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Featured Bio Contest

This Month's Winner

USS Veritas
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In 2012, the Featured Bio Contest Team reviewed nominated character biographical wiki articles each month and selected those that met the contest's minimum selection criteria to be showcased as Featured Nominees.

At the end of the month, one winning article was selected from these Featured Nominees to become the Featured Bio of StarBase 118 on both the SB118 Wiki main page and through the Newsies, Reporter, and Publicity Teams. In addition, both Featured Nominees and Featured Bio winners were granted use of special badges that they can then add to their bios.

Featured Articles and Badges

The Featured Bio Contest recognized three types of featured articles in 2012. All featured articles had to meet the minimum selection criteria of the contest.


  • Featured Bio Contest Team Member (Sapphire)
A biographical article for a character whose writer is a member of the Featured Bio Contest Team and has participated in three rounds of the competition.


  • Featured Nominee (Silver)
A biographical article that has been nominated to the Featured Bio Contest and meets the minimum selection criteria.


  • Featured Bio of StarBase 118 (Gold)
A Featured Nominee that has been selected by the Featured Bio Contest Team to become the Featured Bio of SB118 for one month.

List of Featured Articles from 2012

AngeloV.jpg Michael Angelo Valentino
December 2012

Marine Captain Michael Angelo Valentino of the Embassy of Duronis II trained with the elite Vulcan security ministry known as the V'Shar at the young age of 16. There he excelled thanks to both his eidetic memory and athletic prowess, and he honed both his skills in weaponry and martial arts as well as his tactical cunning. Yet while the Vulcans are renowned for their reserved passion, Valentino hasn't let their philosophy of emotional suppression extend to his romantic aspirations. This charming playboy from Sicily has attained a list of conquests nearly as long as his list of honors and achievements. Still, he's not a cold heartbreaker, and he holds a strong sense of duty and doing what's right... at least what he thinks is right!

Karynn LtCmdr Red uniform.png Karynn Ehlanii Brice
November 2012

Karynn Ehlanii Brice originally intended on becoming a science officer, following an interest first stirred by her grandparents at the age of three, but during her fourth year at the academy, the Haliian discovered her new passion: counseling. Since graduating in 2384, she has served on three vessels, including the famed USS Ronin and USS Independence-A, where she served under the command of such esteemed officers as Ben Walker and David Cody. It was through Walker's wedding that Karynn met her future husband Ethan Brice, and though the two had been fortunate to serve on the same ships during most of their relationship, they now are continuing their marriage long-distance, with Ethan on the USS Apollo and Karynn on the USS Drake. Ironically, having worked her way up to the rank of commander with much of that time spent as a counselor, it is only recently that Karynn has returned to her first love of the sciences, now serving as the Drake's chief science officer.

Karynn's story is one of perseverance. Whether it was overcoming her disappointment about failing her initial Academy Entrance Exam or gaining the confidence to help lead her shipmates through challenging times, first as their counselor and later as their first officer, Karynn has demonstrated throughout her years in the fleet that officers don't have to sacrifice their compassion or become militaristic, harsh, or overbearing as they move up the ranks. In the words of her previous CO David Cody, Karynn "is familiar to us all. This officer, has always been a bright and shining star and is, at least in my opinion, one of the best officers I've had the pleasure of serving with."

Velana.jpg Velana
October 2012

It's a common misconception that Vulcans lack emotion or passion. In fact, the Vulcans might say it is the intensity of their emotions and passion that have led them to adopt their strict philosophy based on pure logic. Yet, not all Vulcans believe that the best way to live is to temper the Vulcan heart, and these Vulcans are known as the v'tosh ka'tur, or "Vulcans without logic," some of whom were first encountered by Captain Archer and the Enterprise NX-01. The Mercury's chief medical officer Dr. Velana is a descendant of the group and soon after her arrival on Earth, she discovered the challenges that came with being a non-traditional Vulcan in Starfleet.

Upon her graduation from the Academy, she was assigned to the USS Independence-A, and her first mission took her to the Mirror Universe, where she met her "other" self. She later saved the life of Alleran Tan and moved up the ranks, eventually becoming chief medical officer of the USS Tiger-A and USS Mercury and continuing her commitment to follow in her father's footsteps as a dutiful ship's physician. That's not to say it's been all work and no play for this fashionable Vulcan who enjoys Gothic literature and jogging on a holodeck simulation of San Francisco's Baker Beach, but for more details, you'll have to check out her bio yourself!

Kali2012b.jpg Kali Nicholotti
September 2012

Captain Nicholotti's bio is a beautifully written example of how the 118Wiki can go beyond lists of stats and dates to serve as a comprehensive narrative of a member's time in the Fleet. From her first away mission when she defended a then-Lt. Cmdr. Andrus Jaxx to her assignment as commanding officer of StarBase 118, one day after delivering her godchildren, Nicholotti's bio presents the story of an officer descended from a long military legacy who rose to command making pivotal decisions in times of crisis. Through it all, her fierce loyalty to her shipmates remains steadfast.

VetriBn.jpg Della Vetri
August 2012

Captain of the USS Avandar and native of the Trill homeworld's southern continent, Della Vetri's life changed at the age of nineteen when she became the sixth host to the Vetri symbiote. Besides the great honor and sense of achievement such a joining usually entailed, Vetri soon gained previously unsuspected psionic abilities as well. She attended Starfleet Academy to forge a suitable legacy for her symbiote's next host, and served as a counselor on such assignments as the USS Indria-A and the USS Constitution-B before eventually becoming the latter's first officer. Her first command was the USS Aurora, and soon after, she and her crew moved to their new home, the Avandar.

Badge Type Recipient Ship/Station Month Year
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Michael Angelo Valentino Embassy of Duronis II December 2012
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Karynn Ehlanii Brice USS Drake November 2012
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Velana USS Mercury October 2012
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Kali Nicholotti StarBase 118 Ops September 2012
WINNER.jpg Featured Bio Della Vetri USS Avandar August 2012
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee David Whale USS Drake December 2012
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Zinna USS Tiger-A December 2012
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Alexander Matthews USS Mercury November 2012
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Michael Angelo Valentino Embassy of Duronis II November 2012
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee James USS Discovery-C August 2012
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Kali Nicholotti StarBase 118 Ops August 2012
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Telice Shagan USS Discovery-C August 2012
NOMINEE.jpg Featured Nominee Kaedyn Zehn StarBase 118 Ops August 2012

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