker in the Academy Soccer league. Another unique opportunity he has was to be able to participate in a Klingon Bat’leth competition on Forcas III. He had learned his skill with the weapon from Koroth who is an important figure in his life, and is one of few non-Klingons to be awarded Champion standing.

Jorey’s first mission outside of the Academy saw him arriving at his assignment, the USS Tiger-A, only to be trapped with fellow crewmembers in a nightmarish world of their minds own making. The ship’s counsellor had to treat him later for a unique for of post-traumatic stress disorder.

His next mission saw him on an unexplored planet in the Hermates Sector, helping with the recovery of a century old Federation shuttle which had begun to emit a signal from its distress beacon. Things soon got out of control when a FTU ship was discovered and then destroyed by another unknown ship. A StarFleet Officer along with individuals rescued from the FTU before its destruction caused havok aboard the USS Tiger-A before eventually making off with some of its technology.

LeoHPCrew.jpg Leo Handley-Page
August 2013

Major Leo Handley-Page, a half-human/half-Byzallian, is the Strategic Operations Officer and Marine CO aboard the USS Vigilant. His colourful history with Starfleet has left him with the perfect mixture of skills for serving on the frontier. Aboard the Vigilant, Leo is known for his chirpy, gung-ho attitude and use of 'Briticisms', although Leo's upbringing in Oxford, England came as a result of his rescue from a much less friendly world.

Somewhat of a ladies' man, Leo has been linked with a number of officers on the ship's rumour mill. He can often be found in the ship's bar, the Watchpost, in female company, and his karaoke skills have gone down in Vigilant legend. His love-hate relationship with longstanding colleague Eyas Wulfantine is a constant thorn in the side of the Pythron security officer. Leo also enjoys taking part in high-octane holonovels and is a follower of Parrises Squares, common ground that he shares with the Vigilan't commanding officer.

JalanaRajel.jpg Jalana Laxyn
July 2013

Lieutenant Commander Jalana Laxyn, a non-joined Trill is the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Apollo. Her dedication to her patients and their needs has seen her progress through the ranks and she has worked her way up to the position of Chief Medical Officer. She is one of few students to graduate the Academy without having first earned the title of Doctor, however she is working on that alongside her regular duties.

She has a mentor, Cayden Adyr who is providing her with support as she goes through the training she’ll receive on the Trill Symbiosis Program. It is her hope that one day she will become joined.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with Major Viktor Lanius who she is in a relationship with. He taught her how to play poker and has been known to cook meals for them, which she particularly appreciates due to being hopeless at it herself. One of the things she can do though is play the Trillian flute, a wooden instrument she has been playing since childhood.

SidneyRiley.jpg Sidney Riley
June 2013

Fleet Captain Sidney Riley is 7/8 Terran and 1/8 Deltan and while she does have Deltan pheromones in her system it’s not enough to give her problems interacting with others or require her to take the Deltan Oath of celibacy. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2350 and is ten minutes younger than her older, identical twin sister Shannon.

Sidney’s family has a complicated, troubled past and she grew up on star ships until the age of six. Disaster struck the family that summer when a shuttle carrying Sidney’s father Ryan and twin Shannon encountered an unexplained anomaly. The ship disappeared and both of them were declared missing. Sidney was raised by step parents on Vulcan until the age of 15 and had a difficult time making the adjustments to life there, refusing to conform to their practices and beliefs.

Events came to a head when she stole a shuttle and attempted to escape back to Earth. She was caught and taken before the council on Vulcan to answer for her actions. Her step parents did not support her during this time, but one of her father’s best friends Doctor Michael Mitchell did. She was let off and was on her best behaviour for some months after the incident but trouble broke out again when she went on a hunger strike. The family finally relented and let her return to earth, there she finished high school and decided to go into medicine through the influence of Doctor Mitchell. She completed her medical degree before deciding to enter StarFleet Academy.

Fleet Captain Sidney Riley has had a long and successful career with many personal and professional ups and downs. She has experienced love, heart break and the loss of an unborn child. She has provided medical aid and relief during times of conflict. She has fought and survived tough battles including the Gorn Conflict, the first and second battles of Eratis and Operation Bright Star to name a few. She has faced and conquered it all, risen through the ranks to become the inspirational leader she is today. Her career has spanned 9 years and seen her serving on three ships and a station during her time in the fleet – the USS Wallace, the USS Independence, the USS Tiger and Starbase 118 Ops.

LtJorusCogud.png Jorus Cogud
May 2013

Lieutenant Jorus Cogud began his career as a helmsman after graduating from StarFleet Academy with a major in helm and navigation, a minor in security and tactical. He worked his way up to chief helmsman before moving into his current role as the chief tactical officer of the USS Discovery-C.

The Trill was born on a Ferengi Smuggling vessel, which the family were in hiding on after getting revenge for the murder of his grandfather by Orions. Though Jorus never knew his grandfather the significant event had a profound effect on the family’s attitude and feelings towards the race. Jorus was brought up to hate and despise the people because of what they’d done and will avoid them even to this day.

The rest of his upbringing was just as interesting and he started training with Ferengi Energy Whips when he was just 7 years old. He continued to practice with them long after he left the vessel and has reached a professional level of competence with them. He keeps his skills sharp by practising whenever he has a spare moment.

Jorus was given a Marauder Mo action figure as a gift by his godfather Zug, who in a typical Ferengi fashion recommended he keep the original packaging so it would be worth more. His godfather also taught him to play Dabo from the age of 12. Jorus keeps the action figures to remind him of his upbringing on the Ferengi Vessel.

Orman new look.jpg Katy Orman
April 2013

Lieutenant Commander Katy Orman is the Chief of Security on StarBase 118. As winner for this month, her bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of April.

A Human/Orion hybrid, Orman started her career on the USS Resolution as an engineering officer and later switched to the security role. She also served on the USS Eagle as Chief of Security, and the USS Victory in the same role before moving into her current assignment.

Katy has a number of unique and interesting skills. She knows a number of meditative disciplines and claims to have been trained since childhood in an unusual martial art form she calls Shiji Gungfu. She has a small undetectable implant in her body which makes telepathic contact with her impossible.

Diego3.jpg Diego Herrera
March 2013

Captain Diego Herrera is the commanding officer of the USS Vigilant. He dual majored in medicine and counselling at Starbase 118 Academy, and has served in both capacities throughout his Starfleet career, most notably on the USS Eagle, the USS Challenger-A, at the Duronis II Embassy and aboard the USS Thunder.

Diego’s sister Adana is lucky to be alive and the accident that crippled her is the reason he originally joined StarFleet and pursued a medical career. Interestingly he still plays the dangerous game that she was involved in when the accident happened. His career has given him many unique and unusual circumstances to deal with such as sharing a salt bath with a visiting Mantaran Ambassador in his early days on the USS Eagle. He helped with the psychological recovery of Chief Counsellor Ashely Yael in the wake of torture and sexual assault on Duronis II.

Diego has a laid back and pragmatic attitude and this is reflected in his command style. He played a pivotal role and led his team to victory in preventing the Zakdorn breaking away from the Federation to form a new alliance with the Klingon Empire.

Noimage.jpg Aribelle Tagren
February 2013
NEW david-whale.jpg David Whale
January 2013

Badge Type Recipient Ship/Station Month Year
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio James StarBase 118 Ops December 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Kaedyn Zehn USS Vigilant November 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Alora DeVeau USS Mercury October 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Brayden Jorey USS Tiger-A September 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Leo Handley-Page USS Vigilant August 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Jalana Laxyn USS Apollo July 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Sidney Riley USS Tiger-A June 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Jorus Cogud USS Discovery-C May 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Katy Orman StarBase 118 Ops April 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Diego Herrera USS Vigilant March 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Aribelle Tagren USS Tiger-A February 2013
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio David Whale USS Drake January 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Andrus Jaxx USS Apollo November 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Alora DeVeau USS Mercury October 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Bryan MacRae USS Avandar October 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Hannibal Parker Embassy of Duronis II October 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Vincent Pierce USS Apollo October 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Toni Turner Embassy of Duronis II October 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Saveron USS Mercury September 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Dade Adarnis Embassy of Duronis II September 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Mandany Rose StarBase 118 Ops August 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Eerie USS Vigilant June 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Jalana Laxyn USS Apollo April 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Jorus Cogud USS Discovery-C March 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Nugra Embassy of Duronis II February 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Ethan Brice USS Apollo February 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee David Scott Cody StarBase 118 Ops February 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Diego Herrera USS Vigilant February 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Katy Orman StarBase 118 Ops February 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Sidney Riley USS Tiger-A February 2013
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Viktor Lanius USS Apollo January 2013

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