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USS Apollo


Viktor Lanius


  • Gender: Male
  • Position:C.A.G (Project Dark Star)
  • Callsign:High Tower
  • Ship: USS Apollo
  • Rank: Major
  • Race: Acamarian /Terran
  • Spouse Jalana Laxyn
  • Birthplace Kildare, Kildare County Ireland, Earth

  • DoB: 236402.27
  • Weight: 232
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Eye color: black/blue
  • Hair Color: Black/Dark Red

Awards and Service Ribbons
KlingonInvasion.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons POW 2011.jpg Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg

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Viktor Serves currently as CAG for the USS Apollo

Character Information

  • Full Name: Viktor Faelrun Lanius
  • Race: Acamarian /Terran
  • DoB: 236402.27
  • Age: 25
  • Birthplace: Kildare, Kildare County, Northern Ireland, Earth
  • Gender: Male

Intelligence Dossier


Personal Relationships
Name Status Description
Mary Anne McCollough
Mother The picture here is one that Viktor keeps on his person most of the time, and most of the people he works with have no clue that he carries it. If it weren't for Viktor's mother, he would've wound up just like his father, scheming his life away on empty dreams and hopes for a big payoff. Mary Anne was a simple farmer before meeting Faelrun, brought up on strict Irish-Catholic values in a domineering household. Meeting up with Viktor's father was a way for her to get out of the world she lived, however she often found it hard to deal with him all at once. Vik had always felt an uneasy tension between the two, and often wondered why exactly they never split apart in the first place.
Faelrun Lanius III
Father This is the last known picture of Faelrun. To Viktor, his father was a teacher of things that weren't always the right way of doing things. Through his fathers intense gambling and money laundering schemes, he was able to learn how NOT to make a living for one's self. He often had a very confused image of his father, and to this day, after not speaking to him in almost 6 years, he's still an enigma to Viktor.|-


Playing through some MacBeth in the Holodeck
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 232 lbs
  • Hair: Black and Dark Red Mix
  • Eyes: Black blue mix
  • Skin Tone: Slightly darker than pale, but pale nontheless
  • Face: Appears slightly worn, dark and deceiving.
  • Build: Muscular, longer legs with well built torso and arms.
  • Identifying Marks: Scar vertically over the left eye, characteristic Acamarian cleft in the center of the forehead extending down from hairline to nose bridge.
  • Eyes: Slightly deepset, darker around the outside
  • Lips: Fairly normal looking lips
  • Jawline: Strong Jawline, well defined
  • Clothing (Off-Duty): Usually darker clothing, favorite outfit is a pair of black cargo slacks, 21st century style "henley" long sleeve shirt, ankle length black peacoat
  • Shoes: Mostly black boots, either on or off duty
  • Voice: Hearty yet calm. Deep in resonance.
  • Handednesss: Ambidextrous
  • Tattoos: On his entire back lay a celtic cross design with a prayer written around it in Acamarian

Friends and Relationships

  • Personal Friends in Starfleet

Mannerisms and Details

An Old-Earth training simulation
  • Favorite Drink:
    • Irish whiskey, prefers it slightly chilled with one cube of ice
    • Romulan Ale
  • Music Tastes:
    • 21st century rock & roll, industrial rock and also classical symphonies
  • Religious Beliefs
    • Having not known any Acamarian faith system, Viktor grew up with a predominantly Lutheran belief system (Terran in origin)
  • Languages spoken
    • Native Language
      • Acamarian
    • Alien Languages
      • Romulan
      • Vulcan
    • Terran Languages
      • English
      • French
      • Gaelic
  • The Good
    • Likes to study quantum physics and Mathematics in his free time.
    • Viktor has a "darker" taste in women. Women with darker features have always gotten him into trouble.
    • Loves the dark
    • Favorite authors are mostly from the pre 21st century era including that of Robert Frost, JD Sallinger, and Clive Barker.
    • Plays Violin and Cello, enjoys any form of musical entertainment.
    • Prefers solitude and thought provoking silence when in his quarters
    • Favorite section of Starbase 118 is the Dungeon for it's various "experiences" that it may offer...
  • The Bad
    • Hates gossip, unless its coming from an enemy that he's attempting to infiltrate.
    • Loathes Green tea.
    • Hates spiders or any creature resembling one.
    • Has a deathly fear of murky water.
    • Still has trouble with interpersonal relationships, but is hopeful that will change with time.
  • The Ugly
    • When under extreme pressure from those he perceives as enemies, has a tendancy to go into a sort of rage. This has only ever happened three times in his 25 years of life.
  • Other Details
    • Has a tendancy to bounce his knee up and down when concentrating (in a sitting position). Chews the inside of his lip
    • Favorite Holodeck Program: Shakespeare's "MacBeth"
    • Quarters (USS Apollo): A darker interior with a few variously placed artifical lights (iridescent)Famous works of art along the walls. A single geranium plant sits upon a shelf near the aft of the room. Furniture is black leather, two arm chairs and a sofa. Bedroom has a king sized mattress with dark red and black dressings. Cello sits in the corner of the bedroom on its stand, bow hung directly to the side of it. Usually a pile of sheet music near it on the floor. A few small book cases line one of the walls, all books are original works made with the old paper and binding method (one of Viktor's favorite things in life), organized according to Era.

Personal History

Enjoying a brew in a pub In Kildare

Viktor is a fairly quiet, studious and diligent person. He enjoys writing in journals, listening to music (to the tunes of Acamarian Chants and the Terran Tchaikovsky) His appearance is dark and and mysterious, which is often misleading as he is fairly personable, that is unless there is a reason not to be. He speaks mainly English, but is fluent in Acamarian and a few others. His parents ran a mixed household that included mainly Acamarian traditions, but also followed some other Terran beliefs. He had been to Acamar III three times in his life in order for his father to reconnect with his clansmen. Acamar III always felt like a second home, where he belonged. Unfortunately, Earth would always be his final destination. His father was star trader that settled into Earth after his interstellar mining business sent him into debt. His mother was the daughter of an Irish farmer. Run ins with his father's debt collectors has given him plenty of experience in dealing with hostile faces. Leading a fairly rocky childhood and teenage years, starfleet was the answer he was looking for.

Viktor was born in Kildare, Kildare County Ireland on a small sheep farm where his mother and father settled on stardate 236004.04. He was raised as a farm boy, but it was soon realized by his parents that this mentality would not last throughout his teenage years. Interpersonal relationships became more and more tedious with him, as the inner struggle to meld his Terran and Acamarian backgournds together became more and more abraisive. Many attempts were made by his parents to control his anger, but he soon cut ties with them altogether. Viktor moved to North America on stardate 238003.03 settling in a well known city called New York. It was there he began to see the advertising for Starfleet Academy. As he began a new life, and after having not spoken to his parents in over a year, he received a rather unfortunate communique from them on stardate 238107.12. His parents informed him that Acamar III had been invaded and wiped clean by a race known as the Borg. Filled with anger at the thought of the friends and family he had lost to such a barbaric race, he soon took up a great interest in Starfleet, researching as much as he could on every aspect of the alien world. His extra-curriculars however were not so promising. Viktor developed quite the police record spanning across Breaking and Entering, Grand Theft Auto and various other theft like charges.

It wasn't until the year 2384 that Viktor finally came to the realization that his current lifestyle would land him in two places, either prison, or the grave. He decided to finally take into account all the desire he had for Starfleet and make the transition. He joined academy in 238402.27, his birthdate, to mark his acension from the depths of the lower class. It was to be his personal mission to make something of himself, and once again reclaim the honor of his father. That was the mission in life, and he was hoping that along the way he might find a more self-serving mission as well.

It would seem that his police record and lust for vengence against the Borg would serve him well in the academy. He had become one of the foremost leaders on knowledge and study of the Borg and their protocols, in the hopes of one day finding the cure to the plague that is Borg. Espionage, stealth and physical shadow were just a couple of the areas of study that he would excel in.

Transitioning into An Officer

Having completed the Academy and its arduous courses of study, Viktor was assigned to Starbase 118 Operations as its Intelligence officer. Aboard that ship, he was fortunate enough to run into one of his academy colleagues, Science Officer Ensign Harold Foster, who had also been placed on the Starbase. The two would immediately get a taste of the lighter side of Starfleet, as they embarked on a short vacation with the rest of the crew aboard the USS Victory, destination, Risa. Once having arrived, Viktor would have a chance to bond with some of the varied personalities aboard the Victory, including that of Ltcmdr Savannah Taylor, who would ultimately teach him a lesson in civility when it comes to making a first impression. His stay aboard the Starbase was short lived, as Starfleet's newest addition was being placed into service very soon, and it would be needing an intelligence officer...

On stardate 238902.03, Vik packed his bag's, saying his farewell to his good friend Foster, and leaving him a token of friendship, something he'd not let go of for more than 15 years. To Foster, he gave a gold compass, about the size of a half dollar with a chain. It had been given to his father, by HIS father, and had been passed down for a few generations in that manner. He decided it was time let someone else have a try with, and he could think of no one more fitting than Foster. His grief would be short lived however, as his shuttle approached the newly commissioned Apollo.

Vik's first posting aboard the USS Apollo as its Intelligence Officer brought him new and exciting opportunities that would begin to teach him the real meaning of life; what it means to be outgoing and to think outside of the box. Having come from a very different household, one filled with troubles and treachery in its own right, it was a stiff learning curve. But people such as Commander Taylor of the Starbase, and more importantly, the Apollo's CMO Jalana Laxyn, helped him to realize just who he was to become.

Viktor Lanius met Jalana Laxyn when she came aboard the Apollo shortly after he was posted. They crew was headed for the Typhon Sector in an attempt to track down a few missing vessels. They really had time to interact with one another when they discovered the USS Nelson, and ended up treating some of their survivors together.They spent some more time together during a R&R evening in an old fashioned Casino on the Holodeck, a Program belonging to Ra-Uleyra. Viktor was willing to teach her Poker and she had enjoyed the time at his side. But it was not until another R&R evening on the Holodeck they spent on a beach of Shinraka that he asked her out on a date.During this date they spent much time talking and visited the holo version of his Earth home, where he finally confessed that he liked her and she returned these feelings. After Jalana fought with a small fit of jealousy, when she met one of Viktor's old flames on SB 118, Viktor confessed his love to her; feelings she undeniably returned. Viktor has a fire burning within for Jalana, in every way, and couldn't imagine being with anyone else. He often wonders just what the future might hold for the two of them.

Viktor excelled in his given field as the Ship's Director of Intelligence, moving up the ranks in good time. During his stint, he recorded the creation of the ship's intelligence lab and also his home away from home. It wasn't until a fateful battle between a rogue Cardassian psychopath, and subsequently one of the galaxy's most wanted men, that his launch into Command was born. In a personal struggle, the ship's Current XO, then LtCmdr Liam Frost, would step down as a means to safe his mind from limbo in dealing with some personal demons. It became appearant that the ship needed a new XO. Viktor effectively swapped roles with his colleague and friend, making sure that the swap was acceptable. Having been recommended for the job by Liam, there were never any harsh feelings in the switch. To this day, he still looks up to Liam, not only in terms of rank, but in terms of wisdom and experience. This is going to be a long winding road for Viktor, but he's more than ready to take on the challanges that lie ahead.


  • Entered academy at the age of 21 on Stardate 238402.27
  • Majored in Intelligence and Deep Cover Operations
    • Minor in Borg Collective and Hive Culture
    • Minor in Romulan Diplomacy and Culture
    • Minor in Psychological Profiling
  • Excelled in a few key classes
    • Espionage
    • Interrogation
    • Infiltration
    • Alien Psychology
  • Other Minor Studies
    • Flight Control
    • Modern Propulsion Systems
    • Computer Security
    • Quantum Mechanics and Warp Theory
      • Most of these were side projects that didn't make it through graduation. At best he has minimum qualifications in these areas.
  • Participated in various sports
    • Track and Field Shot Put personal best of 78 Feet
      • 238506.17 - Won the gold metal for Shot Put in the 58th academy olympics
      • 238506.17 - Won the Silver Metal for the Triathelon in the 58th academy olympics
    • Fighting Sports
    • As a way to hone is rage, Viktor engaged in many forms of physical combat.
      • Muay Thai
      • Ambo-Juitsu
      • Mixed Martial Arts
      • Submissions
  • Overal Performance Record
    • Graduated 10th in his class
    • Recieved an Honors Degree in his chosen field.

Project Dark Star, and The 69th Tactical Fighter Wing

During a pre-flight briefing prior to a training run
  • A change in career path for Viktor was in order after their Quatal/Izar ordeals, forcing him to realize that he may not be quite ready to take on the role of XO. There were many variables that played into the decision, but in the end, it turned out that his talents were needed for a special project. After completing rigourous training exercises in flight simulation and intensive learning sessions, Viktor would be leading the Apollo's first fighter wing into battle as the CAG.
  • Now Major Lanius heads up the 69th Tactical Air Wing, stationed aboard the Apollo. The 69th is home to the infmaous Project Dark Star, a newfound stealth fighter project that is finally in the testing phases. The fleet of spacecraft assigned to the Apollo are to include six Darkstar Valkyrie Mark II fighters, A basically equipped Argo called the Helion used for basic landing and medical/civillian evacuation, and a SAR/OPS Argo called the Crosswind, which serves as the long range eyes and ears of the Air Group when out on shouts. Full details on the craft are provided int eh 69th TAW link on the Apollo's main page.

Career Highlights

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
001-Cadet4th-Black.png Cadet, 4th Class 238402.27 - 238406.12 Starfleet Academy,
San Fransisco,
Major: Intelligence
002-Cadet3rd-Black.png Cadet, 3rd Class 238406.12 - 238512.29
003-Cadet2nd-Black.png Cadet, 2nd Class 237508.01 - 238712.10
004-Cadet1st-Black.png Cadet, 1st Class 238712.10 - 238812.30
004-Cadet1st-Black.png 238812.31 - 238901.11 USS Centris-A
01-Ensign-Black.jpg Ensign 238901.11 - 238901.29 StarBase 118 Ops Intelligence Officer
01-Ensign-Black.jpg Ensign 238901.29 - 238905.01 USS Apollo
02-LieutenantJG-Black.jpg Lieutenant JG 238905.01- 238908.13
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg Lieutenant 238908.13- 238909.05
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg Lieutenant 238909.05-238909.10 Intelligence / Second Officer
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg Lieutenant 238909.10- 238910.28 Acting First Officer
03-Lieutenant-Black.jpg Lieutenant 238910.28- 238911.05 Chief of Intelligence/Second Officer
04-LtCommander-Black.jpg Lieutenant Commander 238911.05- 239001.03
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lieutenant Commander 239001.03 - 239006.25 First Officer
G2-o4.png Major 239006.25 - Present Commander of the Air Group

Professional History

  • 238111.12 - Graduates from Marshal and Scryer School for the Secular at the 12th grade level.
  • 238308.02 to 238312.10 - Serves his first and only prison sentance at the New Riker's Island Correctional Facility for Breaking and Entering 3rd, Tampering with Goverment Data 1st and Criminal Evasion in the 1st. This was to be a 15 year prison sentance, but he was released early for the court's failure to yeild him due process on stardate 238312.10
  • 238402.27 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
  • 238602.04 - CLASSIFIED ACTION
  • 238812.30 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy ranked 10th in his class
  • 238901.10 - Graduated from training on the USS Centris-A Under the command of Capt. Tallis Rhul
  • 238901.11 - Assigned to Starbase 118
  • 238901.29 - Assigned to the USS Apollo
  • 238905.01 - Promoted to the Rank of LTJG
  • 238908.13 - Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant
  • 238909.05 - Promoted to Second Officer by order of Captain Andrus Jaxx
  • 238909.10 - Promoted to Acting First Officer, in Lieu of the incapacitation of Captain Andrus Jaxx. Under the command of Commander Liam Frost.
  • 238910.28 - Relieved of duties as XO to return as the Ships Chief of Intelligence and Second Officer, with the reinstatement of Captain Andrus Jaxx.
  • 238911.05 - Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander
  • 238901.03 - Promoted to Executive Officer, and begins service as the Apollo's XO.
  • 238906.25 - Tasked with executing the Apollo's first Flight Squadron, and transferred to Marine Command level Major. Appointed as CAG.

Medical Record

  • After a trip down to the surface of Quatal, Then XO Lanius found himself in Sickbay after exposure to a nerve agent released by terrorists. Cleared for duty after hours of observation and re-oxygenation therapy.


  • As standard procedure with all criminals that attended prison at New Riker's Island, a psychological evaluation was sought by the facility at the time of his indoctrination.
    • Revealed tendancies of a Borderline Personality, but there was never enough consistent evidence to support a diagnosis. Viktor was a very closed off person in this point in his life, and may still have some unresolved issues.

Activities and Positions Held

  • News Team Reporter
  • Podcast Team Member
  • Intelligence Duty Post Facilitator


Mission History

Missions on Starbase 118 Ops

Missions on the USS Apollo

Noteable Sims

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