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Tildaen Ethelwin is a Betazoid who grew up with very traditional parents on Earth. He served as a science officer, before suffering a self-inflicted accident involving nanites.

Ethelwin, Tildaen
Character Type Main Character
Biographical Information
Homeworld Earth
Born November 21st 2359
Died n.a.
Physical Description
Species Betazoid
Gender Male
Height 1.72m (5'7)
Weight 77.24kg (169bs).
Build Lean. (Tennis build.)
Hair Colour Black with reddish hues. Almost shoulder-length, usually worn loose.
Eye Colour Deep black.
Political Information
Affiliation United Federation of Planets
Job Description Assistant Chief Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant J.G.

Biographic Information

  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Birthmarks, Scars: The trace lines of a Klingon symbol are barely visible on his chest.
  • Carriage: Hurried in tense situations; otherwise relaxed and open.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Prefers tri-coloured casual sets, bright colours and the latest fashion.
  • Voice: A somewhat androgynous voice. He stutters, especially in tense situations, and may come across as jittery as a result.
  • Handedness: Left-handed.


Tildaen's appearance and mannerisms are a little feminine and sometimes jittery, owing to his upbringing in a deeply matriarchal Betazoid family. Tildaen is concious of this, and feels uncomfortable playing the more masculine role that suits males in Human society. He is fascinated with Klingon culture, which emphasises extremely macho behaviour for men.

Tildaen Ethelwin is warm and energetic in his interactions, and gets a lot of his personal satisfaction from the happiness of others. He likes to have a good time with others, in sports or at social occasions. He can be a bit of a romantic, falling in love easily and enjoying the art of flirting. At the same time, he can be completely hedonistic and have brief affairs without a second thought. To the Betazoid, this is not contradictory. In social relations, he most deeply wants to be appreciated for what he is.

As a result of this traditional upbringing, he tends to need approval from his superiors to feel good about himself. He is hurt by indifference and doesn't understand unkindness. Tildaen takes his responsibilities as a Starfleet Officer very seriously, and he is generally dependable in carrying out his duties.

If unbalanced or intimidated, Tildaen is likely to keep any point of view other than his own at a distance. At its worst, his conflict with the obstinate and unfeeling contingent realities of the world has him retreat to a kind of psychological castle where only those who have the “right” or “nice” approach can enter, and where feelings based on often tortured logic, attitudes and judgements reign supreme and cannot be questioned; a place where: “give and you shall receive” can ironically twist quickly into: “off with his head!”

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Tennis : Tildaen regularly plays tennis on the Holodeck, as part of his exercise routine. He is always looking for a sparring partner. The Betazoid also tends to enjoy other group sports and games.
  • Going out : Tildaen likes to visit dance clubs, bars and other social occasions. Whether he goes out to dance, get drunk, or flirt depends on his mood. Partying all night has been a means of escape for him during times of great stress.
  • Orbital skydiving: Having been part of an orbital skydiving team at Starfleet Academy, Tildaen still occasionally jumps on the holodeck.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes:
    • Telepathy between telepaths: Tildaen has been raised using telepathy when amongst his own people. He is still able to express himself better telepathically. He does not stutter when he does not have to vocalise, and emotions are exchanged more openly.
    • Masculine posturing: He is attracted to confidence, or even arrogance, in men. This also explains his interest in Klingon language and culture.
    • Risa: He visited the pleasure planet on his honeymoon, and wants to go back as often as he can. Tildaen loves a good party.
    • Tribbles: He finds the presence of a Tribble soothing, and keeps one in his quarters as a pet.

  • Dislikes:
    • Spirituality: Tildaen has had bad experiences with Betazoid traditions and culture, and has substituted his childhood values with a strong belief in (secular/scientific) Federation ideals. He can be a little distrustful of 'spiritual peoples', such as Bajorans. He is perfectly tolerant of other people, but will be very dismissive about their beliefs.
    • Counseling Therapy sessions: Spending a year in a closed mental institution has not enhanced his confidence in the psychiatric profession. He has had to deal with counselors for most of his life, and feels that he knows their tricks better than they do themselves.
    • Engineering challenges: Tildaen has no affinity with engineering whatsoever. He is a happy consumer and user of technology, but the last person you'd want to open a maintenance hatch and go fix something. When challenged with a technical problem, he will enthusiastically get out there and make things worse, much tot he dismay of his old friend Quinn Reynolds. He is not to be trusted with engineering tools, and is infamous among his classmates for once having tried to diagnose an engineering problem with a medical tricorder.
    • Dominant women: Bossy and dominant women tend to remind him of his mother, especially when they try to lecture him for bad behaviour. He will try to avoid them as much as he can.

Ambitions and Goals

Tildaen Ethelwin wants to build a life far from Earth and Betazed, together with his new wife. He wants to show that Starfleet was right to give him another chance to serve, and intends to fulfil his duties to the best of his ability. He doesn't see himself getting promoted any time soon, although he is confident that he has conquered most of his demons.

Living Quarters

The living quarters are on deck four, near the holosuites. They come equipped with a holographic viewer, a personal workstation, couch, replicator and a small dining area. The furniture is similar to that of his home aboard Starbase 118, replacing the standard fare with snazzy 24th century design. The Starfleet bulkheads have been left untouched, but the details reveal an interest in fashion. The tables have patterned surfaces, the replicator patterns for the chairs chairs come from a Terran fashion guide, and carpeting dampens the sound of footsteps.

A fake "window" is attached to one of the bulkheads like a painting, displaying the cityscape of of 24st century Los Angeles. The holographic display shows a hum-drum of activity. Horse-drawn carts file by in the street, occasionally passed by a more rapid modes of transportation.

A bedroom connects to the living room, featuring a double-sized bed, but little else. Most of his personal belongings are still elsewhere. The bedroom is connected to a half-bathroom with wash basin, mirror, several drawers and a sonic shower.



  • Marital Status: Married to Miko Txiv, a self-described "Software Consultant".


  • Number of children: None, and none planned.


  • Mother: Yaxara Ethelwin, an upwardly mobile medical specialist
  • Father: Gerdaen Sandalari, a homemaker.


  • Siblings: None.

Personal History

Full Article: Ethelwin, Tildaen - Personal History

Tildaen Ethelwin had a troubled childhood in a deeply traditional Betazoid family on Earth. He spent his teenage years living with different families, abandoning polytheistic Betazoid spirituality. He served as a science officer on two starships, but finally succumbed to temptation and conducted an illegal experiment with nanites that would regulate his behaviour, hoping this would make him happier and more accepted. Although initially successful, the "solution" proved to be dangerously unstable. Ethelwin was court-martialed and sent to a closed mental institute on Betazed. While there, he met Miko Txiv. Both of them were pressured by their families to marry, and their solution was to get married to each other. This relationship is entirely platonic. After a brief honeymoon on Risa, Tildaen rejoined Starfleet Academy to get a com/ops minor.

Personal Timeline

  1. 2059: Tildaen Ethelwin is Born.
  2. 2375: His intended, Jemma, announces her intention to marry someone else.
  3. 2376: Moves in with the Summers family.
  4. 2379: Joins Starfleet Academy.
  5. 2384: Graduates and joins Starfleet
  6. 238410.28: Spends about a year in the Altha-Than Closed Treatment Institute on Betazed.
  7. 238511.01 Gets married to Miko Txiv on Betazed. Honeymoon on Risa.
  8. 238601.01 Rejoins Starfleet Academy and subsequently Starfleet.

Professional History

Starfleet Academy

Full article: Ethelwin, Tildaen - Academy Transcript

Ethelwin was trained as a Science officer, specialising in Klingon/Romulan Xenology & Language and Gender Issues. As part of these specialisations, he took part in a seminar on "The Nature/Nurture Debate and its implications for Gender Identity" and another one on major power ethics. He did well in xenology, psychology and languages. His grades for physics and xenobiology-related subjects were passable, and he has little love for the 'hard' sciences. Ethelwin had to retake the exams for several engineering-related courses. He later returned to the Academy for a semester to obtain a Com/Ops minor.

Starfleet Assessments and Records

Full article: Ethelwin, Tildaen - Starfleet Records


  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238404.08
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Current Assignment:
  • Duty Post:

Working areas


  1. 2377: Interspecies Medical Exchange programme, Mars.
  2. 237908.25 to 238404.08 : Starfleet Academy.
  3. 238404.09 to 238409.03 : Assigned to the USS Triumphant.
  4. 238406.15: Promoted to Lieutenant JG.
  5. 238409.04 to 238410.04 : Assigned to USS Independence-A.
  6. 238410.10: Court Martial for misuse of Starfleet resources and ethics violations.
  7. 238601.01 to 238609.19 : Rejoins Starfleet Academy and obtains his Com/Ops Minor.
  8. 238609.25 to 238610.24 : Assigned to Starbase 118 Ops
  9. 238610.24 to 238701.15 :
  10. 238701.15 to 238704.01: Assigned to USS Challenger-A
  11. 238704.01 to 238707.22:
  12. 238707.22 to Present: Assigned to the USS Eagle.

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