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Divisions and Personnel Assignments

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Science personnel provide information on, and also record the effects of mission-related data on anomalies, alien races, etc. Their main responsibility is assisting the crew in understanding the phenomenon and species they come in contact with, so as to make better informed decisions on how to deal with them. In crisis situations, the science officer can be critical in ensuring that the crew reacts appropriately to natural and man-made threats.

Generally, science officers observe projects, planetary surveys, interstellar medium, cultures, and other life forms. They also report this information back to StarFleet and other members of the scientific communities.

At least one science officer is always required on away missions.

So you chose Science Officer

The position of Science Officer is an exciting position with potential only limited by your own creativity and motivation. You GIVE information for others to utilize, to draw from, to assist in moving the plot. Information a science officer brings into the sim through their posts can be the thought, the item, the focus a sim is looking for to move forward.

Investigative Research

the Science Officer has the pleasure to investigate, to surf the web, search the wiki computer logs, for information to present into the SIM, that others could utilize IC. If the ship is passing near a nebula, the writer would open another window on their desktop, search data on nebula, [1] and from that, in their own words, create a post that would move the plot along. give out data that would assist others in moving the plot forward.

Interpreting their Surroundings

Once more, the science officer on an away mission, or on the surface of the planet, has the pleasure to search the web, get information to assist others in interpreting their surroundings. On the surface of the planet there appears to be SINGING in the air. The Science writer would THINK star trek and possibly remember something about singing in the breeze. You would open a window and search out star trek singing...hopefully finally find a connection that could be used IC. The Talosian Singing Plant. [2] Be creative in Interpreting their surroundings. Give the officers and crew data they can use to create THEIR posts, if they so choose to do so.

Assist in Direction of Plot

Sometimes the crew can get a little wild, while the Captain, (the game master) attempts to steer the plot towards the nebula, the crew could be going in another direction altogether. To keep things in line and the ship Officers and Crew on the same page, the science officer can present IC data or pertinent information to steer the plot in the direction desired by the GM.

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