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Tildaen Ethelwin was born in the city of Rotterdam on Earth, to Betazoid parents. His mother Yaxara Ethelwin was (and is) an ambitious doctor and medical researcher, operating on various postings in the European Alliance. In this task she is dutifully assisted by her husband Gerdaen Sandalari.

The Ethelwin family is generally thought of amongst Betazoids as social-climbing snobs, who trace their lineage to one of the Betazoid noble Houses. Yaxara Ethelwin pretends to be of a more "aristocratic" class than this lineage would allow, frequently holding dinner parties and doing community work next to her already busy career. In the family, the matriarchal Betazoid traditions of the Houses are upheld rigorously. Expectations of Tildaen were extremely high. Being an only child (both parents now claim they would have preferred a girl) he was predestined to follow in his mothers footsteps.

Unsurprisingly, Tildaen received a very traditional and stern Betazoid upbringing. At a young age, he was sent to a pre-school for Betazoid children. His telepathic and artistic abilities could better developed there, in a nurturing setting with many adults and positive influences. His parents also found it essential that their son would engage in an early bonding process with other Betazoid children. His arranged marriage (a half-betazoid girl called Jemma Summers) attended the same pre-school and went on to attend the same Betazoid-only Middle School on earth.

Tildaen and Jemma developed a close friendship that continues to this day, and went through many traditional courting rituals. However, they jointly refused to enter the arranged marriage desired by their parents. At age sixteen, Jemma announced to instead wish to bond with her Imzadi. Tildaen flatly refused to enter another traditional Betazoid marriage altogether. Although Jemma's parents learned to live with their decision, it was completely unacceptable to Yaxara. Tildaen was forced to leave his parental home. He came to live with the Summers family – which felt somewhat responsible for the turn of events.

Jemma's human father, Peter Summers, became something of an adoptive father to Tildaen. The youth readily adopted his cosmopolitan attitudes, abandoned his faith in the Four Deities, and took a great interest in science. In this period, he developed a strong desire to become a StarFleet officer.

Starfleet Academy

Before enrolling into the the Academy, Tildaen spent a year and a half doing a medical internship, using the Interspecies Medical Exchange programme to receive a field post on Mars. His experience helping the family practice, and several elective courses at the StarFleet Academy later on, make him qualified to serve as an assistant medical officer.

In StarFleet Academy, Tildaen was something of a "good time" Cadet. Finally free to do as he wished (to an extent) he took advantage of all the possibilities for entertainment and diversion in San Francisco. As a consequence his performance suffered, and he had to do the first year twice. Throughout the Academy, he suffered from severe confidence issues. He was treated for his stuttering, but frequently rebounds in tense situations.

He did not flunk the Academy on account of a sincere interest in widely different fields of scientific study and (in later years) a dogged determination to catch up. He displayed great loyalty to Federation ideals, which he (privately) considers to be superior to antiquated Betazoid traditions.

Tildaen Ethelwin has received a firm grounding in most of the sciences but his personal interests gravitate towards the Social Sciences. His paper on "The Way of D'era and the Klingon concept of Honour – an ethical approach to interstellar relations" guided his interest to be posted in the sector near Star Base 118. He became involved with a project of Starfleet Science to investigate the disappearance of the U.S.S. Constitution in a temporal anomaly, and was transferred to nearby Starbase DS17 to help with local investigations. His place in the inquiry was terminated with the return of the old starship, which was largely taken over by Temporal Investigations. Ensign Ethelwin was then reassigned a posting as Science Officer on the starship Triumphant, which needed recrewing.

USS Triumphant & USS Independence-A

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Altha-Than Closed Treatment Institute

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