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USS Garuda
Kotir Arith.jpg
Lieutenant (JG) Kotir Arith

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Date of Birth: 236410.25
Species: Bajoran
Current Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Garuda
About The Writer

Lieutenant (JG) Kotir Arith is a Bajoran doctor. After facing a hard time throughout his life due to the occupation of Bajor by the Cardassian people, he joned Starfleet. He currently serves as a Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Garuda under the command of Captain Cassandra Egan Manno.

His path will take him on a long journey and help him overcome his past, and eventually help him rediscover his spiritual path so he can find true enlightenment his life and career. Even more importantly, for his people.


  • Full Name: Kotir Arith
  • Race: Bajoran
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 236410.25
  • Age: 27
  • Place of Birth: Janir, Bajor
  • Telepathic status: 0 (Potentially a small bit empathic)
  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 168Ib
  • Hair Style: Brown, tidy.
  • Eye Color: Green.
  • Skin Tone: Pale.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Freckles and moles on body. Scar on right hand.
  • Build: Slim build with some muscle.
  • Handedness: Right.
  • Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
  • Other Titles:: Doctor
  • Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer
  • Assignment: USS Garuda

Personal History

Early Life (2364 - 2381)

Arith was born into a family of farmers whose land was outside the city of Janir on Bajor. Arith’s father, Xenon, inherited the land from his father who inherited it from his father, and so on and so forth. The land might have been ‘owned’ by them, but realistically it was the Cardassians who had owned it all through Arith’s life. He was born on stardate 236410.25, during the occupation of Bajor.

His father had met his mother at a very young age and they were soon to be married. They have three children; Arith’s older brother, Bion. Arith himself, and their younger sister Ligeia. They all lived on the farm in Janir under the rule of the Cardassians.

One afternoon Arith was following his brother, trying to get him to play with him. Much to his brother’s resentment. They eventually come to Qui’al Dam. This was a dam built in 2371. It caused massive problems for the family, cutting of a fresh stream of water which supplied the earth with the nutrition their crop need. It had catastrophic effects on the family, sending them into extreme poverty.

Arith’s hatred for the Cardassians grew each day. But his breaking point happened when he and his brother reached the Dam. Two Cardassian officers were patrolling the area. Bion decided to sneak past them and enter the dam’s main area. Thinking they were both out of harm’s way, as they were only playing around. Cardassian officers caught them, they tried to drown Bion as punishment as another officer teased Arith by going to drown him but stopping last minute.

After a few minutes, which seemed like years to Arith. They finally tossed his brother outside, dragging Arith a long with them. He was so sure he would die.

Soon came the aid of another Bajoran. This person was different however. He wasn’t wearing the Bajoran earing, an important symbol of their faith. Even though Arith noticed this, he did not mention it. This Bajoran was a doctor. He was able to help revive Bion. This was first of many moments were Arith begun to think of becoming a Doctor.

Arith never found out the man’s name. He did however leave his with one piece of information:

“If ever you should want help. Find the V’nal.”

This one sentence from a stranger, was going to change Arith’s life for ever.

A year later, Arith was helping his father try and harvest any crop they could make. The majority of the crop however was spoiled. They were getting poorer and poorer by the year. Arith’s mother had contracted a disease. It was life threatening. No one would help them. They were too poor to pay and no Cardassian would help a Bajoran. It wasn’t long before she had passed.

This sent Arith into a deep depression. He hated the Cardassians more than anything in the world, he just wanted them to die. His father had given up all together, they were just walking corpses at this stage. Arith’s brother tried his best to keep up the farm work, but it wasn’t helping anything. Their sister on the other hand, she was only 2 years old. Arith tried his best to take care of her, after all his father wouldn’t.

He couldn’t stay there anymore. He knew it was wrong but he ran away. Leaving his family behind, his brother to look after his sister and father. But he wasn’t leaving in vain. He was leaving to find this ‘V’nal’.

The V'nal (2381 - 2386)

He lived on the streets of Jo’Kalla for two months before he had gotten anywhere to finding them.

He met another boy, 18 years old. His name was Bufios Olath. He showed Arith true kindness, by offering up his home for him to stay. They had met when Arith tried to steal food from a stall in the city and was caught by a Cardassian tradesman. Olath helped him by getting him away. It wasn’t long before Arith and Olath realised their common interest. Riding Bajor or their enemy, the Cardassian. Olath had mentioned to Arith he had some friends with the same interest. It wasn’t long before Arith was being introduced to the V’nal.

They welcomed him greatly, but Arith had to prove his loyalty. After a few months of tasks, Arith was finally welcomed into the V’nal through initiation. Because him and Olath had come so close, it was with him this initiation was done.

The V’nal gathered and watched as Arith and Olath created a special bond, they cut deep wounds into each other’s hands and held them together until close to death. It was a symbol of loyalty and strength to be able to die for your cause. A bond was created between the two, powerful enough they felt as though they could feel each other’s emotions, hear each other’s thoughts. They were joined. After hours of laying on a cold stone floor in one of Bajor’s forgotten temples, slowly dying in each other’s embrace seemed almost euphoric to Arith. He wanted to die. He wanted to be with his mother.

Yet he had passed the initiation. They were soon helped by the doctors in the group, who closed their wounds and gave them the blood they had lost. To this day, the red stains of their blood rest on the floors of that temple. A reminder of the tragic relationship that had begun there.

Arith wanted to be trained as a medic. He was thought under the other doctors in the group and learnt a great big deal. He was a big part in the V’nal order for many more years. When he had just turned 23, almost 5 years later. Arith wanted to be part of one of the missions. The V’nal agreed as it would be a wise choice to have a medic involved at the time.

The person running the mission, just so happened to be Olath. He was now obsessed with the V’nal and a very well respected member. Arith was more obsessed with him.

The team made their way to Ilvia, a city with one of the finest Bajoran temples. It wasn’t until they had gotten there however that Arith realised it was day of the ‘Gratitude Festival’. Everyone was visiting the temples to celebrate. The team made their way to one of the temples, much to Arith’s confusion. Inside the Cardassians were ordering the people to leave, it didn’t take long for Arith to feel something was wrong. He tried speaking to Olath who then questioned Arith’s loyalty to their cause.

An argument started as Arith pleaded with him as there were many innocent Bajora in the temple. Arith learned from Olath what was happening, explosives were planted beneath the temple and were going to be detonated. Eventually they were spotted due to their argument and the Cardassians were starting to suspect them. Olath detonated the explosives soon after whispering into Arith’s near.

“Now we will die together. For Bajor.”

The explosives went off and the temple began to fall. People who were close to the explosives were already dead. Everything happened so fast. Arith found himself on the floor near what was the entrance. He hoisted himself up and tried to get out. Coming across a man on the way. He checked his pulse and found him alive. Stumbling out with the man, it wasn’t long before Cardassian and Bajoran officials showed up.

Arith felt responsible. However, the man he carried out turned out to be a Vedek, and important person in the Bajoran religion. He convinced Arith not to tell them, for he would suffer a faith worse than death. He tried to help Arith, bring him on a path towards salvation.

He soon made arrangements for Arith to leave Bajor after learning of his medical skills. Telling him to join the federation and to fight for their freedom the right way. Arith believed in this man, even though he still blamed himself for anything. He wondered if this could be the path of penance for him.

Starfleet (2386 - 2390)

After weeks of getting to Federation Space. Arith made way to Earth in the Sol system. There he joined Star Fleet Academy. He kept to himself most the time, not really making any friends as he was noticeably different and from Bajor. It was weird for him however, it had been years and years since he had lived in such luxury (in his eyes anyway). For a while he resented his choice. It didn’t feel like he was being punished. Although he soon came to realise that finding penance and being punished were two different things, and so he finished at the academy and joined the USS Centris-A for his year training aboard a ship. He was reserved and distant from his fellow crew members.

However, the commanding officer pointed out that this could be fatal. Team work was something a doctor needs to be involved in greatly, even with his earlier experience. He still struggled with this ‘new’ way around medicine. He felt like quitting. But it was as if someone spoke to him, in his dreams. His mother, he hoped. The voice convinced him to stay with Starfleet, and he also decided to follow his religious path again and get reconnected with his spirituality.

He hadn’t worn his Bajoran earing since the explosion. He renounced is faith and he didn’t feel worthy to wear it. Now he wanted to find that path again, and continue to be a doctor. He wanted to save lives, like the ones he felt he had taken from the world and maybe he could save someone else’s mother, like no one did for him.

The USS Mercury (2390)

He finished his training and graduated from the Academy. He contemplated going back to Bajor. Finding his family, if they were still alive that was. But he didn’t feel ready yet, he still had much to do on his path. So he stayed with Starfleet and was instantly assigned to the USS Mercury, where his life would begin yet again. Like it did in that temple almost 10 years ago.

After working on the Mercury for almost a year. Kotir became the assistant Chief Medical Officer on board the Mercury, under the current Chief Medical Officer Saveron. This sparked the thought of a longer career with Starfleet than he thought, maybe even one day becoming Chief himself.

After almost a year on board the Mercury, Kotir was promoted to Lieutenant (JG).

The USS Garuda (2391 - Present)

At the end of 2390, the USS Mercury was decommissioned and the Menthar Corridor was now being explored by the USS Garuda. The crew of the USS Mercury transferred here, along with some new faces. The USS Garuda is commanded by Captain Cassandra Egan Manno

Personal Information

Personal Logs

USS Mercury (2390)

  • Apr, 2390: Shore Leave/Kotir's Arrival.

USS Garuda (2391 - Present)

Medical History

USS Mercury (2390)

  • Apr, 2390: Shore Leave/Kotir's Arrival.

Kotir suffered from Space Sickness brought on from stress and guilt he has been feeling.

USS Garuda (2391 - Present)


StarFleet Academy

  • Date of Graduation: 238907.30
  • Major: Medical
  • Minor: Psychology

Languages Known:

  • Bajoran: Native Language
  • Federation Standard: Level 2
StarFleet Academy
Kotir entered the academy at an older age than to all the other Cadets. However, he fitted right in. He was able to do so very easily. He wasn't the only person attending Earth's academy who wasn't from Earth. He was grateful for that. He studied in Medicine and took minor classes in Psychology. He liked understanding how the brain worked. He enjoyed Neuroscience and Surgical Sciences most of all. He graduated first in his class and was proud of himself. During the Academy though he focused more on his career than his social life.

Professional History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
00-Blank-Silver.jpg Civilian 238203.13 - 238406.23 The V'nal
Link:Kotir Arith
Trainee Medic
238406.23 - 238407.15 Medic
001-Cadet4th-Teal.png Cadet, 4th Class 238409.01 - 238507.31 StarFleet Academy
Link:Academy Library
Major: Medicine
002-Cadet3d-Teal.png Cadet, 3rd Class 238509.01 - 238607.31
003-Cadet2nd-Teal.png Cadet, 2nd Class 238609.01 - 238707.31
004-Cadet1st-Teal.png Cadet, 1st Class 238709.01 - 238807.31
238808.01 - 238907.30 USS Centris-A
Cadet Cruise
01-Ensign-Teal.jpg Ensign 238907.30 - 239004.01 Bajor
Bajoran City.jpg
Medical Officer
239004.01 - 239009.11 USS Mercury
239009.11 - 230910.27 Assistant Chief Medical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Teal.jpg Lieutenant (JG) 230910.27 - 230912.31
239101.01 - Present USS Garuda

Awards & Commendations

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Gateway Ribbon The Silver Star

Mission History

Mercury Missions


  • April: Shore Leave/Kotir's Arrival

As Kotir arrives at DSX he awaits for the Mercury to arrive back from their mission to take shore leave. The mission following shore leave will be Kotir's first on the ship.

Kotir spent most of his time in sickbay for the duration of this mission.

Kotir spent most of his time in sickbay for the duration of this mission.

Kotir was put on an away team to investigate the planet of 48 Leonis II which was on the verge of destruction due to a Super Volcano about to erupt on the planet. However things weren't as they seemed and the crew found very strange evidence that the volcano wasn't erupting of it's own accord. Once back on the Mercury, Kotir worked with Alora DeVeau on a task set out by Captain Kells.

  • August: Shore Leave

Kotir is spending this Shore Leave to rest, and explore his newly rekindled faith in the hopes he can keep the flame lighting.

Kotir (now the Assistant Chief Medical Officer) was tasked with helping fellow Ensign Alora DeVeau and newly acquainted Vulcan, Straasik, to find information in regards to a ship known as the Treasure Sprite. The Treasure Sprite is a vessel assumed to be in the Menthar Corridor with a strong lead on the whereabouts of an Iconian Gateway.

  • October and November: Shore Leave

Kotir was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade after the last mission. It came as quite a shock but he was happy to relax on shore leave, which started with a carnival at the holodeck to help the crew wind-down during the mission.

Kotir was sent on an away team to a the Treasure Sprite. There they discovered a body in which Kotir began preparations for an Autopsy as soon as they returned to the Mercury. Once back on board, Kotir ran Sickbay as Doctor Saveron was on another away team to find the Iconian Gateway. Soon after the mission ended and the Mercury was decommissioned. Kotir transferred to the USS Garuda.

Notable Sims:

Stardate: 239004.04 - Space Sickness
Stardate: 239008.15 - Have a Little Faith
Stardate: 239008.26 - Tea Time
Stardate: 239010.27 - Caught Off Guard

Garuda Missions

2391 - Present

  • January: Shore Leave

Coming soon.

Notable Sims:

None as of yet.


Kotir Berenice, Mother

Arith was extremely close to his mother. Although she passed away while he was still a young boy, he still has very fond memories of her. He still hasn't gotten over losing his mother and the effect this had on his already forsaking family.
Kotir Xenon, Father

Arith's father was a hard working and honest man. However, when his wife passed away he became a distance and abusive alcoholic. This made Arith slowly resent his father, especially because this left Arith looking after his sister.
Kotir Bion, Brother

Bion and Arith were very close in their youth. They were always stuck to each others hips, although when their mother passed away, for a few years Bion was distant from his siblings. He later changed and took over caring for his sister when Arith went in search of work.
Kotir Ligeia, Sister

Ligeia is a gentle and caring child. Brought up by her older brothers, as her mother died while she was too young to understand. She always felt safe, even with the condition her father was in. She is a very intelligent girl.

Bufios Olath, Bajoran V'Nal Member

After moving away from home on Bajor. Kotir met Olath, he fell deeply in love with the man. He joined the same organisation as him, helping out as a medic. He was unaware of the underlying truth, which tore his life apart on Bajor.

Aron Kells, Captain

Kotir trusts Kells, a lot. He is the only person he has met outside of Bajor who knows of his past. The two shared a moment while Kells was in the brig on DSX awaiting trial. This was when Kotir felt comfortable to discuss his worries about Ari Capprone.
Saveron, Chief Medical Officer

Kotir's boss. He is respected by Kotir, who would look to him as if he was a teacher. Kotir would never say that though, but he was impressed by the experience and dedication his Chief has.
Niccolò "Nic" Del Vedova, Chief of Emergency Services

Kotir works with Nic in Sickbay. However, Nic was the first person on board the Mercury to engage in a friendship with Kotir, outside of work hours.
Alora DeVeau, Science Officer

Kotir worked with Alora twice. He deeply respects her and finds her very intelligent, however the two have never spent any time outside of work hours.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Arith is a friendly and caring guy. Although he is plagued with horrors from his past. He just can't seem to let go and move on. This is his biggest weakness. Not many people would know it however because he doesn't talk about it. This makes him quiet reserved. He finds it hard to make friends and can sometimes find himself in awkward situations because of his this. He always thought this would make him shy, but Arith is very outspoken and confident.

Personal Goals

Arith's main goal was to provide for his family after his mother past. Although when he joined Starfleet this was a lot easier to do than when he was on Bajor. This made Arith realise of his other goals, mainly he wants to regain his faith. If that's even possible, he didn't think it was. Recently he has been considering sticking around in Starfleet longer than he originally planned. Being made Assistant Chief Medical Officer showed him a bigger and brighter career path that he never even considered.

Hobbies & Pastimes

Arith spends most of his time away from duty, either on the holo-deck or exploring. He enjoys exploring on DSX most of all. There is always new people, new shops, new everything each time the Mercury returns. In the past he enjoyed putting a lot of time into his faith and religion, but now he doesn't do any of that. Arith enjoys singing and reading.


Arith's quarters are shared with another Ensign. Luckily they are both clean and professional. He doesn't spend much time with his room-mate, in fact he never really sees him. But in Arith's personal room it looks very bland. There are a few books here and there, nothing unusual. Although he has a box hidden away. Inside he has mementos from home and his family, this also includes his D'ja Pagh which he doesn't wear anymore.

Religious Beliefs

Arith was an extremely religious person. Even after his mother's death he was devoted to his faith to help him get through his life. Although when he felt like he betrayed the prophets and his mother by being involved in a terrorist attack against a temple on Bajor, Arith was devastated and shunned himself from ever practising his faith again. As he went on his journey to escape from his past, he started to follow a path in which he hopes will give him redemption from his faults. He is slowly starting to find his faith again, but he is still a long way, away from going back to the way he was.

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