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Lt Jorus Cogud is a Trill currently serving as a test pilot at Utopia Planetia Fleet yards. He was formally a Tactical Officer aboard the USS Darwin-A, previously serving as Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Discovery-C

Chief Tactical Officer
Jorus Cogud

DS9style-lt gold.png

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Test Pilot
  • Ship: n/a
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Trill
  • DoB: 236506.04 (04th June 2366)
  • Height: 6ft
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Ferengi Smuggling Vessel

Awards and Service Ribbons



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  • Full Name: Jorus Cogud
  • Race: Trill (Unjoined)
  • Date of Birth: 236506.04
  • Place of Birth: Ferengi Smuggling Vessel
  • Age: 36
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: 0
  • Linguistic Skills: Trill, Federation Standard, Ferengi


  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 168 lb
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Ferengi civilian clothing (Merchent Jacket)


  • Quarters: Treated more as a cargo bay than quaters, cluttered with collectibles and things Cogud is looking to sell
  • Favorite Room: Anywhere with latinum
  • Habits: messing with his hair when nervous
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: The Great Material Continuum
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Collecting Marauder Mo action figures, Ferengi Energy Whip, Earth Motor Racing, Dabo
  • Likes: Snail Juice, Cheesecake, Latinum
  • Dislikes: Orions, Tea

Distrust and Fear of Orions

Jorus was brought up by a family who despised the Orion people. Jorus was brought up to hate them and anything to do with them. The hate goes back to when Orions killed Jorus' grandfather (A man who Jorus did not know)however dealings with the Orions did not stop however when Jorus' father sold a faulty ship to the Orions they got set on revenge and began to track down Jorus' father causing the whole family to go into hiding on a Ferengi Smuggling Vessel. When Jorus was assigned to the USS Discovery-C and found out there where at least two Orions on board he began to get nightmares about things his uncle had taught him about what the Orions will do. Cogud stays clear of any Orions on the Discovery.


Ferengi Energy Whips

Cogud started training with Energy Whips when he was seven years old, one of the Ferengi crewman of the the smuggling vessel Jorus was living on was well trained withing the area of the energy whip and so brung it upon himself to teach Jorus how to use the weapon. From the beginning Jorus Cogud showed promise within using the whip and Jorus continued his practice long after he left the vessel.

Now Cogud is a professional in using the whip and practices whenever he has a spare moment.

Marauder Mo action figures

Cogud began collecting them when Zug gave him one as a gift, Zug urged Cogud to keep them in there original packaging as they will be worth more, Cogud now has no intention of selling the figures and keeps them as a possession to remind him of his upbringing on the Ferengi vessel.

Motor Racing

While at the academy, a friend introduced Cogud to Old Earth Motor Racing on the holosuite, he also told him that it is a lot better with safties off, Cogud began to test many different sports out and in fact become an expert in the field. While the Discovery-C was docked at DS-285, Cogud took some time on the holodeck, he visited the Le Mans racing track and raced around with safties off, after a 200 mile an hour crash he cut off the program and found himself with a broken arm and a large gash on his leg.


Cogud learnt to play Dabo when he was 12 aboard the smuggling vessel he grew up on, Zug and his Uncle both taught him how to play, Cogud became quite good at the game and won a lot of latinum from playing. His interest in the game continued through his time at the academy and whenever he gets a chance to play he will.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Neron Cogud
    • Mother: Fenna Cogud
  • Siblings: Senon Cougd (Brother)
  • Uncle: Darzen Cogud
  • Godfather: Zug

Neron Cogud

Neron Cogud

Cogud's father is a simple and almost honest trader, before Jorus was born he had a shop on a federation station which he had had for 2 years, he was a successful business man however he had some dealings with the Orions Syndicate leading to him eventually selling them a faulty ship he had in his possession for a little extra latinum. The ship inevitably blew up. The Orions came after Neron threatening to kill him, luckily Neron's brother Darzen Cogud was near at the time, he manged to get Neron and his wife Fenna off the station before the Orions came for him. Darzen took them to his friend Zug, a Ferengi smuggler who happened to have a ship big enough for the Coguds to take shelter in for however long was needed. When Jorus was born on the vessel Neron decided it would be safer if he and his family where to stay on Zug's ship, he acted as a member of the crew. After a year Zug heard that the Orions that where hunting him had been arrested. He took his family to Trill where he set up a small honest business selling assorted items to Federation tourists who came to the Trill home world. A few years later news traveled to Neron that the Orions who where hunting him had been released, certain he was safe Neron stayed until the last minute (So late in fact that the Orions where on the surface coming to his home at one point) he was again rescued by Darzen who again took the Cogud's to Zug. Neron again had to pose as a member of the crew in order to keep safe aboard the ship but came close to Zug and the other Ferengi on board. When news that the Orions hunting him had been killed Neron left Zug's ship and bought a ship of his own, using it to travel from planet to planet selling assorted items. He trained Jorus in the arts of trading and piloting. When Jorus announced that he was going to join Starfleet Neron was initially disappointed hoping that Jorus would continue as a trader like himself. Eventually he began to accept Jorus' decision and began training his second son into the arts of trading. Neron still runs the business and still trains his second son Senon in the arts of business.

Fenna Cogud

Fenna Cogud

Before meeting Neron, Fenna was training to become a teacher. She hoped to become settled and have a normal life on the Federation Space Station where they lived but it was not to be when Neron got caught out by the Orion Syndicate all hope of leading a simple life where gone. She, while pregnant with Jorus, was taken off the station with her husband by Darzen Cogud, her brother in law, to get away from the Orions perusing Neron. She did not enjoy living on the Ferengi Smuggling Vessel for a year and she protested when Zug was named her sons godfather however she became accustomed to having Ferengi around and when she left the vessel a year later she missed the life she had aboard Zug's ship. While living on Trill she looked after Jorus until he was old enough for school after which she planned to take up teaching once again. However it was not to be when the Orions chasing Neron where released from prison they immediately restarted the hunt and so the Coguds had to live with the Ferengi once more. When aboard the vessel Fenna gave birth to another son Senon, she looked after him while Jorus was blasting around the ship interacting with every Ferengi on board. She was not surprised when Cogud came back to here reciting the rules of acquisition or a pocket full of latinum after playing Dabo. Fenna was pleased to be off the Ferengi ship and living in a merchant vessel when Neron bought it and was pleased to know Jorus wanted to join Starfleet. She pledged to Cogud that she would remain supportive throughout his career.


  • Raine Vedra: While participating int the sol system rally, Cogud made a racist attack on the Orion science officer, Cogud feels deeply guilty for the attack and is trying to fix the damage he has done, although he knows it is impossible. The two were key figures in the Discovery Racing Team when it won the 2090 Sol System Rally.
  • Zug: Coguds godfather contacted Cogud seeking asylum on the USS Discovery-C, to which Cogud reluctantly agreed. The two men have a long history with each other, both getting the other out of sticky situations. While on Sigma Iotia II, Cogud and Zug assisted, Nickles in tracking the smugglers that were terrorizing the planet and when Jorus was kidnapped Zug assisted the crew in tracking the ship.
  • Raj Blueheart: Cogud has built a good working relationship with Commander Raj Blueheart, the Discovery's first officer. Commander Blueheart knows of the clash between Vedra and Cogud and is working to help mend the damage.

Personal History


Jorus Cogud was born on a Ferengi smuggling vessel while his Father and Uncle were "Working" for a short while, his father, uncle and mother had to leave on short notice due to a disagreement with some unhappy customers. Jorus' father Neron was an accomplished merchent and his mother used to be a teacher before she married Neron. Jorus' uncle was a different story, Darzen Cogud was a conman, but despite his criminal dealings, Neron felt a duty towards his family, over the law. The Ferengi captian, Zug, was a good "friend" of Darzen and allowed them safe passage until their customers had accepted that there was no guarantee.

Life on the Trill Homeworld (1-4)

Jorus spent the first year of his life aboard the vessel, still keeping in contact with Zug to this day, after a year on the run Neron and Darzen decided it would be safe to return to Trill. For three years Trill was Jorus' home he lived happily with his mother and father, enjoying all the thrills of a young child but on his first day of school his father was on the run again. He had unknowingly sold the Orion Syndicate a faulty computer core for their ship, and the Orions wanted their money back, plus "interest." Neron quickly contacted Darzen to pick them up from Trill to help them escape. Darzen "came to the rescue" and they were able to escape Trill without detection from the Orions. Darzen again contacted the Ferengi Zug and asked for refuge on his ship. Zug reluctantly agreed and the family moved onto the Ferengi Vessel.

Ferengi Life (4-14)


Jorus grew up on the Ferengi ship, his uncle became his mentor teaching him the tricks of being a conman, some of the Ferengi's on board taught Jorus how to read using the rules of acquisition and his father taught him maths, science etc. When Jorus was eight his mother gave birth to Jorus' younger brother Senon, who became a friend to Jorus. Jorus taught Senon the things his uncle had taught him. Jorus lived on the Ferengi ship until he was 14, that's when his family found out that the Orion's hunting his father had been arrested so they could return to Trill.

Aboard the SS Cogud (14-18)

The family had grown a custom to living on a ship so his father bought a small ship big enough to live in for the family. Darzen left to continue his work and Jorus lived with his family until he was eighteen. On board the ship Jorus learnt the ins and outs of piloting the ship, he also gained an interest in Starfleet. When Jorus was seventeen he told his father what he wanted to do with his life, and his father unwillingly agreed. Jorus started studying everything he would need to get into the academy. When he was eighteen he was accepted into the academy.

Academy Years

To Come

The USS Discovery-C

Ensign Jorus Cogud

After graduating the academy Cogud was offered a test pilot position at Utopia Planetia but he declined the offer, favouring an active position aboard a Starship. Instead hes was assigned the the USS Discovery-C, on his first mission he was infected by a deadly plague which only the shapeshifter Zero could cure. By the time the mission was out he was cured of the plague. After the mission the crew went back to DS-285 were Cogud joined, Telice Shagan, Tom Westerbridge, Collim Kieran and James on a night out drinking, there he ran into Krax and Krull, operatives for the Orion Syndicate, they caught up with Cogud for a 'chat,' after escaping them Cogud ran into the Captain, Krax and Krull found the group and a barfight followed. With Krax and Krull defeated Cogud returned to the ship where he was contacted by his Ferengi Godfather Zug, he agreed to talk to the captain about granting him asylum (mainly from Krax and Krull who where after Zug.) The following morning Cogud had a chat with the Captain about the previous night and explained everything, as well as asking for Zug's asylum. With the Captain in allowing Zug came aboard when the crew got to Sigma Iotia II.

After the mission to Gurab II, the crew of the Discovery had shore leave on earth. Cogud decided for his shore leave he would enter the Sol System Rally, and so raised a team of Raine Vedra, Rostan Frye and Daisha Waltas. Unfortunately during a private meeting Cogud racially attacked Vedra because of his upbringing and own experiences with Orions. This caused much tension between the two men before and after the race. Luckily enough the race itself was a big enough distraction for them both so it didn't interfere with their performence. The team won the race, they were presented with a trophy by Cogud's friend and the race coordinator David Vestor.

On the way back to the Avalon Sector, Jorus designed an EMP torpedo after seeing one in use during the Kaleh incident. These would later be used to subdue two opposing armies. After the Ikarian mission the crew finally returned to the Avalon Sector, were Cogud recieved a message from his mother informing him that his uncle was in a Klingon Prison Camp.

Utopia Planetia

After his brief stint on the USS Darwin-A, Cogud finally took up a position as a test pilot at the Utopia Planetia Shipyards with the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. While glad of his practical experience in the field, Jorus is glad to be back doing what he loves - flying.

Professional History

Missions aboard the USS Discovery-C

Zero Tolerance

Upon joining the crew of the Discovery, Cogud was pushed straight into the action. The Shape shifting serial killer Zero was aboard the Discovery, and the USS Achilles was crashed on the planet below, ridden with a plague that only Zero could cure. Upon reaching the bridge Cogud sat at the helm for a short while when he was asked to join Cmdr Mitchell in the shuttle, the USS Darwin. The mission was to determine the whereabouts of the Achilles on the planet. After a fight with the atmosphere the shuttle began to crash on the planet, Cogud was beamed off leaving Commander Mitchell. Cogud quickly manged to escape sickbay and he headed for the bridge with the coordinates of the Achilles. He made it to the bridge and took his station only to find he had somehow been infected with the deadly plague. As the mission developed Dr Aven Morning-Song gave Cogud a symptom relief allowing Cogud to go about his duties in an EV suit. After a small amount of Duty with the symptom relief Cogud had to return to sickbay where a cure had been synthesized and Jorus was forced to play nurse while Dr. Aven administered the cure to Commander Mitchell. Cogud was then given the cure and returned to duty. He was part of the effort to rescue the Achilles from the planet and responsible for the idea of diving in and getting them out. After a successful mission for his efforts at the helm Jorus was promoted to Lt JG.

Rambling Rose

During shore leave on Sigma Iotia II, Jorus Cogud and his godfather Zug went on a hunt for profit, they sought out Lt JG Nickles, the Discovery's Chief of Security at the time. Him and his family had an involvement in a smuggling operation, in the interest of mutual profit Cogud agreed to help Nickels track down the culprits for the loss of many Iotian lives. After the agreement was made Cogud and Nickels' Iotian Clee, Alibi, headed to the docks to look a shipping warehouse, the pair met an Iotian who was loading crates and tried to get a look inside one. They where found by a Ferengi, Mo, who incapacitated Cogud leaving him to be Kidnapped by Menzon, a member of Rose's crew. He then spent a night in the "Reading Gaol" of the Wild Rover (Rose's vessel) he was then united with Captain Waltas and Ensign Amy Young, together they formulated an escape plan and put it into operation with the help of Collim Denari who was also kidnapped. They headed to engineering to try and send a message to the Discovery and drop the Rovers cloak. After a brief battle with Menzon, Cogud watched as Amy Young took a knife to her neck. The next thing he knew, a security team beamed over rescuing the group. Cogud found himself in sickbay and was quickly excused and made his way to the bridge to witness the capture of the Rover.

The Kaleh Incident

The USS Discovery-C

Jorus was present on the bridge during most of the crisis, Cogud along with most of the crew was caught off guard when the Captain called an inspection. This followed with a course being set for Gurab II, where it was believed the Romulans had developed subspace missile technology and where planning to strike earth. On the way they where attacked by Romulans quickly wiping them out but not before communications where down. Captain Waltas decided to continue his mission to perform an orbital strike on the inhabited world. Once at Gurab II Cogud watched as Ensign Amman threatened the Captain with an antique gun, with Amman controlled a message fragment came to the Discovery leaving the crew split, Commander Blueheart wanted to find out what the message said, Captain Waltas wanted to complete the mission and save Earth. With a split crew Commander Blueheart mutineed and took command of the Discovery sending the Captain to the brig. Cogud, although in agreement with the Captain rather than the Commander, followed the FO's orders when two Romulan warbirds attacked. Cogud had to use the manual steering column when Helm Control was temporarily knocked out. After this Cogud stuck on the Bridge, when the Captain returned, Cogud returned to following his orders and was moved the Discovery into position, ready to fire. Soon after Commander Blueheart had left with an away team, the completed message had come through and Commander Valdivia presented another plan to stop any missiles passing. Again this was interrupted when the Missile Complex on the planet fired an EMP at the Discovery leaving multiple systems offline. With Commander Valdivia determined to follow up with his plan, Cogud joined him on a shuttle to stop any missile launches, luckily they didn't have to stop anything as the successful away team returned to the ship, Cogud maneuvered the shuttle back to the ship preparing for the aftermath of the mission. After the mission much of the crew, including Jorus, attended the hearing of Captain Waltas and Commander Blueheart. This hearing had a positive outcome with the board recognizing the fact Earth was saved. After the hearing Captain Waltas promoted Cogud to Lieutenant.

The Ikarians

After shore leave the crew had to return to the Avalon Sector, on there way they discovered a vast nebula and decided to have a look at it. While in the nebula they discovered a planet (Ikaria), shocked by the discovery of a planet within a nebula they scanned it to find out if there was any life and to there surprise there was. Captain Waltas and Commander Blueheart both led away teams down to the planet leaving Jorus in command of the Discovery. For most of the mission Jorus and the bridge crew were simply monitoring the status of the away team, until a ship appeared from the mist of the purple nebula. After scans had taken place, it turned out this was to be the first warp ship of the species that lived on the planet. However scans by Lt Vedra reported there was an ion storm, fast approaching the Discovery. Cogud decided they should wait for the away team as long as they could, but if the ship was in danger they would leave (as transporters would not work in the nebula). After continuous scans of the alien vessel, Vedra reported that it would not survive and that it would explode. The explosion would not of effected the Discovery, but it would kill the chances of warp flight for the species. After much debating, Cogud authorized an away team to the ship, if the alien crew was knocked out. The gas used on the aliens was partially effective as it did not keep them asleep for long enough, meaning that first contact would have to be made. Luckily for Cogud, the away team led by Commander Blueheart returned meaning the Cogud would simply keep watch on the bridge while Raj dealt with the alien crew. Once the Captain had returned, an Ikarian and a Va'ku (the two species) helped authorize the use of one of Cogud's specially designed EMP torpedoes. In which two opposing armies with the power to destroy a planet were shut down temporarily. Soon after the aliens were returned home and the Discovery continued on its way back to the Avalon Sector.

The Monks

To Come

Through the Wormhole

To Come

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet1 red.png Cadet 4th Class 238511.20-238611.20 Star Fleet Academy Major: Helm/Nav
Minor: Tactical, Security
DS9style-cadet3 red.png Cadet 3rd Class 238511.20-238711.21
DS9style-cadet3 red.png Cadet 2nd Class 238711.21-238811.20
DS9style-cadet4 red.png Cadet 1st Class 238811.20-238904.15
238905.07 USS Centris-A Cadet Cruise
DS9style-ens red.png Ensign 238905.07-238907.15 USS Discovery-C Helmsman
DS9style-ltjg red.png Lieutenant J.G. 238907.15-238912.29 Chief Helmsman
DS9style-lt red.png Lieutenant 238912.29-239002.13
DS9style-lt gold.png 239002.13 - 239012.28 Chief Tactical Officer
239012.28 - 239101.13 USS Darwin-A Tactical Offcier
DS9style-lt red.png Lieutenant 239102.01 - Present Utopia Planetia Shipyards Test Pilot

Awards & Commendations

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Klingon Invasion Ribbon


  1. 236606.04: Cogud is born.
  2. 238905.07: Cogud graduates from Starfleet Academy.
  3. 238905.07: Cogud is assigned to the USS Discovery-C.
  4. 238907.15: Cogud is promoted to Lt. JG.
  5. 238912.29: Cogud is promoted to Lt.
  6. 239002.12: Cogud transfers to tactical department as the Chief Tactical Officer.
  7. 239012.28: Cogud transfers to the USS Darwin-A as the Tactical Officer.


  • 'Cogud and Orions'
    • A Different Shade of Green - A dream Cogud had when he was first on the Discovery, outlining his fear of Orions.
    • Just Good Business - While out celebrating, Cogud runs in to two Orions (Krax and Krull) from the Orion syndicate.
    • Truth be Told - After the adventurous night out, Cogud comes clean to Captain Waltas about his colourful past.
    • Another Day at the Office (This SIM is from the point of view of Zug but gives an insight into Jorus' back story) - Cogud's Godfather, Zug recollects a trade agreement with the Orion syndicate, in which Cogud was involved.
    • To the Madhouse Pt 1 - Cogud clashes with Raine Vedra, an Orion from science over his racial background.
    • To the Madhouse Pt 2 - The clash continues, and a climax ensues.

  • 'Iotia'
    • Honour Among Thieves Pt 1 - Cogud and Zug, join Nickels and his pet clee Alibi in a seedy bar on Iotia to discuss a mutually beneficial transaction.
    • Honour Among Thieves Pt 2 - The adventure continues as Cogud, Nickels, Alibi and Zug begin their investigation.