Upcoming Mission (Arrow)

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I've used this page to start documenting the mission. I'll move it over once we find a name for the episode. -Keneth


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Quentin Collins First Officer
Charlotte DeBarres Operations Officer
Keneth Nakada Engineering Officer
Mack Campbell Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security
Regan Wilde Security Officer
R'Ariel Counselor
Maxwell Traenor Chief Science Officer
Jana Zicv Science Officer
Eerie Mission Specialist
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
Tamazotz Director, SCV Ikries Played by Quentin Collins
Name Position Notes
Sivok Medical Officer Played by Maxwell Traenor


(Extremely Subject to Change) Caught in a political mess with rapidly growing tensions both within the system as well as outside, the Arrow Crew must figure out how to keep the peace and uncover the mystery of the Sheliak.

Mission Reports

From: Beginning To: Present

Important SIM's